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15 Reasons Your Wife Is No Longer Touching You

15 Reasons Your Wife Is No Longer Touching You

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Your wife not making sexual advances at you is a matter of concern and is something that should be looked into.

However, in certain societies and cultures, men are more sexually expressive than women, and that doesn’t make it right or normal.

More so, if your wife used to make advances before but has recently stopped, something has to be wrong somewhere.

Since you can not address the issue if you don’t know it, we’ll be looking into 15 possible reasons why your wife is no longer touching you.

15 Reasons Your Wife Is No Longer Touching You

1. She’s busy with lifereasons your wife is no longer touching you

This is a common reason for the decline of sexual activities in marriages.

Life gets busy sometimes, and it can influence people’s sexual behavior and even desire.

If your wife is navigating stress from work, home, or external responsibilities, it can affect her desire for sex.

If you’re being realistic, you can’t be thinking about meeting deadlines, doing the laundry, bathing the kids, and still have space in your mind to think about sex.

2. She feels irritated by you

A woman who feels irritated by her husband is likely to stop making sexual moves towards him.

Irritation is a strong negative feeling to have for a partner, but sadly, it happens.

Many things can be responsible for this.

It may be due to a loss of attraction caused by changes in your physical appearance, behavior, or lifestyle.

It could also be due to habits you’ve adopted or a lack of hygiene.

These things may seem little, but they have more impact on people’s sexual lives than they know.

3. You’re not touching herreasons your wife is no longer touching you

Could it be that your wife was always the one making all the moves and just got tired?

Women love to be pursued and feel wanted.

Having a woman who makes the move to you sexually is a beautiful thing, but you shouldn’t leave it all to her.

You should chase her and make her feel desired by you.

If your wife is not touching you, how about you touch her?

This might just be the game-changer.

I know you’re thanking me right now.

You’re welcome.

4. Marital issues

If we’re being honest, a woman who is mad at you isn’t exactly one who will want to touch you.

You can’t have unresolved issues in your marriage and expect them not to affect your intimacy.

It most certainly will.

If you and your wife are arguing or fighting often, you may want to look into that before expecting any happy time in the bedroom.

Issues such as communication issues, financial problems, behavior, and lifestyle issues can affect the peace in your marriage.

This can lead to emotional distance and a decrease in physical intimacy.

5. Resentmentreasons your wife is no longer touching you

This is an advanced-level issue in marriage.

Resentment goes beyond little issues and fights, it is a step further; grudges that have been kept for a long and build up into bitterness.

A wife who feels unheard or devalued may nurse feelings of anger and resentment against her husband.

Such a woman is quite unlikely to initiate sex.

For the barriers to physical intimacy to be broken, conversations need to be had, and healing welcomed.

6. She has low libido

A decreased sex drive for whatever reason can be responsible for your wife’s behavior.

If she’s not feeling desirous of physical attention and affection, she is not likely to ask for it.

Sometimes, it may be for a period, but other times, it may be a major issue that requires attention and possibly treatment.

7. Childhood traumareasons your wife is no longer touching you

Negative past experiences like trauma or abuse can affect one’s ability to trust and engage in physical intimacy.

Perhaps your wife was a victim of some form of sexual harassment or assault, and she hasn’t healed yet.

She may sometimes suffer from PTSD and choose to refrain from anything that reminds her of that unpleasant experience.

If this is the case, it needs to be looked into and addressed.

8. She doesn’t see the need to

Your wife may have stopped touching you because she simply doesn’t see the need to.

Believe me, some women believe that a point should come in their lives when sex shouldn’t be a thing anymore.

Perhaps it’s due to their mindset or just a subconscious deprioritization of the marriage.

Some women think intimacy is just to produce children, and so when they’ve gotten all the kids they want, they stay far away from their husbands.

Some women move away from their husbands and gravitate towards their children as they grow older.

Neither of these is right or should be the case.

Couples are meant to be each other’s companions for life.

If you’ve observed any of these traits in your wife, a serious conversation has to be had.

9. Emotional disconnectionreasons your wife is no longer touching you

Physical intimacy is a deeply personal experience that involves vulnerability and connection.

If emotional connection is absent in a marriage, it can severely impact the sex in that marriage.

A woman feeling emotionally disconnected from her husband can result in a lack of desire for physical closeness.

She doesn’t feel the bond between you both and thus finds it difficult to make advances to you.

10. Health problems

A very important possibility worth considering is the fact that health issues may be responsible for your wife’s seeming apathy towards sex.

Health issues can severely affect the quality of people’s lives and make them refrain from things they’d ordinarily love to do.

Physical health issues such as chronic pain, lethargy, etc can make physical touch uncomfortable or undesirable.

Mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety can also affect people’s enthusiasm and excitement, decreasing their libido and diminishing interest in physical intimacy.

You need to be sure your wife is not dealing with these issues because if she is, the priority should be immediately seeking help for her.

The health concerns may not have to be major to affect her sexual behavior.

It may be as “little” as hormonal fluctuations due to factors like pregnancy, menopause, or birth control.

All of these can affect libido and the urge for physical intimacy.

11. Trust issuesreasons your wife is no longer touching you

If you’ve had to tackle infidelity in your marriage before, this may be an aftertaste of it.

Past betrayals or breaches of trust in the relationship can easily erode feelings of safety and intimacy.

Your wife may not have gotten over your actions, and this may be the reason for her avoidance of physical touch.

To restore things to normalcy, she has to be reassured and made to feel safe again.

12. Body image concerns

As your wife experiences changes in her body through the different seasons of her life, she may begin to have concerns about how she looks.

If she’s dealing with insecurities about her appearance, that can contribute to her reluctance to initiate sex.

It’s worse if the negative body image is the feedback she got from you.

If you’ve ever made negative comments to your wife about her appearance, you shouldn’t be wondering why she’s not enthusiastic about getting intimate with you.

Being made to feel desirable and attractive contributes to a healthy attitude towards sex.

13. Unsatisfactory sexual experiencereasons your wife is no longer touching you

If your wife has been initiating sex in the past but ended up being disappointed at the outcome, she won’t be encouraged to continue.

Perhaps her past sexual experiences with you were not satisfactory, and they were even flat-out uncomfortable.

This can make her feel dissatisfied and reluctant to go again.

She simply doesn’t see anything to look forward to.

14. Differing love languages

The Book, “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman remains a best seller because of how well it helps couples understand each other.

People have different love languages, and understanding what your wife’s is is crucial.

Physical touch may be a major love language for you, but it’s not for your wife.

This misalignment in preferred love languages can lead to a decrease in physical intimacy.

15. Cultural or religious beliefsreasons your wife is no longer touching you

Culture, traditions, and religion have major impacts on people’s mindsets and lifestyles.

There are schools of thought and cultures that discourage women from initiating sex with their husbands.

Sadly, if your wife subscribes to any of such schools of thought, she’s likely to act in that direction.

Unfortunately, this can go on for long if not addressed and rectified.

It is crucial to address this issue by first talking about it to identify the reason, then talk about a way out.

Physical intimacy is one of the key ingredients that hold a marriage together, so it shouldn’t be ignored.

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