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14 Signs A Woman Feels Neglected In Her Marriage

14 Signs A Woman Feels Neglected In Her Marriage

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It’s not difficult to tell when a woman feels neglected in her marriage.

Unlike many men who have been taught by toxic masculinity to hide their feelings, women tend to express the state of their minds better.

But just in case you need guidance on recognizing the signs such women show, this blog post is here for you.

A woman experiencing feelings of neglect or abandonment from her husband would usually show one or more of the following signs.

14 Signs A Woman Feels Neglected In Her Marriage

1. She’s always unhappysigns a woman feels neglected in her marriage

Feeling abandoned by mere friends or acquaintances can feel terrible and sad how much more so when it comes from a spouse.

A woman who feels neglected in her marriage is not happy.

You’re likely to see many signs of unhappiness and deep sadness in her.

She’s not excited and enthusiastic, especially regarding her marriage, which is very understandable because she does not feel prioritized by her husband.

2. She begs her husband for attentionsigns a woman feels neglected in her marriage

People don’t beg for what they already have, so if a woman is begging her husband for attention, it is because she feels like he’s starving her of it.

She feels forsaken by him and may resort to pleading with him for his attention and affection.

This is not healthy or advisable.

Neither is it an ideal situation in any marriage.

No partner in a relationship should be reduced to the point where they have to beg their spouse for basic things like attention, affection, and being prioritized.

But if a woman is forsaken, she may reduce herself to the point of begging her husband for attention.

She may do this verbally or through her behavior.

3. She’s excessively attached to her children

Sometimes, you can tell that a woman feels forsaken in her marriage by her display of unhealthy attachments to her kids.

She may exhibit a heightened bond with her children, getting excessively involved in their lives beyond normal and wanting them to be part of hers in every way possible.

It’s more like a compensatory mechanism, an attempt to fill the void in her.

Focusing on her children is not always bad, and having a great bond with them is beautiful, but when it is done to compensate for the deficiency in the marriage, that can be very unhealthy.

Children have their place, and partners also have theirs.

4. She gives up on her marriagesigns a woman feels neglected in her marriage

This usually happens when the woman’s efforts at begging her husband for attention ends up being futile.

If that quest proves abortive, the next likely thing to happen is that the woman will give up on her marriage.

When a woman feels forsaken in her marriage, her motivation is dampened.

She stopped putting in effort because the effort she had put in was not recognized, appreciated, or reciprocated.

You might observe that her affection for her husband has dropped, and she’s no longer interested in having conversations.

She emotionally withdraws and detaches from him, showing indifference about the marriage.

This is a coping mechanism, and it works great for many women.

They may even avoid conflict not because they’re trying to preserve unity but because they couldn’t care less anymore.

5. Increased irritability

Now, everything disgusts her.

Her patience is very thin, and she can barely tolerate anything.

And no, it’s not her hormones; neither is it that time of the month.

It’s not a constant sting.

She reacts negatively to minor disturbances, and little conflicts can easily become a source of major frustration.

She may become more critical of her husband’s actions, behaviors, or decisions, expressing dissatisfaction or disappointment more frequently.

She may make a big issue out of the fact that he forgot to take the trash out.

If he can’t pay attention to her, at least he should be able to do something as little as taking out the trash.

Her responses are a result of how she feels – abandoned.

6. She ages fastsigns a woman feels neglected in her marriage

When people stay in unhappy situations for long, at some point, it begins to reflect on their physical appearance.

This is also true for people in marriages where they don’t feel appreciated.

When a woman is in a happy marriage, where she feels loved, seen, heard, appreciated, and prioritized, she glows differently.

She looks beautiful and blossoms from within because she’s being watered well.

It’s a different case for the woman who feels forsaken in her marriage.

She constantly feels unhappy and begins to look at it.

Even if she tries to hide it for a period, it’s only a matter of time before she begins to look like what she’s going through.

There’s something that quality time, affection, assurance, lots of gifts, and great sex do to a married woman.

She feels happy in her marriage, and it shows in her appearance.

7. Seeking attention elsewhere

Sometimes, people step out on their partners because they feel neglected by them.

And no, this is not an excuse for infidelity or extramarital emotional entanglements, but it is just a reality.

A married woman seeking validation and attention from other men or even other activities can be a sign that she feels forsaken in her marriage.

She’s trying to fill the void that a husband has created, and she may not even be seeking the attention of other men.

It may be in other things and people, such as personal hobbies, friends, family, or online interactions.

She might even get to the point where she consciously begins to avoid her husband.

Yes, that it is possible.

This is so because her husband has forsaken her for so long that she no longer wants his attention and affection.

She has not lost hope in relationships and love; she just wants to have it with someone who would prioritize and appreciate her.

8. Change in appearance

When I said that feeling forsaken can change a woman’s appearance, that does not only happen unintentionally.

It can also happen purposely when a woman begins to alter her dress sense to reflect her feelings of neglect.

This can happen either negatively or positively.

While some women may begin to groom themselves more and try to appear more appealing to attract their husbands,

Others may completely let go of themselves and begin to look shabby because of how they feel.

It depends on the individual and how they handle how they feel.

9. She becomes a shadow of herselfsigns a woman feels neglected in her marriage

A wife who feels forsaken by her husband may soon become a shadow of herself.

Because marriage is a huge part of people’s lives, the quality and atmosphere of a person’s marriage go a long way to influencing their life in general.

When a woman feels forsaken in her marriage, she may lose interest in activities or hobbies that she used to enjoy with her partner, preferring to spend time alone or with others.

Other areas of her life, such as her career, business, or job, may also suffer.

10. Loss of intimacysigns a woman feels neglected in her marriage

Things like hugging, kissing, and other forms of intimacy may soon become a thing of the past.

Due to how she feels, the woman is no longer enthusiastic or interested in physical intimacy with her husband.

This doesn’t come as a surprise, as intimacy is impossible where there is abandonment.

11. Loneliness

it is not normal to have a present partner yet always feel lonely.

There may be momentary or temporary periods of aloneness when your partner is busy or absent, but if it goes on for long, it becomes unhealthy.

If a married woman always feels and acts lonely, it can be a sign that she feels forsaken by her husband.

In extreme cases, this may progress to depression and anxiety, leading to changes in the woman’s mood, energy levels, and overall well-being.

12. Eroded trustsigns a woman feels neglected in her marriage

The absence of trust can be a sign that a woman feels neglected by her husband.

Perhaps she feels like her needs and feelings are not being prioritized, so she begins to question his commitment to her.

She may respond to this by doubting him and withholding information from him.

She just feels disconnected and distrustful.

13. Personal issues begin to developsigns a woman feels neglected in her marriage

Sometimes, the situation can get so bad that it affects the woman’s overall well-being.

She may begin to feel a decline in her self-worth or self-esteem because of how undervalued she is in the relationship,

Depending on how she handles the situation, it may lead to her exhibiting some escapist behavior, such as excessively using social media, getting involved in things she ordinarily wouldn’t, drinking, smoking, and involving herself in substance abuse.

Physical symptoms may also show up, such as health challenges, tiredness, headaches, and more, due to the stress and emotional strain she’s undergoing.

14. Expressing her feelings

When a woman begins to feel abandoned in her marriage, she may endure it for some time, expecting her husband to realize his mistakes and fix things.

After some time, if nothing changes, she will begin to express how she feels, sometimes verbally, other times through body language.

The husband needs to pay attention to his wife’s feelings, talk about it, and make necessary adjustments.

Because every woman is different, and every situation is unique, the signs that will be seen in different women may not be the same.

However, they usually revolve around the ones mentioned above.

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