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20 Super-Cute Things to Do in A New Relationship

20 Super-Cute Things to Do in A New Relationship

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You have probably heard about the importance of the foundation of a building. If it’s not strong, it means the building is dangerous and putting it more bluntly, a death trap.

It is the same way for practically anything that is built, including a relationship. What you do or do not do in a new relationship can set the tone for the relationship all through.

This is why it is important to know the things to do in a new relationship and things not do in a new relationship.

Believe it or not, this can be one of the reasons why you keep having troubles in your relationships.

But you can change the narrative and that’s what this article is for; to show you the things to do in a new relationship so you can set your relationship on a more solid foundation.

Best Things to Do in A New Relationship

While there are good or better things to do in a new relationship, there are definitely some best things you should do in a new relationship.

1. Communicate Frequently

We live in a busy world today, no doubt; and you and your partner have your lives to live.

However, it is the responsibility of both partners to make out time to communicate with each other, especially in a new relationship.


A new relationship needs extra attention. Now, I am not saying an older relationship doesn’t but at this point, you are just getting to know each other.

So you should spend time getting to know each other till you reach a point where you can complete each other’s sentences or have an idea about what they are feeling simply by looking at them.

Or else you might just destroy what you have just started by your lack of communication.

2. Discuss Expectations

Sometimes, we don’t get what we want in our relationships because we don’t make our expectations clear for our partner and end up getting disappointed.

You can reduce this in your relationship by discussing your expectations and desires in your new relationships, so you can both discuss and know them early on.

Of course, you should try to be realistic with your expectations and encourage your partner to tell you theirs as well.

3. Set Boundaries

If you want your relationship to be healthy and respected, you need to set boundaries, and early enough too – the earlier, the better.

Without drawing the line, both of you might cross boundaries and then have issues with your partner for crossing them when they simply didn’t know they were boundaries not to cross.

4. Learn and Listen

Many of us get swept off in the fun and excitement that comes with a new relationship that we forget to listen to our partners and learn about them.

Learn about your partner’s likes, dislikes, preferences, interests, hobbies, fears, worries, mistakes, dreams, goals, hopes, and aspirations.

The more you know about your partner, the more you are bound to understand each other and make your relationship grow stronger.

5. Be Honest and Real

In relationships, especially new ones, there is a tendency to want to behave a certain way so as to make the relationship work or make our partner love us more.

But this is very counterproductive.

I am not saying be nasty to prove you are “real”, I am simply saying be real.

Don’t lie about your values or hide your personality because you don’t think that’s who they want.

How long are you going to be able to pretend to be someone you are not? It is draining and you will be deceiving the other person.

Let them know who you are and you might be surprised that they like it and if they don’t, that’s okay. You will find someone who will.

You need to be real from the get-go so as not to disappoint your partner in the long run or allow them to have false expectations.

Fun Things to Do in A New Relationship

Starting a serious relationship doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing so.

In fact, boredom can set in if you are not intentional about having some fun things to do in a new relationship.

6. Cook Together

I am assuming there is a saying that couples who cook together stay together because it is valid.

There is just something romantic about cooking and enjoying a meal together.

You can look up recipes, take cooking classes and shop for cooking ingredients together.

In the end, you don’t only spend time cooking together, but you also relish in the success of your dish and enjoy a meal together.

You can even make it more romantic by including candles and background music to accompany your meals.

7. Exercise Together

Doesn’t it seem fun to see your partner sweat it out? And the good thing is that you don’t have to do to go to a gym; you can exercise at home or just go jogging or walking together.

Why not connect together to have a time out at the gym? If you can’t go to the gym, you can have running or track exercises together.

Remember, you will not only be cultivating a healthy lifestyle but you will also be spending quality time together.

8. Explore Nature with your Partner

Whether it is going skydiving, visiting a zoo, park, botanical garden, going on a trip to the mountains, or going on a hike; it can make you and your partner intimate in a way you never considered.

Nature has a way of connecting hearts together; you also get to enjoy the cool breeze and beautiful scenery while having the time of your lives.

9. Play Games Together

There are various games to choose from and get involved with your partner.

And no, you do not need to have prior knowledge to play most games; it’s not like you are playing in an actual tournament, you are just having fun.

Also, these games don’t necessarily have to be electronic games; basketball, football, chess, or board puzzle games can serve as outdoor games.

Get lost in the thrill, laughs, and adventure of playing together while strengthening the bond of your new relationship.

10. Take Pictures and Record Videos Together

Thank God for smartphones, you can take numerous and quality pictures on the go; as many as you want, and as you feel like it.

You can record videos of you singing together, doing a chore, taking up an online challenge, or just any random thing.

Saving those memories can save your relationship later on if you ever forget why you are together in the first place.

Cute Things to Do in A New Relationship

11. Write your Partner a Love Letter

This might sound old-fashioned to many especially in this technological age, however, the fact that it is old doesn’t mean it is less effective.

Handwritten notes are cute and they can make you feel good and mushy.

Plus, love letters are physical memories that can last a lifetime. Sometimes, we say much more in writing than we can ever speak out loud.

