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30 Key Signs He is a Good Boyfriend: Don’t Let Him Go!

30 Key Signs He is a Good Boyfriend: Don’t Let Him Go!

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There are certain signs that can indicate whether a guy is good boyfriend material or not.

If you’re looking for a BF, it’s important to be able to spot these early on so you don’t waste your time with someone who’s not right for you.

So what are the key signs he is a good boyfriend?

Read on to find out!

30 Key signs he is a good boyfriend

1. He always puts your needs first

If he’s always going out of his way to do something special for you, it shows how much he cares. 

A good boyfriend is always looking for ways to make his partner happy!

2. He is open with you

Even though a man may show his feelings in different ways, a good BF will always tell you how he feels about you and will not be afraid to share his feelings.

He won’t make it seem like a chore to talk about the relationship.

3. He makes time for both of you

Signs He is a Good Boyfriend

You know your guy is committed when he plans quality time for just the two of you every once in a while.

This shows that he’s willing to put aside other activities or plans he might have so that he can spend time with you.

Occasional one on one dates is proof that your BF really cares!

4. He takes an interest in your life

A guy who’s a good BF will always take an interest in your life and wants to know what’s going on.

He’ll ask you questions about how work is going or about that big project you’re working on, etc.

He doesn’t have to be interested in all the nitty-gritty details but showing interest at all shows he cares!

5. He knows when to leave you alone

Signs He is a Good Boyfriend

It may sometimes be difficult for a guy to understand when his partner needs space so it’s reassuring to have a guy who can tell when you want some time for yourself. 

A good BF makes sure there’s air between the two of you by giving his girlfriend breathing room every now and then.

He won’t smother her or try to keep her on a leash.

6. He’s respectful of your boundaries

A good BF is someone who always checks with you before he does something or makes plans.

He won’t try to force you into doing things that you’re not comfortable with because he knows how important it is for both of you to stay close even if this means sacrificing some interests.

If he respects you, he’ll look for ways to help you feel more comfortable in your relationship.

7. He is committed to the relationship

A guy who really cares about his girlfriend would not be interested in other girls.

You can tell that your BF isn’t going anywhere when he exhibits this trait.

This doesn’t mean he won’t hang out with the guys or participate in male bonding activities.

He only wants the best for you so including other girls in your relationship wouldn’t benefit either of you.

8. He makes sacrifices for you

A good guy is willing to make sacrifices for his girlfriend when the situation calls for it.

He won’t do everything himself but he will be there when you need him most, no matter what! 

If he’s not afraid to put in extra effort when things are tough for you, it shows how much he cares about your relationship.

9. He never insults you or puts you down

Your BF should always treat you with respect and kindness whether or not anyone is around to see it.

There’s nothing worse than having someone degrade their partner in front of other people because this kind of behavior shows that they’re insecure about themselves.

This is definitely NOT a sign of good BF so don’t let a guy pull you down because he feels threatened.

10. He knows how to apologize

Signs He is a Good Boyfriend

Knowing how to say sorry is another quality of a good BF.

It’s the sign of a considerate man who thinks before he acts and isn’t afraid to admit when he’s wrong.

A good boyfriend knows that apologizing won’t make him look weak but instead, shows his respect for his partner.  

11. He listens to your opinions and suggestions

No one wants someone who doesn’t listen right?

A good BF will always respect your opinion and take it into consideration.

He may not agree with everything you have to say but at least he’ll hear you out before making any decisions or taking action.

You two should be able to talk about important issues without any negativity or pressure.

A boyfriend who truly cares about his girlfriend will always respect her opinions and suggestions because he knows that the relationship is a partnership.

12. He’s sweet to you in public, too

Signs He is a Good Boyfriend

No one wants to date someone who isn’t nice to them when other people are around!

A guy who really cares for his girlfriend should show how much he loves her not only behind closed doors but out in public, too!

Holding your hand, kissing you on the cheek, whispering sweet nothings into your ear…

These are all signs of a good BF because it’s proof that your relationship is strong and healthy.

 13. Treats you as an equal partner

There shouldn’t be any power struggles or control issues in your relationship.

You and your BF should be equal partners.

No one wants to feel like they’re second best in a relationship.

If your guy respects you, he won’t try to control anything about you nor will he expect you to do everything for him.

Instead, he’ll treat you as his equal partner because it’s the sign of a good BF!

14. He is proud that you’re his partner

Your BF shouldn’t have to hide your relationship from other people even though some couples don’t want their personal lives made public.

If he really cares about you, he’ll be proud that you’re his partner and want other people to know it because it’s a sign of respect and affection!

Don’t let a guy make you feel like you have to hide your love for him.

A good boyfriend will not be ashamed of you.

15. He is ready to commit (if marriage is on your list for later)

Signs He is a Good Boyfriend

No one wants to date someone who isn’t ready for commitment especially if they’ve been together for quite some time now.

Especially if both of you are thinking about marriage, it’s important for your BF to be ready to make the commitment if he wants you to make one too.

A man who loves his girlfriend will want her to know that she’s completely loved and treasured.

He’ll do whatever it takes to make sure she feels happy and secure in their relationship, even if that means making a lifetime commitment!

16. He’s secure enough to let you pursue your dreams

It’s not cool for guys to complain about their girlfriends working or studying overseas.

If your BF loves and respects you, he won’t be afraid of letting you work even if it’s in another country.  

