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8 Clear Signs He is Getting Bored With You

8 Clear Signs He is Getting Bored With You

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Are you suspecting signs he is getting bored with you?

There are a lot of awesome benefits attached to being in a long-term relationship.

You have the assurance that you’re with someone who always has your back and cares deeply about you.

In addition, you have a gist buddy and a hangout partner in them.

Over time, a monogamous, long-term relationship can begin to feel like a routine, even if your partner is your best friend.

If you’re worried as a lady that your boyfriend might be bored of you after being in a relationship for so long, try not to think too much about it.

Although time can change your energy level as a relationship progresses, it doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with your relationship.

It can be that the pleasant routine you built together has faded in your eyes.

Remember that the issue of your partner being bored of you can be resolved.

Most times, all it takes is trying out new things and making conscious efforts to renew the vibes in your relationship.

The first step towards saving your relationship from the claws of boredom is to learn how to spot the signs he is getting bored with you.

This article thoroughly discusses some clear signs he is getting bored with you.

Enjoy the read!

8 Clear Signs He is Getting Bored With You

1. He begins to pick unwarranted fights

Clear Signs He is Getting Bored With You

Disagreements are indeed bound to occur in any healthy relationship.

However, one of the signs he is getting bored with you is that you notice he’s always quarreling with you over things that ordinarily shouldn’t create any problems.

Being in a relationship is a huge commitment already.

So, feeling bored comes with negative feelings because you no longer see the need for commitment.


2. He’s no longer excited to do things with you

It’s time to take a closer look at your relationship if your partner appears to now be uninterested and unperturbed by things that both of you used to do together.

A major red flag is an overall lack of interest in the things they were once elated to do with you.

Even the most exciting things you used to do together will start looking like a routine when he gets bored with the relationship.

For instance, if they act indifferent and uninterested in the exciting dates they used to look forward to, it’s one of the signs he is getting bored with you.


4. He can’t let go of his phone when he’s with you

Clear Signs He is Getting Bored With You

We can get carried away sometimes and be glued to our phones for longer periods than normal.

But if your boyfriend makes it a habit to remain on his phone even when he is with you, you should raise an eyebrow.

He might probably be getting bored with you.

While he may still be spending time with you physically, he’ll be doing the things he can easily wait to do when he’s alone.

Instead of enjoying talking with you, engaging in activities together, or just spending quality time together, he’ll prefer to be chatting on his phone or scrolling through his social media pages.

The importance of alone time in a relationship cannot be overemphasized, nor is the importance of spending quality time together.


5. He loses interest in doing new things

How often do you and your partner engage in new and exciting activities?

If you feel your partner’s desire to explore new things has died down, it can mean they are bored.

Perhaps they used to be open to visiting new places and trying new things, but now, they’re contented with repeatedly doing the same things.

While this might come off as counter-intuitive, if engaging in new activities become rote to you, you can get bored in a relationship.


6. He no longer asks questions

We tend to get fascinated by everything that concerns our partner when the relationship is still new.

You can spend hours talking about everything to get to know each other better.

Although the long talks to know each other fades away with time, there should still be some level of curiosity left, at least to know how their day went.

A bored partner will gradually reduce being inquisitive about you till they stop eventually.

Notably, they’ll stop asking how your day went, and it may be because they’re bored of listening to it.

They’ll also stop trying to know the new things that happen in your life probably because they’ve lost the excitement hearing details about your life used to bring to them.


7. He rarely spends time with you anymore

Clear Signs He is Getting Bored With You

One of the signs he is getting bored with you is that he hardly spends time with you any longer.

You realize that he has learned how to come up with excuses on every occasion as to why both of you should not spend time together.

He creates excuses whose end point is that you both will end up apart.

Meanwhile, he’s generally busy and still has time to hang out with his friends.

But when it comes to you, he’ll give a million and one excuses for not having time to spend with you.

If this is the case in your relationship, he probably is bored with you.


8. He tells you that he’s bored

Clear Signs He is Getting Bored With You

While there are many subtle ways your partner can show you that he’s getting bored with you, if he tells you directly that he’s bored, don’t take it for granted.

His opening up to you is the biggest, most obvious of the signs he is getting bored with you.

Please believe them whenever they blurt it out.

It is true, and it probably took a lot to voice out.


What To Do When He is Getting Bored With You

It can be tough when you realize that your partner is getting bored with you in your relationship.

However, there are many ways to work on things and save your relationship.

Simply put, your relationship still stands a chance of being saved.

The first thing to do when you notice that your partner is getting bored with you is to talk about things without pointing accusing fingers.

Don’t bottle up your feelings and keep them within you whenever you feel something is wrong in your relationship.

You have to acknowledge that your relationship needs an additional spark.

Who knows?

It may even bridge the gap between you two as you put your heads together to think of exciting things to engage in together.

The next step should be collaborating on a plan to spice things up and bring liveliness to your relationship.

There are many things you can do with your boyfriend to do away with boredom in your relationship, ranging from socializing with different groups of people to traveling and attending events together.

Acknowledge that there are many ways to solve the little problem rocking the boat of your relationship.

Be willing and ready to put in the needed work.

Work together as a team without bias.

Hopefully, all will be well again with your relationship.


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