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8 Reasons Your Husband Is No Longer Touching You

8 Reasons Your Husband Is No Longer Touching You

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“Nothing is so healing as the human touch” – Bobby Fischer

This quote seems like a great way to start.

Bobby Fischer was a chess grandmaster, but he definitely wasn’t talking about chess when he made this statement.

Even a chess grandmaster can attest to the healing power of the human touch.

In relationships, people express affection by touching each other, either physically or in ways that go far beyond the physical.

In a marriage, both levels of touch are needed for the marriage to thrive.

Many couples don’t actually realize this until they lose it.

Then, they realize the magical quality of a touch from a loved one.

“Nothing eases suffering like the human touch.”

Yeah, you guessed right, that’s another quote from our chess grandmaster.

Are you presently suffering because your husband no longer touches you?

Are you sad and confused that he doesn’t seem to have even the slightest interest in touching you?

It is normal to feel sad and confused when your husband no longer touches you.

However, when the root of a problem is discovered, it becomes easier to find a solution to the issue.

Let’s see the various reasons your husband no longer touches you and what you can do about it.

7 Reasons Your Husband Is No Longer Touching You

1. He has low libido

reasons your husband is no longer touching you

The moment you notice that your husband is no longer touching you, a lot of thoughts will cross your mind.

However, most people don’t immediately think of low libido.

They think of several other things, all of them really terrible.

But the reason your husband is no longer touching may just be something less sinister than what you have been thinking.

Low libido is characterized by a reduced interest in sexual activities.

Physical intimacy is a huge aspect of a relationship that cannot be underestimated because it helps keep that strong emotional bond.

I am sure that when you were just newlyweds, you may have found it hard to keep your hands off each other.

However, as the years went by, it just gradually started reducing.

Low libido is quite common, and it may be caused by a number of factors like stress, depression, anxiety, or substance use.

It’s not just a man’s thing; women also suffer from low libido.

2. He is afraid of being inadequate

reasons your husband is no longer touching you

I know you are wondering what he is scared of.

After all, he is your husband, and he used to touch you in the past.

Why did he suddenly change?

The thing is, we all change gradually over the years.

As we get older, we may start questioning ourselves more.

There’s the feeling of inadequacy that hits many men, especially as their bodies begin to change.

So, your husband, who may have had a trim shape in the past, is suddenly growing a paunch and balding.

He is trying all he can to hide the paunch by wearing baggy clothes and avoiding being naked in your presence.

This is not normal.

It is fueled by a fear of inadequacy, and it may affect your sexual life because he may not want to get fully naked with you except the lights are off.

It even gets worse when he gets it fixed in his mind that he won’t be able to satisfy your sexual desires.

It makes him freeze up and seem unapproachable.

He may decide not to touch you to avoid being inadequate.

This reminds me of how a friend of mine discovered that he had a weak erection and couldn’t last in bed.

He wanted to explore the world and do things he didn’t get to do.

Top on his bucket list was to have sex for the first time.

He is a handsome young man, so it wasn’t so hard to get a girl to like him.

I mean, this girl liked him until the day they had sex, and he came in under a minute.

That event left such a scar on him that even when ladies make advances at him, he runs away.

Because he fears being inadequate.

Your husband could be feeling this way, too.

3. He is stressed

reasons your husband is no longer touching you

If your husband is no longer touching, it could be just down to him being extremely stressed.

So many things can stress a man, especially pressure at work.

Most men are under the pressure to provide for their families, and with the world’s economy looking the way it is, they know they need to put in extra effort.

I don’t want to get started on how I feel like the normal “9-5” jobs are just an unending race to actually make ends meet.

With the high rate of turnover in the corporate world, almost every worker feels insecure about their positions and, thus, feels pressured to work harder than the rest.

So, he may be stressed at work or by his finances.

When a man is stressed, it may be expressed in him losing interest in anything sexually related.

He may also be too fatigued to even consider being intimate with you.

How do you know stress is the reason your husband is no longer touching you?

He keeps extremely late hours at work, and you know that he is actually working.

He brings work from the office during weekends.

He talks about how he is under immense pressure at work.

4. You don’t communicate

Have you ever considered that the reason your husband no longer touches you is because there seems to be a breakdown in communication between the two of you?

Marriage requires the highest level of intimacy, and communication is necessary to keep the intimacy between couples.

If you realize that your husband doesn’t touch you anymore, it may be a sign that your communication as a couple has been at an all-time low.

Effective communication is necessary between partners if the bond of the relationship is to be maintained.

Furthermore, couples need to open up themselves to each other.

If either you or your husband has assumed a closed-up posture to the relationship, it is no surprise that he no longer touches you.

If you want to bring back that aspect of your relationship, you must first bring back the act of proper communication to your relationship.

5. He feels disrespected

reasons your husband is no longer touching you

I know we have been looking at this issue from the standpoint that something is happening with him, but what if you are the reason he is not touching you?

If your husband feels undervalued and disrespected in the marriage, he may not feel the urge to have any form of intimacy with you.

Perhaps you have been nagging him a little too much, or you have been yelling at him.

All these are actions that can discourage a man from wanting to be intimate with his wife.

A man who feels disrespected will always have his defense up around you.

This is not the right atmosphere to promote intimacy in a relationship.

6. He is bored

reasons your husband is no longer touching you

Boredom is a real killer when it comes to sexual intimacy.

When a man is feeling bored with the relationship, he may stop making any attempt to touch you.

This doesn’t exactly mean that he is not attracted to you physically.

It is just a sign that you need to spice your relationship up.

Every relationship goes through this phase because couples are tempted to get too familiar that they no longer invest effort into their relationship.

So, if you have gotten to the point that you no longer participate in lovemaking and it looks like your husband is making love to a doll, it could be the reason he is no longer touching you.

Never get too familiar with your husband that you stop putting effort into the relationship.

7. You are too clingy

I am tempted to say, “No man wants a clingy woman,” but I remember that my neighbor actually said he likes his woman clingy.

But the fact is, most men don’t want a clingy woman.

When you are too clingy, you may make your husband tired of touching you.

Men like to have their own private space, and when you constantly invade it, you can quickly become an irritant.

It’s a huge turnoff to any man for a woman to always seek attention.

Hence, if you have been expressing your love this way, it could be another reason why your husband is no longer touching you.

8. He’s touching another woman

This is a point I wish I didn’t have to mention, but it’s a reality many women face in their marriages.

If your husband is touching another woman, aka, he’s cheating, then of course he won’t be touching you because he’s getting his touch needs met elsewhere.

Sad, but it’s a possibility.


If you are in this situation, you shouldn’t worry.

There are steps that could be taken to get your relationship back.

You need to discuss how you feel with him.

That’s the first step to discovering the course of his recent reticence.

Then you need to take steps to spice up your relationship.

Go on dates with him, try something new, and don’t be always so serious around him.

Be actively involved when you are making love with him.

Do these and you definitely would see changes in your marriage.

I am rooting for you; make that marriage work!

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His advances have been unsuccessful so many times that he just gave up and lost interest.