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12 Signs Of A Good First Date

12 Signs Of A Good First Date

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First dates can be terrifying and awkward.

Before you go on the date, you already feel nervous and weird.

You probably think about all the possible things that can go wrong and how embarrassing it could be.

A first date can often determine if there will be other dates, so it’s understandable to want to know the signs of a good first date.

First impressions may not be all that matter, but they matter a great deal and can say a lot about a person or the potential of a good relationship.

If a first date does not go well or shows negative signs, it is not advisable for you to go on other dates with the same person.

However, sometimes it is not easy to tell the difference between a good date that was just a little awkward and an outright bad date.

Knowing the signs of a good first date will help you stop overthinking and stressing about nothing.


12 Signs Of A Good First Date

1. You Felt Happy

signs of a good first date

What sign could be as easy and obvious as the fact that you felt genuine happiness during the date

There was no feeling of sadness, uneasiness or fear around.

It may have been the location, the food, the way your date talks, his aura, the conversation, or a combination of all of these that made you happy during the date.

Whatever the reason, one thing is certain – a first date that made you feel happy is a good first date.


2. You Felt Comfortable

Discomfort and uneasiness are two signs you must never ignore.

Trust your spirit to alert you if something is off.

If you felt uncomfortable or uneasy during the date, it is a bad sign.

It goes without saying that if you felt at ease and comfortable, almost like you are good friends, the date was good.


3. You Laughed A Lot

signs of a good first date

Laughing is a sign of something good in most cases.

You do not know why but during the date, you found yourself smiling and even laughing a lot.

Your date is a good conversationalist and has a great sense of humor too.

You both laughed at so many things to the point where you now have an “inside joke” that only the both of you understand.

This is a sign of a good first date.


4. Your Date Was Courteous And Kind

This is a sign that is usually overlooked but is actually very significant.

If you have been on a date with someone who was mean to and yelled at every waiter and chef, you would appreciate courtesy and kindness in a person more.

A date who shows courtesy not just to you but to people around as well is a good date.


5. You Smile When You Remember The Date

signs of a good first date

This is another sign of a good first date.

Days or even weeks after the date has passed, your mind occasionally travels back to the beautiful evening and you smile as you try to relive the moment.

If the date was not good, you would not do that.


6. You Look Forward To Another Date

You find yourself looking forward to hanging out with this person again and you want it to happen quickly.

This is a sign that the date was good.

If it was a bad date that left a bitter taste in your mouth, not only will you not look forward to another one, you will also try to erase it from your memory.


7. They Ask For Another Date

A great sign of a good first date is that it was enjoyed by not only you but the person you went with as well.

And what more obvious way to know that he loved the date then he asking for another one.

If you are in doubt as to whether the date went well or not, the moment he asks you on another date, you have your answer.


8. The Conversation Was Great

A first date where the conversation flowed and you both enjoyed talking with each other is a good first date.

For many people, conversing during the first date is usually hard and unnatural.

This is quite understandable seeing that you both possibly have different interests and mindsets about life and it may take sometime for you both to get good at communicating your different perspectives.

This is why if the conversation kicks off immediately on the first date, it is a sign of a good first date.


9. You Forgot About Your Phone

signs of a good first date

Another sign of a good first date is that you did not remember to take out your phone and fiddle with it or scroll aimlessly through Instagram.

We all know that one way out of a boring date is reaching for our phones and visiting all the apps on it.

But on a good date, phones are forgotten because the date is welcoming, captivating, and engaging.


10. You Did Not Want The Date To End

Even though you are well aware that everything that has a beginning surely has an end too, you still wished it wouldn’t apply to the date.

You had so much fun that you did not want time to move by fast because you wanted the date to continue.

Unfortunately, time seemed to have sped fast because in no time, it was late and you both had to leave.

While you are sad that the date had to end, you should also be happy that it was a good first date.


11. Your Anxiety Disappeared

You may have been anxious before the first date which is absolutely normal.

Wondering how things will go and what your date will be like may have made you become anxious but surprisingly, just few minutes into date, all of the anxiety disappeared.

You suddenly became more calm, relaxed and at ease.

This is a very good sign for a first date.


12. Your Date Reached Out After The Date

A sign of a good first date is that your companion did not just go MIA or ghost you afterwards.

He keeps reaching out to you and wants to keep things moving with you.

This does not mean that if he ghosts you (never contacts you again) after first date, you did something wrong.

It may just mean that he did not enjoy the date, he is not into your kind or personality or he just is not a serious person.

But when he contacts you over and over after the first date, you know the date was good.


Like I wrote earlier, the first date can be a nerve-wracking experience.

You’re meeting someone for the first time, and you want to make a good impression.

However, it’s not just about having a good time and showing your best side — it’s also about getting an accurate read on the person you’re dating.

Is this someone you could see yourself with on a deeper level?

Or is he or she just not compatible?

The above signs of a good first date will help you be the judge of that.

It is essential that you know that a date does not have to have all of the above mentioned signs for it to be great.

It may have just a few of them.

Also, a great first date is not an automatic sign that the person is the best for you or that you will have a perfect relationship.

It is just a step in the right direction.

For a good relationship to thrive, you must put in the work, and observe the person for some time to be sure they are actually good.


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