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”My Boyfriend Has No Life Outside of Me”: How To Deal With Being Suffocated by Him

”My Boyfriend Has No Life Outside of Me”: How To Deal With Being Suffocated by Him

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”Help! My boyfriend has no life outside of me!”

Are you in a relationship where your partner seems to have no life outside of you?

Does he always want to be around you and spend all his time with you?

He doesn’t have any other interests or friends.

You may be beginning to wonder if you’re the only thing that matters to him.

While it’s flattering to be the center of someone’s world, it can also be a little suffocating, draining, and frustrating.

It is great to have a supportive partner who loves spending time with you, but it’s also important to have some independence and space.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss why it’s important for both partners in a relationship to maintain their own identities, and we’ll offer some tips for how to deal if your partner has no life outside of you.

First, here are four signs that he’s too dependent on you:

1. He Doesn’t Have Any Friends Or Social Life

My Boyfriend Has No Life Outside of Me

While it’s normal to spend a lot of time together as a couple, if he never interacts with anyone else or does anything without you, it could be a sign that he doesn’t have any other interests or friends.

Some people are introverts, so they may need their alone time to recharge after socializing.

But if he’s always holed up in his apartment doing nothing when you’re not around, it may indicate that he has no friends or interests or even a job outside of you.

2. He Doesn’t Have Anything To Do Except For Hang Out With You

It’s great if your partner wants to spend time with you, but if he doesn’t have anything else going on in his life (no job, passion, or ambition) except for spending time with you, it’s a red flag.

Everyone needs alone time to relax and recharge.

For introverted people who need more downtime than extroverts, it may be even more important to spend some time by oneself doing something enjoyable.

In order to have a healthy relationship, both of you need to get your needs met.

This includes the need for independence and autonomy.

3. He’s Busy With You Even When You’re Not Together

If he’s busy with you even when he’s not with you, he doesn’t have any other life.

If your guy is always around you, it may seem flattering at first, but after the initial novelty wears off, it can become draining.

A relationship requires balancing independence and autonomy with togetherness and intimacy.

While you want your partner to be involved in your life, it’s important for both of you to still have some breathing room.

4. Your Friends And Family Don’t Like Him

If your friends and family don’t like him, it may mean that they see a red flag that you’re not aware of.

He may be smothering you or taking up most of your time, which makes it difficult for him to get to know others and make friends with them.

If they don’t like him because he doesn’t treat you well or is very dependent on you, this is another sign that something may not be right.

People think true love is not being able to live without each other.

I don’t agree with this thought.

One person cannot fulfill all of your needs.  

It takes two strong people to have a healthy relationship.  

Neither of you should be giving up your autonomy for someone else, nor should you expect that someone else is going to fulfill all of your needs.

My Boyfriend Has No Life Outside of Me

If you’re wondering how to deal with a boyfriend who has no life outside of you, you need to be fair and respectful.

You need to look at the situation objectively and determine whether he is draining all of your time or genuinely wants to spend time with you.

If he’s smothering you, then this isn’t healthy, and you should take a step back and reevaluate the situation.

If your boyfriend is draining all of your time, here are some ways to deal:  


1. Let go of the idea that love means co-dependence

Our society perpetuates the idea that love equals total and complete dependence.

There is an expectation that a partner should fulfill all of the other’s needs.

While there are certainly people out there who have this mindset, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right way to think.

In a healthy relationship, you should both be strong and independent individuals who can mutually support each other when needed.

This kind of relationship is healthy and leads to a more fulfilling personal life for you as well as your partner.  

2. Be open about what you need

If you feel like his possessiveness is smothering you, then be upfront with him about how this makes you feel.

This doesn’t mean blaming him or calling him names but simply telling him how it makes you feel and asking for a compromise of some sort.

Keep in mind that relationships take two people who are willing to work together and talk through their problems, so try not to place all of the blame on him.   

3. Give him space

If he has no friends and no life outside of you, give him space so that he can develop his own hobbies and interests.

This will also help you because it will allow you to pursue some of your own activities without worrying about him moping around the house since he doesn’t have anything else going on.

4. Plan fun things for just the two of you

Plan things for just the two of you, like dinner dates or outings on different days when your friends aren’t around.

This way, it’s still an intimate experience but without taking up all of your time.

4. Encourage him to do things with friends or by himself

My Boyfriend Has No Life Outside of Me

 If you really care about him, encourage him to do things by himself or with friends.

If he’s adamant that he has no one else to hang out with, then this may be a sign that he needs to develop his own social circle.

