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7 Signs He Is Sorry For Hurting You

7 Signs He Is Sorry For Hurting You

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You’ll agree with me that the pain of heartbreak hits differently from other kinds of pain.

If you have been hurt by your man (this includes going through a rough patch in your relationship and going through a heartbreak), you just need a form of consolation from the fact that he is probably hurting as much as you are.

But what are the signs he’s sorry for hurting you?

How do you know he regrets his actions?

How will you know if he misses you and wants you back?

There are clear signs he is sorry for hurting you.

We’ll be looking at some of them in the course of this article.

Enjoy the read!

7 Sure Signs He Is Sorry For Hurting You

1. He Lets You In On How He Feels

One of the signs he is sorry for hurting you is when he says he is sorry, takes responsibility for hurting you, and makes moves to make amends for the wrong he did to you.

This shows that he is letting you in on how he feels and is usually noteworthy if he’s one who rarely talks about their emotions.

When the realization that he could lose you stares him right in the face, he’ll have no other choice but to put in extra efforts and open up to you about how he feels.

Indeed, this move doesn’t fix the problem, but it shows that there’s a connection between both of you which he acknowledges, and is prepared to be vulnerable to you to save your relationship.

As we all know, communication is key in every form of human relationship.

So, if he tries so hard to communicate with you, he’s remorseful about what he did to you.

2. He Reaches Out To You Constantly

When he doesn’t seem to stop checking up on you, it’s one of the signs he is sorry for hurting you.

Constantly calling to know how you’re doing and even sending you messages is an indication that he is thinking about you.

That he is concerned about how you’re doing is enough proof that he’s feeling bad for causing you pain.

He can even go as far as reaching out to your family and friends behind your back to find out how you are doing.

It shows that he cares for you, even if it doesn’t mean that he automatically wants both of you to get back together.

He wouldn’t be making efforts to know how you’re doing if he didn’t give a damn about you.

3. He Is Willing To Make Compromises More

When he realizes that he has messed up and is truly sorry for hurting you, you’ll notice that it won’t take him anything to agree to things he wouldn’t have ordinarily agreed to before.

For instance, him suddenly suggesting that you both go somewhere he’s been stubbornly refusing to go to.

All of a sudden, he is becoming less selfish and more accommodating.

He is more than willing to meet you in the middle recently.

All of these are signs he is sorry for hurting you.

4. He Becomes Too Nice

man cutting vegetables

Acting too nice after we have messed up is a common occurrence.

You have probably done it as well as being on the receiving end.

This is how the scenario mostly plays out – You do or say something that is totally out of place, you know that you’re in big trouble, you begin to feel guilty and you go all possible lengths to act nice.

Does this sound familiar?

Whenever we mess up, it’s more of a default setting to want to gloss it up with being nice.

When he’s being this way, it’s clear that he’s trying too hard with being nice.

He offers to do little things for you, is friendlier than usual, and even goes out of his way to help you.

If you’re married, he could do some household chores you’d normally nag him to do such as cleaning, cooking, doing the dishes, taking out the trash, doing the laundry, buying the groceries.

He could even wash or fuel your car.

He just tries to be nice and make effort to not upset you.

This shows that he is making extra efforts for you, which is one of the signs he is sorry for hurting you.

5. He Is Unusually Quiet

Becoming unusually quiet is one of the subtle signs he is sorry for hurting you.

Guilt has a way of bringing out the different shades of a person.

For some time, you may see him gallivanting all around and proving that he is happy on social media.

Suddenly, he disappears from all social platforms.

Zero profiles. Zero updates. Zilch.

He just becomes unusually quiet and goes into his shell.

It seems that no one knows what he’s up to any longer.

Individuals differ and we have different ways of dealing with difficult situations.

For some people, it takes a longer period for things to sink in.

Generally, guys usually come off as the less concerned ones when it comes to breakups.

On the contrary, they care more than you think.

Partying, drinking, hanging out with friends, and going out are distraction techniques people turn to when they’re going through rough patches.

However, you cannot run from your situations forever.

So, it could be possible that the guilt is finally eating at him if he suddenly goes quiet.

6. He Takes Responsibility For His Mistakes

Taking responsibility for his mistakes is one of the most obvious signs he is sorry for hurting you.

Taking on the defensive role whenever we make mistakes is a very easy thing to do because our egos come into play to protect us.

It takes a lot of discipline and self-awareness to think about everything that went down and think of possible ways we could have handled the situation better.

When he takes full responsibility for his actions and admits to his mistakes, he has probably been doing a lot of thinking about what went down.

It is also an indication that he cares enough about you to swallow his pride and own up to his mistakes.

7. He Tries To Smoothen Things Over

If he is not good at expressing or dealing with emotions, he may resort to acting as nothing happened.

He tries to talk about other things or makes jokes in an attempt to lighten the mood.

This type of approach towards issues only complicates things the more.

You’ll be asking yourself if he ever cared about you in the first place or if he even cares about you at all.

Indeed, this is probably not the best way to handle issues, but it can be one of the signs he is sorry for hurting you.

Most men feel awkward when they’re confronted with a lot of emotions and they try to move on quickly from the incident.

One of the most annoying things about this type of behavior is that he is not going to take responsibility for his mistakes.

These are seven signs he is sorry for hurting you. Don’t miss them!

Signs He Is Sorry for Hurting You

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Jokaki Thelion

Tuesday 5th of April 2022

For sum folks they be like not able to talk bout with they did and just deny deny deny cuz they so ashamed. Luv goes a long way but wen thyme don’t fess up trust don’t cum back. Little bit of fess up don’t do it cuz that just gets little bit of trust. Heart hurting badly here.


Tuesday 7th of September 2021

Nwoke Mbaise quietly left the WhatsApp group.

Mabel's Blog

Wednesday 8th of September 2021


Jumoke Olufunmilayo Ekundayo

Friday 2nd of July 2021

That no. 4 though. My husband does it so much! It should actually soften my heart, right...but I find it so irritating😃

Mabel's Blog

Friday 2nd of July 2021

Hian. Enjoy the niceness. Lol