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What To Say To a Player To Hurt Him: 60 Expressions He Won’t Recover From

What To Say To a Player To Hurt Him: 60 Expressions He Won’t Recover From

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It hurts to realize you have been played by a guy you opened your heart to.

The pain of betrayal, the humiliation of being played, and the disappointment of not noticing the signs that you have been dealing with a player all along can hurt like a stab in the heart.

But you don’t want a player to think he is wise in his own eyes, right?

So you are looking for what to say to a player to hurt him.

What is considered playing?

Playing can be defined as what someone does in order to get what he wants from the other person without any intention of giving anything significant back.

Some other reasons to say things to hurt a player are:

-to break ties with him

-to get things off your chest

-to inspire him to change

-to get revenge

-to make him feel what you felt

-to assert your power over him

-to get closure

-or simply because you are angry.

In this article, we will discuss what to say to a player to hurt him and make him feel so terrible he’ll never play with another girl’s heart again.

What To Say To a Player To Hurt Him

  1. ”I thought you were different. But you are just one of them.”

2. ”Wow. You must be feeling so accomplished.”

3. ”You think you played me? Well, you just played yourself by proving how ordinary and predictable you are.”

4. ”You didn’t play me. You only showed how unworthy of me you are.”

5. ”You are not a real man. Real men don’t play women. They respect them.”

6. ”I’m not a game, I can’t be played.”

7. ”I suspected all along, I just played along to confirm my suspicion.”

8. ”Thank you for showing your real color and proving how unreliable you are.”

9. ”You should be ashamed of yourself.”

10. ”There is no award for being the best player of women.”

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11. ”Your life would be so much better if you dedicated your time to something more productive than playing women.”

12. ”Only insecure men play women.”

13. ”You’re not good enough for me.”

14. ”It’s unfortunate. I thought you were for real.”

15. ”God will judge you.”

16. ”I hope you are prepared for karma; because it will hit you like a tsunami.”

17. ”Karma is a b*tch. I am sure of that.”

18. ”I hope you meet your match.”

19. ”Who hurt you? Who made you turn out this way? The person did a really bad job.”

20. ”You are pathetic. I hope you get help.”

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21. ”It is more rewarding to be a good man, you know?”

22. ”Playing a woman is simply a sign of lack of self-confidence. You could have gotten whatever you wanted by being honest.”

23. ”Self-respecting men don’t play women.”

24. ”Imagine if you had a daughter one day. Imagine a man playing her like you play women.”

25. ”There is nothing noble about being a player.”

26. ”You are probably trying to fill a void in your life by playing women. But it has never worked for any man before, and yours will not be different. Fill the emptiness in your life with something more meaningful.”

27. ”You didn’t play me. You are simply untrustworthy.”

28. ”Get a life!”

29. ”You don’t deserve any woman’s love and trust.”

30. ”I’ll be praying for you/You could use some prayers.”

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How to Make Him Regret Hurting You

31. ”May the universe judge and repay you.”

32. ”You don’t deserve a good woman.”

33. ”What a sad life you must have. Truly happy men don’t play women.”

34. ”I hope you’ll be an honorable man one day.”

35. ”Even if you play all the women in the world, you’ll never be fulfilled. So, get some help.”

36. ”How long do you think you can keep this up?”

37. ”I can only pity you.”

38. ”Oh, poor you. Life must be so hard for you.”

39. ”I don’t envy you at all.”

40. ”If you’re not mature enough for a relationship, why be with anyone?”

41. ”How do you sleep at night, because you must be a nightmare even to yourself.”

42. ”It must be a lot of work being you. I don’t envy you.”

43. ”There are many notable achievements in the world. Playing women isn’t one of them.”

44. ”Being a player only says so much about you, not the person you played.”

45. ”I was only managing you before. Thank you for showing me you are not worth the stress.”

46. ”I was only enduring the relationship, Thank you for relieving me of the burden.”

47. ”Well, I wasn’t really sure about you in the first place. Thank you for making the decision easier.”

48. ”My friends warned me about you. They said you didn’t deserve me. They were right after all.”

49. ”Apparently you are too broken to love. Get yourself fixed.”

50. ”Wow. Your parents must be so proud of you.”

51. ”Integrity is costly. Only truly wealthy people can afford it. It’s sad you are too poor to afford it.”

what to say to a player to hurt him

52. ”How do you feel about yourself, really? Because only a sick person will feel good about deceiving others.”

53. ”I only date high-value men. You are just an exception.”

54. ”I only date quality men. I thought to take a break. Thank you for the experience.”

55. ”I hope you’ll stop embarrassing yourself with women, thinking you are playing them, because you are not particularly a great lover. pare yourself the embarrassment!”

56. ”I hope no woman will have the unfortunate luck of loving you.”

57. ”Your life must be really boring to think playing women will excite you.”

58. ”You are not completely useless. You are just an example of men I shouldn’t touch with a long pole.”

59. ”Just so you know, I forgive you. You don’t deserve my anger.”

60. Shrug and say nothing. Leave him to wonder.

If a guy played you, it wasn’t your fault.

He was just being a j*rk!

Don’t let bitterness poison your heart; instead, try forgiveness.

Forgive yourself for trusting this person so blindly and forgive him for hurting you.

Don’t waste your anger on him.

You deserve better than what he gave you!

If that means finding a new partner or focusing on other relationships in your life until your wounds have healed.

Don’t hesitate to do whatever will make you happy again!

Alos, when you start again, make sure you be on the lookout for signs of fake love, so you don’t get hurt again.

what to say to a player to hurt him


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Christine Miguel Michael

Monday 22nd of May 2023

“Just because your loads are weak doesn’t mean your efforts have to be”


Wednesday 24th of August 2022

Are u serious? These are never going to hurt a player. They expect these comments.

Try:"that was fun and I'll do it again, but I don't feel like making small talk so get the fuck out.

"why are you still here?

"Who's manipulating who?

" Dude .. know you're roll

" you've put in way too much thought.

And " bye fillicia"

Mabel's Blog

Wednesday 24th of August 2022


I guess I was being a nice girl.

Thanks for these.