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8 Important Things Couples Should Know About Each Other

8 Important Things Couples Should Know About Each Other

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What are the things couples should know about each other?

One of the most fulfilling things to experience is getting married to your lover.

That feeling of getting hitched to your number one is unmatched.

It’s a special kind of feeling that should be treasured for a lifetime. 

As such, you must have a good knowledge of your partner, sometimes even better than they know themselves.

That’s one of the perks of marriage—settling down with someone who knows you at your best and worst and still makes you their priority. 

We are different people and as such, we never get to finish learning about each other.

This also applies in relationships and marriages.

People evolve daily and communication is the best way to keep up and live together in bliss.

Here are some important things couples should know about each other.

Things Couples Should Know About Each Other

1. Priorities 

Discover what their priorities are, and what’s important to them.

Try to understand the reasons behind their choices and even if you’re not in support, try to not make them feel bad about it.

Be an encouraging partner and support them in any way you can.

Agreeing on everything isn’t possible, but having a clear understanding of each other’s priorities maps out clear boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed selfishly.

How can you claim to know your spouse if you don’t know what their priorities are?

2. Happiness and ease

What’s the best way to get them to be at ease and happy when they are stressed out and cranky?

Every day isn’t meant to be a rosy day.

Some days are meant to be stormy and full of dark clouds.

What’s important is how quickly we snap out of those moods.

And it’s a beauty to know that you know just how to make your spouse feel better, happy, and at ease whenever they’re feeling low, and help them snap out of it.

How can you know what makes your partner happy and be at ease?

  • By observing them

Paying close attention to your spouse can give you insight into what brings smile to their face and laughter to their mouth .

One beautiful thing about this is that you can surprise them by giving them what brings them happiness.

They would surely marvel at your thoughtfulness because they assumed you had no idea what makes them happy.

  • Make a mental note of something they casually talked about owning.

One way to make your partner happy is to note the desires they casually talked about and make them available.

  • Simply ask

Asking your spouse questions about what makes them happy is a major way to get the answers that you need.

3. Motivation 

Do you know their driving force, their biggest motivations?

What are the things that make them want to achieve their goals real bad?

Do they need a day off work to clear up their heads and perform better? Do they need a change of environment?

These are little things that matter.

You don’t know your spouse enough if you don’t know what drives them. And how will you encourage them if you don’t know their motivation?

Knowing them and working towards them will make them feel noticed and loved.

Of course, it’ll make their love for you wax stronger.

4. Relaxation 

How do they relax after the accumulated tension and stress of work?

How do they recharge to be more effective and efficient?

Finding out the things they do to relax is one thing, knowing when they need to relax is another.

If you can pinpoint when relaxation is much needed, help them create time for it and make it possible.

5. Stress reaction 

How do they react to stress? We all have different reactions to stress.

You don’t expect your spouse to react in the same way as you or worse still, react the way you expect them to.

If you are not paying attention and already have expectations of your partner in this department, you could easily get frustrated and this could cause friction in your marriage.

Find out what triggers their stress and understand how they react whenever they’re stressed.

Then, actively seek out ways to help them ease off the stress.

6. Their strengths

Knowing your partner’s strengths will help you to understand them, appreciate them, and see how their strengths can complement your weaknesses.

For instance, my husband is an extrovert who makes friends so easily.

I mean, dude will meet a complete stranger and strike a conversation with them and know at least five things about them within a few minutes.

Knowing this, I no longer have to complain or wonder why he’s the way he is.

It’s simply a trait that I’ve come to greatly admire because I’m the complete opposite. But I appreciate the fact that he complements me.

7. Their weaknesses

No matter how much you love your spouse or how amazing they are, there will be some things you do not like about them.

Their weaknesses.

These not-so-amazing qualities you just have to tolerate; just as they’ll have to tolerate yours.

Love cannot survive without tolerance.

Knowing your partner’s weaknesses will enable you to help them and also tolerate them when necessary.

People don’t have to be perfect before they’re loved.

Although I advise people to know if their partner’s weaknesses are their deal-breakers, so they’ll know if they can cope or not.

8. Their passion

This is one of the major things couples should know about each other, really.

I believe couples should be each other’s number one fan.

How can you support your partner if you don’t know what they love doing?

How can you be their number one fan if you don’t know what sets their mind ablaze?

There are, of course, many things couples should know about each other but these 8 are a must-know.

things couples should know about each other

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