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“My Husband Works Too Much And I Feel Lonely”

“My Husband Works Too Much And I Feel Lonely”

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My husband works too much and I feel lonely. What can I do?”

One of the advantages of having a partner is the company and fun you get with them. 

When you are in a relationship or a marriage, you get to enjoy the joy that companionship brings and not deal with loneliness most times. 

Thus, it is normal to feel sad and lonely if your partner gives too much attention to something or someone else other than you.

Even if the thing in question is his work, if he leaves you for it too many times, loneliness will creep up on you.

Spending quality time together is one of the essential recipes for every good and healthy relationship and marriage to thrive. 

If you are constantly being left alone by your husband, you will feel lonely, and your marriage may get affected eventually.

Thus, if you are in a situation where your husband constantly works and leaves you alone, and you feel lonely, this article is for you.

We will look at possible reasons for your situation and the best ways to handle it.


My Husband Works Too Much And I Feel Lonely: 5 Possible Reasons

1. His Job Is Demanding

If your husband works too much to the point where you feel lonely, one of the first possible reasons is that his job is demanding.

Not everyone has the privilege or luxury of having jobs where they work for a few hours a day and have the rest of their time for other things.

Some people have to work around the clock.

Your husband may be one of those whose line of work may require much of his time and energy.

As much as he may want to spend time with you, his job may make it difficult to do that because of its dynamics and requirements.

While you feel sad about being lonely, consider this point too. 



2. He Is A Workaholic

My husband works too much and I feel lonely

Another reason your husband is always busy with work is that he is a workaholic.

For some people who are always working, their jobs may not be demanding.

They may be workaholics who are obsessed with their jobs and work.

Your husband may be one of those people: that is why he never has time for you, and you feel lonely.

His job is your rival, and you need to discuss it with him. 



3. His Finances Are Not In A Good Place

Another reason your husband is overworking is that he has money issues he is trying to compensate for.

Men like to be providers, and when they can’t do that, they feel bad and may overwork themselves to make more money to handle bills.

Has your husband had to deal with difficult or embarrassing financial situations recently?

Have the bills at home been piling up?

Are things hard for your family at the moment, especially financially? 

One or all of these may be why your husband overworks and leaves you lonely. 

He is just trying to make ends meet. 



4. You Do Not Work

My husband works too much and I feel lonely

If you think your husband works too much and has no time for you, you have to be sure you are not the one who has too much time on your hands.

When you have a lot of time on your hands, it is easy to think other people who work are overworking and start feeling lonely because you have a lot of free time. 

While it is okay to be a stay-at-home wife or mum, if it is beginning to make you feel lonely and sad, maybe it is time to do something about it.

It is crucial that you assess your situation and honestly determine if you have a husband who overworks or if you are a wife who needs to work.



5. His Job Is An Escape From You

If your husband is always busy with work and barely has time for you, he could be doing it intentionally.

A busy and absent husband may show something is wrong in your marriage.

Your husband’s engrossment in work may be his way of distracting himself from the issues at home.

Even if he has nothing to do at work, he will find a reason to bury his head in his papers or desktop. 

He is not busy; he is just avoiding you. 


My Husband Works Too Much And I Feel Lonely: What To Do

1. Understand His Perspective

The first thing you need to do in a situation like this is to understand the reasons behind it.

If your husband is busy with work because he has a demanding job or because the bills are weighing him down, understand him and be supportive in any way you can.

While your feelings of loneliness are valid and should be discussed and worked on, it is unfair to put a man under more pressure than he already is.

So, first, understand where he is and the reasons for his actions. 

If the cause of his seeming busyness is friction in your marriage, you have to find that out too. 

Whatever the reason may be, it has to be sought and discussed. 



2. Talk To Him About It

My husband works too much and I feel lonely


Regardless of the reason for his busyness, his attention and commitment to his wife should not suffer.

Find a great time to discuss compassionately with your husband and communicate your feelings.

Express your concerns in a non-confrontational way, and let him know how his work schedule is impacting your relationship.

For instance, you could say something like, “I understand that work is busy right now, but I miss spending time with you. I feel lonely and I want to work on finding ways to spend more quality time together.”

Be sure to make him feel understood and seen as well.

Bare out your heart to him and suggest other ways forward.

Let the conversation be engaging, and listen to him. 


3. Get Busy Too

My husband works too much and I feel lonely

Another helpful thing to do in a situation like this is to get busy too.

You can do this by getting a job, taking up a new hobby such as painting, knitting, or photography, volunteering, helping someone’s business, helping your husband with his work, etc.

These activities can provide you with a sense of purpose and help you to meet new people, which can help to reduce feelings of loneliness.

It can even help you financially contribute to the family.



4. He Should Get A Better Job

Another possible way out of this situation is to find a new job. 

Your husband’s current job may be overworking and underpaying him. 

Or it just may not have the ability to pay him well. 

You and your husband can seek other opportunities for new sources of income. 



5. Create Time For Each Other

My husband works too much and I feel lonely

As much as work is needed and you must make money, you both mustn’t completely ignore spending quality time together.

It is essential to spend time together as a couple.

It should also be a consistent practice as it fosters unity and helps you two bond.

Some seasons may be more demanding than others and provide less time for bonding, understandably so. 

But you both must intentionally create time to be together, go on dates, and listen to each other

There should be no loneliness in a relationship, and both parties must work toward that. 

Find the reason for the busyness, talk about it, and find ways to handle it. 


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