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4 Important Things To Have Before Getting Married

4 Important Things To Have Before Getting Married

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As a young single person, there are things to have before getting married; attributes you should possess before going into marriage.

You must prepare yourself for marriage before it comes if you want to have a strong marriage and be a good spouse. 

Some of these things may alter your outlook towards life, but it’s surely moulding you into a better person in all aspects of life.

Many single people, perhaps out of sheer excitement or desperation, neglect the fact that there are some things to have before getting married in order to ensure the success of their union.

They forget that no magic happens on the altar. A marriage you don’t prepare for will only make you miserable.

A warrior does not prepare his weapons on the battlefield but before going into battle.

So also you must prepare some things before you get married so that you’ll have a beautiful marital experience.

Below are some of the things you should have before getting married to the love of your life:

4 Important Things To Have Before Getting Married

  1. A Sense of Responsibility 

If you have gotten to a point in your life where you have a sense of responsibility; facing things rather than running from them, kudos to you.

These days, a lot of young people believe and act out that they do not want to be tied down with responsibilities or even be depended on. 

A wrong definition of freedom which is to have to answer to no one has been widely spread that it’s beginning to look and sound like the truth.

This single attitude towards responsibilities has gravely affected many youths in all parts of their lives. 

They have become unreliable and ineffective, and if care is not taken, they’ll take this trait into their marriages.

The first step towards breaking free from this is to face your responsibilities.

Become accountable for things around you and watch yourself grow tremendously.

Marriage will not make you responsible. As a matter of fact, marriage will test how responsible you are.

So, if you are not a responsible single person, you’re likely not to be a responsible married person.

2. A Strong Work Ethic 

So many people fail in life and marriages because they do not know how to work hard and work smart.

They are out of the door the moment the going gets tough.

The concept of hard work never went out of fashion, and will not do so anytime soon.

Stop looking for ways to cut corners.

Get to work!

Work diligently, this attribute will serve you and speak highly of you for the rest of your life.

Don’t start a family you can’t provide for.

This is why it’s advisable that you pursue your dreams and your passions when you are single and only responsible for yourself.

Because then, you can take risks, make mistakes, and learn from them without breaking.

But when other lives are depending on you, you can’t take unnecessary risks and you can’t pursue your passion without it yielding money.

When you have a family, you just have to do anything and everything legal/honest to provide for them.

If you already have a list of things to have before getting married, and a strong work ethic is not part of it, your list is not complete.

3. Financial Discipline 

Financial lessons are learned two ways in life – from personal experiences and the experiences of other people.

I’d prefer that you learn from the latter.

Some financial discipline tips:

  1. Do not live above your means. While earning and learning as much as you can, never live a lifestyle your income can barely support.

2. Develop a financial plan. When you get to know how the basic principles of money work, you’ll be glad that you have a principle in place. 

3. Your expenditures should be less than your income.

4. Avoid getting into debts and when you do, clear them out ASAP.

5. Save, save, save! Then, when you have a reasonable amount of savings, grow your money by making wise investments to yield returns for you. 

It takes money to sustain a marriage; thus, financial discipline is definitely one of the things to have before getting married.

Money issues are a major source of marital conflicts.

So, while you are excited and can’t wait to start a family with your sweetheart, don’t forget that your home will not run on emotions.

If you have a sense of responsibility and a strong work ethic, learning financial discpline shouldn’t be a difficult thing to achieve.

4. Strength of Character/Wllingness to Consciously Work Towards Becoming a Better Person 

We’re in a woke generation where a lot of absurd behaviors, personalities, and attributes are hailed and considered a norm.

Dare to be different. Dare to stand out. If you want to be a better person for yourself, your partner, and everyone around you, you have to work consciously towards becoming that person.

If you want to not only get married but stay married, develop strength of character.

You must be ready to make adjustments when and where necessary.

Don’t expect to remain the same person after getting married.

For instance, if you are arrogant and you find it difficult to apologize when you are wrong, you should expect that to change when you are married.

Conflicts are unavoidable in every relationship, and since you won’t always be the offended, you must be ready to apologize when you are wrong.

You can’t be rigid and have a great marriage.

You must be willing to learn, unlearn and relearn.

Four things to have before getting married:

a sense of responsibility

a strong work ethic

financial discipline

wllingness to work towards becoming a better person

Together with your partner, have these four things before getting married, and you’ll be glad you did!

Things to have before getting married
4 Things to Have Before Getting Married Infographic
things to have before getting married

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