12. Text Good Morning and Good Night

Nothing feels good as letting your partner know that you are thinking about them – and sending text messages is a cute and easy way to do that.

A good morning or night text is indirectly saying ‘Hey! You are the first I think of when I wake up and the last I think about before sleeping.’

This caring gesture can strengthen your new relationship.

You can hardly go wrong with a positive compliment first thing in the morning.

13. Affirm and Compliment your Partner

The hustle, bustle, and pressures of this life have the tendencies to make us feel so inadequate and insecure.

However, a relationship should be a safe haven from all these.

Giving your partner the reassurance that they are sweet, loveable, accomplished, and blessed is a great way to strengthen your relationship.

I mean, it feels so sweet to have your special person compliment you.

Take out time to appreciate and acknowledge your partner sincerely, and watch them brighten up, while your new relationship blooms too.

14. Volunteer Together

Volunteering with your significant other sounds cute, fun and adventurous. You should both find a cause that stimulates or arouses the interests of both of you and volunteer for it.

It is really awesome knowing that you are doing some good deeds with your partner and sowing seeds of kindness in the world together.

15. Surprise your Partner

Everyone loves surprises, don’t we?

Surprises really don’t have to be so big and expensive.

It could be as simple as sending a love letter, delivering lunch, picking them up at work, giving them a ticket to an event they have always wanted to attend or arranging a shout out for them on their favourite radio show.

Whatever way it goes, it is a sure way to pass a feeling of being loved and important.

Romantic Things to Do in A New Relationship

16. Turn on the Physical Touch

Physical touch is important for our physical, mental and emotional health, and it can calm us down.

Physical touch is very important to feel connected to your partner, especially if it is your or your partner’s love language.

No! Physical touch isn’t about sex.

It could be just holding hands or pulling your partner close or giving them a hug; it can mean a great deal and go a long way in strengthening the bond of your new relationship.

17. Kiss on the Forehead

This can serve as an example of physical touch but I needed to explain it separately because of how sweet forehead kisses are.

Forehead kisses are so meaningful and usually, it is given to people we consider special.

You can share forehead kisses or kisses on the palm, which is just as intimate.

18. Double Dates

Obviously, going on dates helps to strengthen your new relationship.

However, it is also necessary to go on double dates sometimes; I mean, the more, the merrier.

Every couple surely needs another couple who are their best friend too.

Spending time with other couples can shake up your regular date, enable you to experience more passion and love towards your own partner, energize your union and bring more sparks and romance into your relationship.

19. Tell Your Partner You Love Them

As simple as this may sound, many don’t actually do it.

Without a doubt, the simplest things are some of the most difficult things to do because we might not see the need.

“I love you” is an important phrase to share with your partner from time to time.

Even if your partner knows you love them, there’s a thrill that comes from you saying it to them.

20. Watch a Romantic Movie

Cliché, I know but it is cute and that wins the argument.

Watching movies is an enjoyable activity to do with your lover as it can help to strengthen the bond of your relationship but romantic movies are even better.

Apart from being excellent date material, love stories can help the way we perceive things such as love, friendship, trust, romance and fidelity; and it can definitely teach and inspire our relationship.

Things Not to Do in A New Relationship

21. Do not Bring the Past into Your New Relationship

It will be hard for you to enjoy your new relationship if you still have pent up feelings of anger, guilt, hurt and disappointment from your past.

If you do not heal from your past and let go, scars, emotions and wounds can combine to frustrate your new relationship.

It is better to start your new relationship on a clean and free slate.

So, if you are still holding on to the past, it might be better to stay away from relationships until you are ready.

22. Keep It Private Just Yet

It is a new relationship, thus you should be very patient before exposing it to the world on social media.

Apart from the fact that it is not everyone who would wish you well on your new status, the two of you still need to have a solid footing in your new relationship before announcing it to the world.

23. Don’t Lie

Like I said earlier, a structure built on a false foundation is bound to be shaky and fall apart very soon because it won’t stand the test of time.

Resist the urge to build your relationship on lies.

Lying shows a lack of respect for your partner, destroys trust and demonstrates selfishness.

So, you should to be honest and transparent to your partner

24. Don’t Compare

Comparison is bound to destroy a new relationship.

Resist the urge to compare your partner with anyone besides them.

You should remember, instead, that everyone is unique, every relationship is different and each relationship has its own way of working.

If they are not who you want, then you shouldn’t be with them.

Otherwise, focus on your relationship instead of chasing shadows so you don’t miss out on the good your relationship and partner have for you.

25. Don’t Lose Yourself

You should not make it seem as if your life is now all about your relationship.

Despite being in a relationship with another, you are still both distinct individuals who should have your own lives to live.

Regularly spend time with your loved ones,family and friends on your own.

Participate in hobbies that don’t involve your partner; have your own goals, dreams and plans.

Don’t lose your likes, interests and opinions just because your partner is now in the picture.

At least, you had your own hobbies, career, direction, opinions and interest before you met your partner; keep them and let your partner keep theirs too.

So, here you go; the things to do in a new relationship.

Now, you can make sure that the foundation of your relationship is solid so as to have a healthy and rich relationship.

Things To Do in a new relationship

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