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How To Treat Your Husband Like a King: Be a Royal Wife

How To Treat Your Husband Like a King: Be a Royal Wife

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Men are often accused of being difficult to please, but the reality is that most men just want to feel appreciated.

It’s tempting to treat your husband just anyhow because of the overfamiliarity that marriage brings.

However, if you want to get the best from your man and your marriage, you must learn how to treat your husband like a king.

Also importantly, if you want to be treated like a queen, treat your man like a king.

After all, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

Being a wife requires some level of skill.

You need to know when to treat your husband like a friend, brother, father of your kids, and king.

This article will give you tips on how to treat your husband like a king, in no particular order:

How to Treat Your Husband Like a King

1. Praise His Good Qualities

How To Treat Your Husband Like a King

Giving honest compliments is one of the best ways to treat your husband like a king.

It’s no secret that men love hearing how good they look, how smart they are, or how much you enjoy his company.

If he is working long hours at work, compliment him on how hardworking and dedicated he is being at making sure everything goes well for both of you.

What qualities do you admire in him?

Praise him for them!

A man wants to feel as if what he does makes some kind of difference in your life; it validates his existence and purpose in this world when you praise his good qualities.

Giving praise however doesn’t mean always giving empty words with no meaning behind them.

Be sincere.

If you don’t mean what you say, then how can he trust that?

The biggest compliment is being honest with your man and telling him how proud of him you are for always doing his best at everything he does.

Do not be afraid to overdo it either.

Men love compliments more than most women realize!

2. Be Grateful for All That He Does For You and The Family

How To Treat Your Husband Like a King

Men don’t expect their wives to do everything on their own, so appreciate what he does as a husband and father.

We are usually guilty of criticizing our men than appreciating them.

Put an end to this habit because there’s nothing worse than how a man feels when his wife doesn’t appreciate all that he does for her and the family.

You don’t need him to be perfect just as much as you want him not to think badly about himself.

Be more understanding with him so he knows how deeply you care about every aspect of who he is and how well he performs in all areas of his life.

He will be more inclined to how well you treat him when he knows how much value and worth you place on how well he does at everything.

3. Compliment Him In Front of His Friends and Family

If there’s one thing men love more than how much you appreciate them, it’s how well they are appreciated in front of their friends and family.

It’s not that he likes to be the center of attention; it’s just that he wants his family and friends to know how responsible he is and how lucky he is to have you.

Be careful, however: this doesn’t mean getting embarrassingly drunk and raving on and on about how awesome your man is.

This could make for an awkward situation.

Be modest about his good qualities and show gratitude for what he does; it will be much appreciated.

4. Accommodate His Preferences

How To Treat Your Husband Like a King

One of the simplest ways to treat your husband like a king is to accommodate his preferences.

It’s important that you show him that you are willing to make an effort for him, even if it means keeping old habits or making new ones.

Take note of what he likes, dislikes, and needs in life- how can you help him with them?

Is there a channel he watches on TV that you don’t like?

Perhaps it’s time to compromise and agree to let him watch his show while you indulge in your favorite drama or reality series.

Doing this doesn’t mean you always have to do everything he wants, but sometimes letting him enjoy doing things his own way and changing up what you do for him can be a refreshing change.

5. Listen to Him

Believe it or not, men love talking about themselves- whether it’s through bragging about some accomplishment at work or feeling concerned about some problem he is having.

How you respond to what he talks about says a lot about how you treat him as a husband.

It might seem obvious, but nothing is more annoying to a man than when his wife doesn’t listen to him.

Also, understand that listening isn’t just about hearing what he says.

It’s also about your facial expressions and body language that conveys how seriously you are taking what he has to say.

Do you roll your eyes at him or press your phone when he’s pouring his heart out to you?

Do you laugh when he’s trying to tell you something that is really important to him?

How will he ever know how much you care about his worries if your reactions show nonchalance?

Doing this will make him feel like he doesn’t matter to you- something no man wants, especially from his wife!

If you show him how much respect you have for his problems by being attentive with responses, then there’s no doubt how well you treat him.

Want to know how to treat your husband like a king?

Listen to the dude!

6. Be Considerate of How He Feels

Men are more emotional than they are given credit for.

How to treat your husband like a king is by recognizing when he is feeling down or angry, and doing what you can to make him happy again.

Instead of getting muddled up in the argument he’s having with you, try comforting him instead.

Give him some space if need be, but don’t ignore his feelings just because it makes your life easier.

7. Respect His Boundaries


Your man has boundaries, and there are things he doesn’t like.

How to treat your husband like a king is by learning what his boundaries are and respecting them.

Don’t ask him if you can do something that makes him uncomfortable or if it might set off an argument.

This isn’t about winning the argument, it’s about doing your best to make your husband happy when you can.

If he says no, then honor that and try again another time.

Most men also want their wife to respect their privacy; they do not want to feel as if everything has to be shared with the woman who is supposed to love them most.

If you are truly interested in getting the best out of your man, know how much distance is too much distance.

How much support is too much support?

How much help is too much help?

These questions should be taken seriously because boundaries are important not only for women but also for men.

If you’ve been wondering what kind of boundaries should exist in a marriage, I highly recommend the book, Boundaries in Marriage by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend.


8. Talk to Him Respectfully

All men want to feel like they are respected by their women.

Talking to your man in a condescending or disrespectful manner will make him lose all respect for you and turn him cold.

Try to act with the utmost dignity when speaking to your husband.