5. Introduce him to your friends

Introduce your boyfriend to any of your close friends who share mutual interests so that he can spend time with them as well.

6. Spend time apart

My Boyfriend Has No Life Outside of Me

It’s healthy for couples to have times apart where they are not co-dependent on each other for companionship and support.

This allows both people in the relationship to become their own person without feeling smothered or clingy towards each other.

7. Don’t take it personally

It’s easy to feel defensive or blamed when your partner says she needs more space, but you shouldn’t take it personally.

If you can look at him objectively and see that he does have a total lack of life, then you shouldn’t feel bad for making this observation and telling him about it.

8. Set boundaries

If he’s draining your time, then you need to set boundaries with him.

This includes telling him that you’re spending some time alone or with friends and family.

You might even tell him that less is more when it comes to how much time the two of you spend together.

Although every relationship requires giving up some autonomy for the benefit of the other, neither of you should be losing yourself in the relationship.


Can This Type of Relationship Work in The Long Run?

My Boyfriend Has No Life Outside of Me

It may be possible for a relationship where there is no life outside of the other person to work, but it will take lots of effort from both partners.

In the beginning stages, it’s easy to have this type of dependence because you like how accessible your partner makes you feel.

However, if you don’t develop separate interests and hobbies, problems can easily arise in the future when one or both people grow bored with their co-dependent lifestyle.

You should keep in mind that having an independent social life will make you happier, as well as your partner because both of you get to pursue different activities without sacrificing your romantic relationship.

If he wants time apart (and doesn’t take it personally), then there is hope that the situation can improve in the future.


Problems of Being in a Relationship With Someone Who Has No Life Outside of You

My Boyfriend Has No Life Outside of Me

When one partner doesn’t have any friends, the other person in the relationship may start to feel smothered or that they are responsible for their partner’s happiness.  

It’s perfectly reasonable that you would want your boyfriend to develop his own interests outside of you.  

From your perspective, it might be frustrating because he doesn’t seem interested in anything else but spending time with you.

This can also lead to feelings of guilt if you feel like you aren’t giving him enough attention when he does spend time with you.

If all of these issues sound familiar, then this type of lifestyle isn’t healthy for either party involved and should probably change sooner rather than later.   

Realistically, a relationship will only work if both people in the couple have their own lives and friends.

If you want to maintain a healthy social life for yourself, then you should encourage your boyfriend to have his own hobbies that don’t include spending time with you or being dependent on you for support.

As I stated before, there will be times when each person in the relationship would benefit from spending some time apart so they can focus on themselves instead of always putting one another first.

In today’s world, where everyone is busier than ever, it’s understandable that many couples struggle to spend enough quality time together without feeling smothered by their partner.  

It might actually do your boyfriend some good to get out of the house and spend time with friends rather than always expecting you to entertain him.  

It would be healthier for both of you if he developed his own set of friends so that when you do spend time together, it’s in a more relaxed environment where he isn’t putting any pressure on you to give him your full attention.


If There’s No Change, How Do You Break Up With Someone Who Has No Life Outside of You?

My Boyfriend Has No Life Outside of Me

It isn’t easy to let go of someone who has become your best friend and constant companion.  

Even if you know in your heart that this relationship is unhealthy for both of you, it would probably be a shock to your boyfriend when you do decide to break up with him.  

He might even think that this decision is completely out of the blue and come at you with accusations about how he can’t believe you don’t want to spend time with him anymore or make an effort to make things work between the two of you when all he wants is your companionship.  

If he feels like he’s losing his only source of happiness in the world, then breaking up will probably seem like an impossible task to him.   

It might help to have a mutual friend or family member present when you do sit down with him so he doesn’t feel alone in the world.  

You should also try to emphasize how much you care about him as a person before breaking up with him so he doesn’t take the news personally and think that you are just not interested in being friends anymore.

There isn’t really an easy way to break up with someone who has no life outside of his relationship because it’s unlikely that he will be receptive to this type of lifestyle change.  

He probably thinks that spending all of his time with you is perfectly normal and that most couples spend all their time together without having separate social lives.  

Unless your boyfriend takes the initiative to make changes in his life, it would probably be best to let him go because this type of lifestyle will frustrate you!  

His lack of interest will eventually dull the relationship to the point where both of you will be miserable because you no longer enjoy each other’s company due to all the drama and constant bickering that will occur when there is nothing else keeping you two occupied.

My Boyfriend Has No Life Outside of Me

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