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How to Win Over Your Man’s Family

How to Win Over Your Man’s Family

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Getting along with a man’s family is such a big deal, especially for men who come from a close-knit family.

You have to feel welcomed and be a part of them. This isn’t always a walk in the park for various reasons.

I am of the opinion that it is the man’s family’s decision to love or accept you. However, you can also influence their decision in some ways.

Below are tips that could help you win over your man’s family:

1. Be yourself

Be original. Nothing beats originality. Don’t try to be someone else to make an impression.

If you are jovial, don’t stop being jovial when you are with them. If you are naturally caring, don’t hesitate to show care and concern when necessary. You are not trying to impress them. You are just being yourself.

When your man’s family see how original you are, they will love you for who you are, except they are just a difficult set of people.

You have touched a soft spot, you have created an impression without knowing by just being yourself.
2. Be polite and courteous

This is not up for a debate.

It is expected that you be polite to people, and your man’s family is not an exception.

No family will love a lady who is rude to them.

Be genuine with your smile, greet them warmly and don’t interfere in their discussions if you are not invited or your opinion is not sought.

Say “thank you” and “sorry” when necessary.

3. Don’t be a liability

When they know you have a life and you are not going to be a liability but an asset to their son, they will respect you.
4. Don’t be meddlesome

Do not meddle in their affairs, except it has to do with you. You are not their child.
Let your man be the middleman.
5. Take to corrections

If they express their displeasure at anything you’ve done, consider their complaints and make adjustments where necessary.

If you feel you were misunderstood, let them know. Just make sure you clear the air, so that they won’t nurse any animosity or bitterness against you.

7. Be open-minded

It’s very possible that your culture is very different from theirs.

Be open-minded and be genuinely interested in learning about their way of doing things.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions to know better instead of making assumptions.
8. Be humble

Don’t ever look down on your man’s family, no matter what.

Even if they are not as rich, educated, or sophisticated as your family, don’t act condescendingly towards them.

If they didn’t go a good job raising their son, you wouldn’t want to marry him.

9. Accept them, despite their flaws

You have to understand that there is no perfect family anywhere.

Even your family is not perfect.
Accept and love his family despite their drama and flaws.

10. Let your man get the job done

The truth is, it’s your man’s job to make his family love, respect, and accept you.

Some women do all the nine things above, yet, they hit a brick wall with the man’s family.

If they respect and love their son, and their son is firm with them, trust me, they’ll respect you.

They don’t even have to love you. It’s their decision. You can’t force them to love you.

But they have to respect you. It’s not negotiable.

So, consider your man’s relationship with his family.

Do they respect him and his opinions? Or they control him and dictate for him?

If this is the case, you are likely to be treated the same way they treat their son, especially if your man values them more than you.

I hope these ten tips will be of immense help to you in your relationship with your man’s family.

All the best!

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