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Why Most Couples No Longer Enjoy Physical Intimacy

Why Most Couples No Longer Enjoy Physical Intimacy

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Have you heard people say that marital s*x is boring?

Like, being intimate with one person becomes less enjoyable with time.

If this holds true, then every couple should go on a cheating spree.

Since it’s not everyone that is cheating on their spouses, then there are couples that still enjoy being intimate.

Why are some couples no longer enjoying intimacy?

Let me state that physical intimacy will not always be great between a couple, but this shouldn’t be the norm.

Here are the top 10 reasons some couples no longer enjoy intimacy:

#1 The chase has ended

There’s a motivation that comes from the desire to own something, but when you eventually have it and can get it anytime, you kind of lose the thrill of looking forward to it.

This is the same for some married couples.

While dating, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other, especially for those who practiced abstinence.

They think that once they are married, the spark and excitement will last forever.

But when they are married and have unlimited access to each other, they are not as enthusiastic about it anymore.

Have you observed that you tend to feel hungrier when you don’t have enough food at home?

But when you have everything that your mouth can eat, your appetite starts to play hide and seek with you.

As couples get comfortable in their relationships, they tend to let down their guard and stop doing the little things they did, in the beginning, to make their partner feel special.

This is probably the reason some couples don’t enjoy doing the do anymore.

It’s important that married couples shouldn’t stop dating.

Marriage shouldn’t be an end.

It shouldn’t be the goal.

Your spouse should be the goal.

Don’t just be interested in getting married, be interested in your spouse.


#2 Marital responsibilities

Marriage is laden with responsibilities to be fulfilled—bills to pay, career to pursue, personal goals to achieve, etc.

All these can deal a great blow to a couple’s intimacy.

Some people work longer hours so the family could stay afloat.

When they get home, they’re too tired for any business in between the sheets.

Couples need to create time for physical intimacy.

You only have time for what you create time for.

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You can use it on each other and help each other destress.


#3 Children

Oh, children are a blessing.

But children can be a major factor in the deterioration of intimacy in marriage.

Some couples are not prepared for how much having children can impact their lives, and they suffer because of it.

Marital intimacy, like all human relationships, is a process that evolves over time.

It is rarely static, but rather dynamic.

Intimacy does not always go forward; it sometimes goes backward as well, especially for couples with children.

Couples who have children often find the demands of parenting overwhelming, and the intense focus on the children leads to a lack of focus on each other.

This is particularly acute when there are young children in the home who require constant attention and care.

The demands of work, school, and “life” also contribute to the lack of focus couples place on one another.

The lack of focus takes its toll over time and intimacy suffers because of it.

But some couples still try to have some quickie here and there, and that’s great!


#4 It has become a chore

Couples who have been together for many years may feel bored with each other and their relationship. 

While it’s the duty of a couple to fulfill the intimacy needs of each other, making it a chore could take the fun out of it.

Physical intimacy is to be enjoyed.

Have fun and laugh while at it.

It will be a chore sometimes, but this shouldn’t be the norm.

Trying new activities, going on dates and vacations are ways to break out of a rut and revive marital intimacy.


#5 Mismatched libido

In a marriage where one spouse has a high libido and the other has a low libido, being intimate could be frustrating.

No, the man isn’t necessarily the one with the high libido here.

It could be the wife.

The belief that men want physical intimacy more than women is doing a lot of damage to many marriages, especially when the woman has a high libido.

It’s tough already knowing that society expects you to have a lower libido as a woman, and further frustrating that your spouse thinks you have a problem because you’re the one who wants it more.

A couple with the problem of mismatched libido needs to understand and accept each other and compromise when necessary in order to satisfy each other without a party feeling frustrated.


#6 Addiction

Addiction to watching p*rn is wreaking havoc in a lot of marriages.

You can’t compare your spouse with p*rn actors/actresses and expect to enjoy being intimate in your marriage.

P*rn sets unrealistic standards for your spouse and desensitizes you from real intimacy.

In those videos, probably see ladies with perky boobs and curves in the right places.

How do you want the mother of your children to compete with that?

And as a woman, how do you expect your man to be as energetic and long-lasting as the man whose only job is acting in such videos?

It’s simply unrealistic!

Addiction to p*rn will do your marriage more harm than good.

If you are suffering from addiction to p*rn, seek help. 

You can start by reading these highly-rated resources on Amazon:



#7 Infidelity

Cheating is one of the most frequently cited causes of divorce.

When another person starts to catch your fancy, your spouse becomes less attractive to you.

How will you enjoy intimacy with your spouse when another person is constantly on your mind?

Infidelity has a profound impact on a relationship because of what it represents.

Not only does it indicate that one spouse feels emotionally distant from their partner, but it also shows that he or she may be physically intimate with another person.

S*xual affairs can be as devastating to a marriage as emotional affairs.

S*xual affairs refer to physical or s*xual contact with another person outside of marriage; emotional affairs refer to getting your emotional needs met by someone other than your spouse.

While some couples may be able to recover after an affair, the damage to the trust between them is often irreparable.

If you’ve had an affair or your partner has been unfaithful, consider seeking professional counseling to work through your feelings and develop relationship skills that can help you move forward in a healthy way.


#8 Stress from household chores

Yes, household chores.

Who does the dishes, the laundry, and the other household chores?

How are those responsibilities divided?

If one spouse feels like they’re doing most of the work, it’s likely to be a source of stress that can affect marital intimacy — and not in a good way.

Many studies reveal that women who did more housework than their partners reported less overall life satisfaction and lower levels of s*xual desire and satisfaction.

Some women have shared with me how they denied their husbands s*x because they were stressed from doing household chores without any help.

When a woman exhausts her energy trying to put the house in order, you can’t get the best of her in the bedroom.

Married couples who share household chores equally are usually happier with their relationship than other couples.


#9 Rigidity

When a couple or a spouse isn’t flexible enough to try new things, then intimacy could get boring.

Flexibility is defined as having a willingness to adjust to others’ needs or demands.

Flexibility is not the same as being submissive or giving into a partner’s wishes all the time.

Rather, it is about coming to an agreement that works for both parties.

If you are not flexible enough to try new things in your marriage, s*x will not be fun in your marriage.


#10 Unresolved conflicts

One of the main factors that affect marital intimacy is unresolved conflict.

Conflict occurs in every relationship and it’s normal but it’s important that you learn how to resolve conflicts with your spouse so that it does not negatively impact your relationship.

When conflicts remain unresolved for long periods of time, this will cause an increase in tension between you and your spouse and can even lead to a decrease in trust, which will eventually lead to a breakdown of marital intimacy.


#11 Poor communication

Poor communication can be a major barrier to marital intimacy.

It’s important that couples feel safe to share their feelings, thoughts, and opinions with one another.

Lack of communication can lead to misunderstandings and resentment.

If you and your partner are experiencing communication problems, you may want to consider seeking marriage counseling.


#12 Stress

Stressful events — such as the birth of a child, job loss, financial difficulties, or illness — can put a strain on relationships.

Stress also can result from ongoing issues, such as a disagreement about finances or parenting.

A difficult relationship with your in-laws or extended family also can be stressful.

Be aware of the stressors in your life and how they might be affecting your marriage.


Marriage is work.

If a couple is not ready to put in the work to have a great marriage (including physical intimacy), then no magic can happen.

The magic that happens is the one you make happen.


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