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20 Subtle Signs He is Cheating on You

20 Subtle Signs He is Cheating on You

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Cheating can be a very devastating experience, no one should ever have to deal with that kind of pain.

It seems like some men can never get enough though.

A lot of men are not very good at hiding their cheating behaviors.

They make it obvious that they are cheating on their spouses.

The funny thing is, as much as men can be obvious about their cheating, women can be just as bad at spotting subtle signs he is cheating.

Women need to understand what the subtle signs are and pay attention to them.

20 Subtle Signs He is Cheating

1. His phone is always with him

Subtle Signs He is Cheating

If your man is always holding onto his phone or takes a lot of sneaky selfies, he could be cheating.

Many times, when a person wants to have an affair, they will turn off their cell phone’s call logs and notifications so that it does not bring up any suspicion from their partner.

If your man starts complaining that he needs his phone with him or is constantly taking selfies, then there is a good chance that he could be getting some loving elsewhere.

He might try to convince you that this behavior is normal and just part of who they are now.

But keep in mind the reason for their new habits too.

2. He has a new group of friends or wants you to hang out with his friends

Subtle Signs He is Cheating

If your man is suddenly hanging out with a different crowd, it could be because he wants to avoid getting caught for cheating.

If a person decides that they want to have affairs outside of their relationship, they will often make sure that they have a good group of friends who will stand by them.

They may even start working out or hit the tanning bed to get a new look so that they can pull off having a secret love interest without anyone being suspicious.

On top of that, if your man is suddenly wanting you to hang out with his friends all the time, it could be a sign that he is trying to distance you from other people so that they cannot tell you about his infidelity.

3. He makes a lot of excuses to leave the house

Subtle Signs He is Cheating

Many people who cheat will come up with all kinds of different excuses to leave their partner alone at home while they are away having fun with another person.

They might even start to seem nervous all the time when they are home with you, and their anxiety will grow when you suggest that they stay and hang out with you.

If your man is constantly wanting to go out or come up with reasons why he cannot spend any time alone with you anymore, it may be because he wants to avoid getting caught by you for his infidelity.

4. He has grown distant 

If your man becomes uninterested in s*x with you, he may be cheating on you.

There are many different reasons why someone might lose interest in sex, but cheating is one of the most common causes.

If your man suddenly starts avoiding intimacy with you and has totally lost his sexual appetite when it comes to you, it could mean that he has another woman to satisfy his needs.

Cheating partners will try to avoid being intimate with the person that they are cheating on so that nothing interferes with the exciting s*x life of their new relationship.

5. He is secretive about his phone or computer

Subtle Signs He is Cheating

Many people who cheat do not want anyone to know what they are up to, and this includes you if you happen to be their other half.

If your man is secretive about his phone or computer, it could mean that he does not want you to see who he has been talking to or what websites he has visited.

They might even lock their phone when they are not using it, which is a sign that something suspicious could definitely be going on.

Some men will try to protect their phone screens when you come near them so that they do not have to let you see what is going on, or they might even pick up their phone and walk away from you whenever it starts to ring.

Your significant other might also start deleting emails without letting you see what they say so that he can hide the fact that he has been exchanging messages with another woman.

6. His friends have been acting shady

If all of a sudden, your man’s friends start acting shifty when you are around them or start to change their behavior in general, it could mean that he is cheating.

They might not want you to find out about his infidelity, and they will do anything to keep you from having to let you know.

7. He spends a lot of time at the gym or suddenly changes his appearance

Subtle Signs He is Cheating

When someone decides that they want to start having affairs, they will typically do anything it takes to make sure that their new love interest only sees them in the best light possible.

They can become obsessed with improving their image so that they look good in every possible setting.

Your man might decide to spend a lot of time working out or even join a gym so that he can make you think that he is healthy when in reality, he’s interested in impressing another woman.

8. His stories are inconsistent or constantly changing

Many people who are cheating will come up with all kinds of excuses and stories so that they do not have to tell you the truth about their new love interest.

If your man tells you a story and then changes it at the same time, it could be because he does not want you to find out that he is cheating on you or because he thinks that you are not smart enough to realize what is really going on.

You also notice him redirect conversations and change subjects so that he can avoid bringing up topics where he might slip up and say something that would give him away.