He’ll know how hard it will be on you but should support your decision because that shows that he trusts you enough to go out there and pursue your dream.

17. He’s not insecure

This is a big one! 

A man who loves his girlfriend will have enough confidence in himself and the relationship not to be afraid of anything.

He won’t try too hard or be clingy because a guy with self-worth doesn’t need constant reassurance from his girlfriend.   

The best guys are secure in themselves which allows them to be more emotionally open with you without feeling threatened or scared.

18. He compliments you

It’s the sweetest thing when a guy lets you know how beautiful he thinks you are without being too cheesy or insincere about it.  

It’s just another sign that he loves and respects you because he wants to reassure you that he still finds you attractive even after all this time.

A man who compliments his girlfriend is saying “Hey, I’ll always find you sexy so don’t ever feel insecure.”  

The best guys will continuously compliment their girlfriends, which means they’ll never stop thinking your relationship is as hot as the first day they met.

 19. He doesn’t compare you to other girls

A boyfriend should love his girlfriend for her own special qualities not by comparing her with other women.

It doesn’t matter if the other girls are prettier, smarter, skinnier, or funnier because your BF isn’t in a relationship with them.

If a guy really cares about you and respects you, he won’t let you be threatened by any other woman in his life.   

20. He is honest

A man who loves his girlfriend will not try to hide anything from her especially if it has to do with their relationship.  

The best guys don’t play mind games with their partners which makes them completely honest with them even through the tough times.  

Honest guys will always tell you what’s on their mind without sugarcoating anything so that way you’ll know where exactly you stand in their lives right now.

21. He respects your family and friends regardless of their differences

A good boyfriend loves his GF’s family because they are a part of her life and will be happy to get along with them.  

He won’t judge or criticize your friends because he wants you to be able to have space for yourself outside of the relationship.   

A guy who respects his girlfriend’s family, friends, and even hobbies is someone who thinks of you as an individual with your own interests and beliefs.

This guy knows that it’s better to support and encourage you than try to bring down your world in order to build himself up in comparison.         

22. He supports your dreams and goals

If your boyfriend is always cheering you on and helping you achieve your goals, then he’s definitely a keeper!   

A man who loves his girlfriend will help her get what she wants and be there for her through thick and thin.

The best guys know how important dreams and goals are for their girlfriends which is why they’re always pushing them to pursue their own happiness.           

That’s not to say that a guy should give up everything that he wants in order to make you happy but he definitely won’t hold you back from getting the things you want out of life.

He’ll even help you make your dreams come true by giving advice, sharing contacts, or even helping financially if needed.  

23. He doesn’t fight dirty

A real gentleman never resorts to fighting dirty against his girl like name-calling or insulting because he knows how much it will hurt her.  

The best guys know that if both of them are angry with each other, the only way to sort things out is by having a mature conversation without getting physical or emotional.   

24. He makes you feel loved and appreciated 

A boyfriend should aim to always make his girlfriend feel loved and cherished because that’s why we get into relationships in the first place. 

Good boyfriends don’t have a problem telling their girlfriends often how special they are because they know just from one glance at them that this is the girl who completes him.    

They also never take their girlfriends for granted which means that you’ll never doubt how much they love and care about you even when things get difficult between you two.           

25. He stands up for you not against you

A good boyfriend will stick by your side.

This doesn’t mean however that they won’t ever disagree with you when necessary but it’s more about how they choose to express their differing opinions.    

The difference between a good guy and a bad guy is that the former will stick up for you when required while being careful to not hurt your feelings in the process.    

26. He’s a good friend as well as a romantic partner

A good boyfriend doesn’t only see you as his girlfriend but also as a friend. 

He is intentional about building is friendship with you.        

27. He respects your privacy

If he likes you, he won’t go prying into your personal stuff or asking too many questions about what goes on in your day-to-day activities.  

Good boyfriends are open about sharing their problems but never get too pushy when it comes to asking about yours.

They know that nobody wants to reveal something embarrassing especially when it might be difficult for them to listen and give you lots of support in the process.    

 28. He trusts your decisions and words

There’s nothing worse than a guy who doesn’t trust his girlfriend because he always has to double-check everything she does.

This makes her feel unloved and angry at him all the time which inevitably leads to fights between them.    

Good boyfriends make their girlfriends feel safe because they trust them.  

Even if they think you’re wrong, they’ll let you learn from your mistakes without making it into a major issue because they care more about you than wanting to win an argument.       

29. You can be yourself around him

Signs He is a Good Boyfriend

A good BF won’t try to change you and will also accept your flaws.

He’s not the type of guy who will want you to lose weight for his sake or to be less talkative and more girly around him.

If he loves you, then he’ll love all of you!

And if he wants you to change anything about yourself, it’ll be for yourself and not his ego.

30. You are happy with him

Signs He is a Good Boyfriend

Of course, the most important sign your BF is good for you is that you are happy with him.

If he’s everything you want in a boyfriend and you feel like the luckiest girl around when he’s around, it’s clear that he makes you very happy.

He might not be perfect, but if nothing seems to get you down or upset you, then that’s a good sign he’s the one for you!

So if you’re looking to find out whether your beau is boyfriend material or not, keep an eye out for these signs and see how he measures up.

If  he checks all or some of these boxes or he’s working on himself to be a better man, it’s clear that he has what it takes to be a great boyfriend.

Now you know what signs to look out for.

Signs He is a Good Boyfriend



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