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7 Smart Ways Cheaters Hide Their Tracks

7 Smart Ways Cheaters Hide Their Tracks

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Just yesterday, I was watching one of my favorite creators on Instagram share a storytime about the time she was in a toxic relationship with a cheating man.

The story was wild but I will save you time and spare you the details, but one thing I picked out of that video is the fact that people cheat and have amazing abilities to hide it.

One of the reasons why I know I can never cheat, apart from the fact that it is wrong, unfair, and morally and religiously wrong, is the fact that it is super stressful!

Cheating requires hard work.

The kind of tricks and strategies people have to engage in, in order to conceal their secrets when they cheat is one for the books.

I mean, even one cheating episode requires a lot of lying and concealing; now imagine how much more work a constant cheat has to put in.

If you have ever wondered what kind of smart tricks cheaters use never to get caught, or if you suspect your partner of cheating but are not sure, today, an end comes to your wondering because I’ll tell you.

I am not here to tell you the common ways cheaters hide their tracks that are already quite obvious.

What you are about to get in this article are strictly the smart ways they go about it that can be easily missed.

Let us delve right into it.

7 Smart Ways Cheaters Hide Their Tracks

1. Skillful lying

Smart Ways Cheaters Hide Their Tracks

A cheat who does not want to get caught will always have lies at the tip of their tongue, ready to be spilled out.

Lying may seem like an obvious one, but it can be done so well that it is not even noticed at all.

Some people have perfected the act of lying that it now comes naturally to them and you would never suspect it.

It is one of the smart ways cheaters hide their tracks, they tell profound and seemingly accurate stories that are nothing but lies.

They lie about where they have been, who they have been with, and what they spent money on; the list is endless.

But because they are smart about it, you may never figure them out until you investigate more and find out they they are pathological liars.

These lies help them stay unnoticed. 


2. Oversharing unnecessarily 

One common way a cheat will try to hide their tracks is by withholding information, but that is a little obvious, so they may be smart and use the reverse – oversharing.

On the surface, oversharing will look like innocence and sincerity, but that is not always what it is.

It can be a powerful and smart tool in the hands of a cheat to hide their tracks.

Apart from making them seem genuine and blameless, over-sharing allows them to control the information, so many cheaters use it.

They tell you about their day, their friends, and everything in between, even when you do not ask them.

They fill you with unnecessary details so that you are too intoxicated to ask for the important things.


3. Double lives

Smart Ways Cheaters Hide Their Tracks

Some people deserve an Oscar for the kind of drama they pull off with their partners. 

They act so well that Tom Hanks needs to take some lessons from them.

They seem perfectly normal, but it is all a sham because when they are with their affair partner, they are a different person altogether.

Their ability to maintain two different personalities and lifestyles needs to be studied, it is almost as though they have an alter ego.

Some go as far as having double social media accounts; one for their normal life with their partner and the other for their sneaky links. 

Remember I told you cheating is hard work? 

One way to catch this category of cheaters is by paying them surprise visits and checking up on them unannounced. 

I do not encourage stalking, but it is another way. 


4. Keeping the affair partner close

Smart Ways Cheaters Hide Their Tracks

This is by far one of the smartest and most effective ways that cheaters hide their tracks.

This seldom fails them because it’s a very intelligent strategy.

Instead of keeping their affair partner very far from their legitimate partner, what they do instead is that they bring their affair partner close and make them seem like a normal friend in their life.

I’ve heard stories of people who were sleeping with their partner’s best friends, their seemingly harmless colleague at work, a mutual friend of theirs and their partner, or even their neighbor who seems like an innocent, well-wisher and can pop into their house at any time.

This category of cheaters is rarely caught because the person they are cheating with is the least likely person.

So if you are looking for any signs that they have one mystery lover somewhere far away, you are probably never going to find any, but that is not because they do not have one.

They do, right under your nose.

It just happens to be someone you don’t suspect. 


5. Hiding financial information

Smart Ways Cheaters Hide Their Tracks

You may not see lipstick stains or suspicious text messages because they may have taken care of those.

What you may notice, however, is that they deny their partner access to their financial information.

Because cheating is not only stressful, it’s also expensive as the cheater has to invest in their extra relationship, their money will be involved.

A cheater knows that their financial information will very easily give out their activities, so they keep it away. 

They may bring up excuses or even get upset when their partner requests their financial information. 

They can’t show you, it is too incriminating for them. 


6. Gatekeeping their mobile device

Smart ways cheaters hide their tracks

Our phones are our best friends in these times, and they know all our dirty secrets.

A cheat’s phone is one of their greatest treasures, and they guard it with their lives.

To make it less obvious, they may not use passwords or try to stop their partner from seeing their phones, they may just choose the easier method of deleting their chats and call logs.

WhatsApp has a feature called “disappearing messages,” and many cheaters will find this useful to help clean their tracks.

Some go as far as getting a whole new phone to help them connect with their affair partner.

There are just so many different options cheaters have when it comes to guarding their phones; Incognito search modes, VPNs, and so on.

And if you’re not tech-savvy or very observant, it is easy to miss these signs. 


7. They gaslight and manipulate

Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse.

It occurs when someone tries to impose their own beliefs and thoughts onto another, making them doubt themselves and their reality.

It’s a common tactic cheaters use to make their partners feel crazy or overly paranoid.

They might flip the blame on you, insist that you’re imagining things, or make you feel like you’re not trusting them.

Gaslighting is manipulative and abusive behavior.

So it’s safe to say that a cheater is likely to be an abuser.


These are some of the smart ways cheaters hide their tracts.

I must say this is not a list of hacks for cheaters to learn and use; we do not support cheating here. 

If that’s why you’re here, you’re here for the wrong reason.

But if you’re here to learn so you can recognize a cheater when you see one, then there you have it. 

The aim of this list is also not to get you unnecessarily cynical and suspicious about everything your partner does or does not do.

It is just to open your mind to the possibilities that exist and help prevent you from being fooled or getting the shock of your life.

With this list, if you smell a fish, you can easily observe better and investigate it in the right way.

Because these days, the good old pointers for a cheating person may not always be there.

As people are getting innovative, creative, and more advanced in technology and many other areas of life, cheaters are also getting smarter about their tricks.

With this list, you get to beat them to their game.

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