9. He has become more absent-minded

When all of a sudden your man starts forgetting things around the house or at work, it could be because his mind is preoccupied with other things.

He might even start dressing sloppily, which is a sign that he does not want you to look at him as carefully as you usually would.

10. He has become very self-centered

Some people who cheat will stop caring about how their actions affect other people and may even begin to focus more on themselves than they do on the important things in life.

Your man might become more self-centered because he does not want you to know that he has started having an affair.

He might be so obsessed with the new relationship that he decides to do what it takes to keep his affairs a secret.

11. He has stopped doing the things that he used to do

If your man stops engaging in certain activities or stops doing most of the things that you two used to enjoy, it could be because he does not find your company as fun anymore.

His new relationship is more fun for him.

He might even start going out more often and have a new social life that has nothing to do with you.

12. He has asked you to stop sharing personal information on social media

If your man starts asking you not to share too much personal information about yourself on social media, it could mean that he does not want anyone to find out who you are or where you live.

He might be afraid that you will find out that he is cheating on you and decide to confront him about it.

13. He has become very defensive

Another subtle sign of cheating is when your man starts becoming hostile whenever there is talk of another woman in his life or if he breaks down and starts yelling at you for no reason.

People who are cheating on their partners will often get angry if questioned about something.

It’s just an instinct for them because they feel guilty and just don’t want anyone else knowing what’s really going on in their lives.  

If he has nothing to hide, his behavior will be different.

14. He no longer compliments you or pays attention to your needs

Cheaters are usually pretty good at making their partners feel wanted and desirable.

They want nothing more than to have you happy with them, which is why they do things like compliment you or show interest in what you’re up to all day long.  

However, once another woman comes into the picture, he will stop paying as much attention to your needs.

He may not be as quick to compliment you anymore because now he’s looking for extra validation from his new lover instead of from you.

15. He makes excuses about being busy

Someone who cheats on their partner will often make up excuses as to why they can’t hang out or spend time with them.

Most commonly, this is because they are busy with their new lover.

They don’t want you to think that they would rather be spending time with someone else, so instead of telling you this, they will often try and make up lies as to why they can’t spend time with you.  

16. He gives off different vibes when he is around you

He may smile more or seem a lot happier in general, all because he’s thinking about his new girlfriend and the fun times that the two of them will have together.

This will result in him being a completely different person when he is with you compared to when he is at home by himself or hanging out with his friends.   

17. He has more secrets than usual 

If he used to be able to open up about everything in his life and now it seems like there are things that you don’t know about, then this could be a sign of infidelity.

He may start to get easily defensive when you ask him about certain things, such as his phone or where he’s been lately.

If it seems like he is lying a lot more than usual and that he’s hiding stuff from you, then there could be something going on between him and another woman.   

18. He doesn’t want you spending time with his friends

If he keeps trying to stop you from hanging out with his pals, this could be a sign that he has something to hide from them.

He might feel guilty about what he’s doing, or he might simply not want his friends to know about his other girlfriend. 

19. He starts fights with you for no reason

Subtle Signs He is Cheating

If he has never had a tendency to pick fights with you before but recently has started doing this for seemingly no reason at all, then it could mean that he’s anxious and wants attention from someone else.

Someone who isn’t you.

And also to push your buttons and catch a reaction from you. 

It’s easier for him to pick fights with you because he’s not into you—well—not as much as he’s into someone else.

So he doesn’t care about hurting your feelings.

20. You’ve been feeling really negative lately

Subtle Signs He is Cheating

When a person has been cheating on their partner, they tend to bring them down and make them feel negative about themselves because this is exactly what they’re feeling inside.   

He wants you to feel bad so that he doesn’t have to deal with his guilt.

If you’ve been feeling really low lately and you suspect your man has been on to something, perhaps that’s the case.

Also, instincts are there for a reason.

If you feel like something is wrong in your relationship, then it probably is. No one ever does or says anything without a reason.

If you suspect that your significant other is cheating, it might be time to confront him about what is going on in his life.

Just make sure that you are not jumping to conclusions before finding out the truth.

There is always a chance that there could be another explanation for his behavior.

Subtle Signs He is Cheating


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