Having an argument is no excuse to use derogatory language for him or to make fun of him or his struggles.

Don’t call him names either. Words like “stupid” or “idiot” aren’t words you should use when talking to your husband.

If you have a problem with something your man is doing, then approach him in a confrontational manner he will respect.

Never speak to your husband the way you would speak to a child.

It’s just not appropriate.

Words are delicate and irrevocable; they can either strengthen a relationship or break it.

No matter the other ways you try to treat your husband like a king, if you don’t at least speak to him respectfully, then he will never feel like one.

Your words must align with your actions or they will destroy the efforts you’ve made.

One fact is, the way you talk to your husband says more about you than it does about him.

How you talk to your man says a lot about the person you are.

A man wants to feel as if his woman respects him enough to not talk down on him.

This doesn’t mean he expects you to be all sugar and honey with him, but it does mean that your tone of voice and the words you choose matter.

You don’t have to agree.

Raising your voice, insulting him, or showing that you don’t care about what he has to say will not solve any problems between you two.

It only creates more distance and resentment in the end.

9. Seek and Respect His Opinions

A woman should never make her husband feel like his opinions are less important than hers.

Don’t disrespect, belittle, or dismiss your man’s ideas and opinions.

If he asks for your opinion, give it to him honestly; if you think it’s bad, say why without insisting that yours is the only right one.

Also, ask for his opinion on matters that are important to you, and really listen when he gives it.

It shows you respect him and his opinion.

10. Make Him a Priority

It’s easy to get so caught up in the daily grind that you take your husband for granted, but doing so has consequences.

God should be first in your life, of course, but if your man feels like he comes third or fourth in your life following career, family, and friends, you’re doing it wrong.

Make time for your husband, encourage him to open up if he’s having a hard day, and catch up on the news from his world.

By making him a priority, you show him how important he is to you.

11. Respect His Decision-Making Authority

Your husband is the head of your household, and within his sphere of decision-making authority, you must show him respect.

Don’t make decisions for him, pressure him to do something he doesn’t want to do, or force him to go along with your plans if they’re not his ideas.

If you feel strongly about something, voice your opinion and ask for his support.

Sometimes all it takes is a little discussion and compromise before you come up with the perfect solution together.

Actually, couples should act as partners in a team, working towards a common goal.

This is why it is important to marry a man who sees you as a partner and whose leadership you respect.

12. Respect His Family

How can you treat your husband like a king if you don’t respect his family?

Kings are usually products of a long line of kings.

How is your husband a king if you don’t recognize his history?

This doesn’t mean that you should abide by every rule in the family, but at least show respect for what came before him.

Even if you don’t feel that way, you should fake it until you make it.

You don’t have to be close to them but maintain a cordial relationship.

Sometimes it’s better to keep the peace than make waves.

13. Don’t Nag Him

How To Treat Your Husband Like a King

No man wants to come home at the end of a long day and be nagged by his wife.

For most men, this is a surefire way to make them feel inadequate.

Before you know it, he’s going to turn into a stubborn mule who has no desire to please you at all.

Even if you have a legitimate complaint or concern, nagging him is not going to solve the problem.

The best thing you can do is communicate your feelings and voice your concerns, but do it in a way that will make him want to listen.

Resist the temptation to nag.

Don’t humiliate your man by insisting that everything about him needs immediate improvement.

He may not always put out what you want, but he’s still your husband.

How would you feel if someone who claimed to love you constantly criticized every move you made?

How would it make your blood boil?

How would it make your heart sink inside your chest?

That should give some perspective on how much damage nagging can cause. 

And if you are a man reading this, make it easy for your wife to NOT nag by doing what you are supposed to do.

They say behind a nagging wife is a man who has refused to do what he’s supposed to do.

14. Give Him an Occasional Treat

How To Treat Your Husband Like a King

If you want your man to feel like a king, then you must be willing to treat him like one.  

Every husband deserves an occasional treat here and there.

It doesn’t have to be anything big; just do something nice for him without expecting anything in return.

One of the ways I treat my husband like a king is by asking him what he wants to eat almost every time.

I don’t just want to give him what I feel like; I want him to eat what his heart desires.

Isn’t that what kings do? Getting whatever they want. Hahaha.

His response is usually, ”Whatever you give me is fine.” or ”Anything” or ”I’ll eat anything you give me” which usually gets me rolling my eyes.

The truth is, it’s easier to treat your husband like a king if he’s a good man and not hard to please.

Men play a great role in helping their wives treat them like kings.

I hope you’ve gotten some ideas on how to treat your husband like a king in this article.

I look forward to reading your comments!

How To Treat Your Husband Like a King

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Monday 22nd of January 2024

This has been very helpful and eye opening. Thank you


Friday 8th of July 2022

it really works

Oluwafunmbi Purpose Aigbekaen

Wednesday 10th of November 2021

Wow! These are very beautiful and insightful tips. Thank you for sharing

Mabel's Blog

Friday 12th of November 2021

Thank you for reading, momma.

Lola Oladejo

Wednesday 10th of November 2021

This is a brilliant article, I agree with every point made. Kudos!

Mabel's Blog

Friday 12th of November 2021

Thank you for reading!


Wednesday 10th of November 2021

Nice read.

I'd love to add that when you do all of these and it doesn't work for you and him, dust yourself up and let him be. A good man is a good man and for an undeserving fellow, no matter what you do, he will always drag your efforts to the mud.

Mabel's Blog

Friday 12th of November 2021

Right! I agree with you. Don't yourself be taken for granted.