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Can You Make Someone Fall In Love With You? 7 Secrets Revealed!

Can You Make Someone Fall In Love With You? 7 Secrets Revealed!

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Everyone has different goals for their lives.

However, one thing is certain and the same for most of us…

We want to be loved.

Growing up, everyone had that dream of meeting the person they would love and somehow, they just love them back just like in the Disney fairytales.

Reality comes as a shock with adulthood when we begin to realize that sometimes you can love someone who doesn’t love you in return.

It’s so unfair when you fall in love with someone who doesn’t care about you and you may sometimes ask yourself if it is possible to make someone fall in love with you.

Can you make someone fall in love with you?

The answer is no.

You can’t force someone to love you.

However, there are certain things you can do with the person you love that can increase your chances of them reciprocating your feelings.

In this article, we will be exploring the various things you can do to increase the chances that the person you love loves you back.

“Can You Make Someone Fall In Love With You? “—7 Ways You Can Increase The Chances Of Your Feelings Being Reciprocated

1. Constant communication

can you make someone fall in love with you


When people say they have no patience for long talking stages, I understand.

It’s hard to want to keep talking to someone who isn’t reciprocating your feelings.

It could be really frustrating.

However, you may just need to be a little patient especially if your conversations flow with ease.

Perhaps there is a chemistry there that the person doesn’t feel yet.

Perhaps, you are just a message away from your breakthrough.

Engage in meaningful conversations with the person you love.

You should be able to listen attentively to your potential partner when they talk about their lives and sensibly share your opinions.

Communication has to go both ways and if you can listen attentively when the person you love talks, it gives off this cute vibe that helps in convincing them that you actually care about them.

2. Be a safe space for them

can you make someone fall in love with you


Beyond constant communication, being that person that they can talk to about those things that matter also hits differently.

Don’t just ask mundane questions, talk about the things that matter.

I once told a friend that communicating constantly with the girl he likes may be a way of sowing the seed of love in her heart and if he is lucky, it will be nurtured until it germinates.

My friend took me quite literally and spent every single day of the next two weeks texting the girl and asking her if she had eaten, regardless of whether she replied or not.

Apparently, after some point, she got tired of the incessant messages and told him she would prefer to hear from him less frequently.

Harsh, right?

But I think her actual words were even worse.

What I am saying is; don’t just communicate with the person you love, become someone they can talk to about their pains, fears, hardships, and insecurities.

The fact is everyone has problems but very few have people they can confide in.

The person you love may appear to be glowing and happy but this doesn’t mean that they don’t need a support system.

Having someone to be there for them creates a special feeling of safety.

This would make them want to be around you even more and with time, you could just literally see the signs of love germinating in them.

3. Be genuine

Let yourself shine, my dear!

That’s the best thing I will probably tell you in this article.

Not because it will get you the person you love, but because it will help you in life.

Being yourself shows how confident you are in yourself.

But let’s focus on how you can actually attract that person you love…

How do you plan on getting someone to love you when you hide the real “you”?

Hiding the real “you” only serves to ensure that if they fall in love, they will end up falling in love with a fake version of yourself and this will only backfire.

Don’t be afraid to express all the fun, quirky, and spontaneous sides of yourself.

Emphasize your unique attributes.

Don’t think of them as flaws that need to be hidden.

Everyone has imperfections.

And if your flaws are not toxic, you shouldn’t have any issues being yourself around someone you love.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work on whatever toxic traits you may have.

Toxic traits are unbecoming and should be worked on because they not only hurt those we love, they end up hurting us.

4. Don’t mention that you are in love with them always 

I know people always say there’s something to be had for persistently telling the object of your interest how much you love them but I feel differently about it.

If I had someone who loved me telling me they are in love with me every day with the hope of swaying my feelings, it would make me feel uncomfortable.

If you are in love with someone who doesn’t love you back, saying that you are in love with them everyday, won’t help you.

What you need to do in this situation is to bring on your A game.

If you want to be around them, then you must have other things to talk about other than what you feel for them.

5. Pay attention to your looks

can you make someone fall in love with you

Actually, you should always pay attention to your looks, regardless of whether you are trying to win over the affection of someone you love or not.

However, if you haven’t been paying attention to your looks, consider this to be motivation enough.

You want someone to fall in love with you, right?

Stand in front of a mirror and be brutally honest with yourself…

If you were the person, would you fall in love with you?

The answer to this question may not be pleasant but it could push you to achieve so much of the potential you have in the “looks department”.

The fact is that love doesn’t come just because of physical good looks.

But they could be a source of attraction to people.

6. Take them on dates

can you make someone fall in love with you

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”…

Remember this?

The fact is while this proverb may not be actually accurate, it gives you something to think about.

If you love someone, don’t just spend all the time talking.

Show them some action.

Take them on dates.

It doesn’t exactly need to always be a dinner date.

Find out what they love doing the most and make it a date with them.

Go to art museums with them, take trips to the bookstore, or just simply take a stroll through the park.

In love, the little things matter too.

You will end up spending quality time with them and showing them the various aspects of you that they may later come to love.

A little detour: Remember how I said that the proverb above doesn’t apply to all men?

It applies to me!

I love food, therefore I love whoever gives me food.

7. Get involved in activities that give you common ground

can you make someone fall in love with you

I must start this by saying that you shouldn’t involve yourself in negative activities like drugging or drinking excessively because you want to have a common ground with the person you love.

One of the best ways to nurture and develop love is to share similar interests with the person you love.

It creates a bond between the two of you; a bond forged by mutual passion for something.

From a mutual passion for a noble cause, an activity, a hobby, or just a song, the bond could develop into mutual passion for each other.

So beyond sharing ideas with them, you may need to consider taking it a step further into the realm of shared activities.

I can’t promise that it works like magic but trust me, it works…


Honestly, I am not giving you 100% assurance that you will get the person you love after doing all this.

But you can only try.

The fact is; love can be found in the most unexpected places and with the most unexpected people.

Don’t be discouraged…

Keep trying.

One day, you will find the one for you.



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