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11 Very Obvious Signs She Only Wants Your Money

11 Very Obvious Signs She Only Wants Your Money

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The truth remains that some women are only after your money.

While the truth may be bitter, it still won’t stop me from saying it.

There are a lot of gold diggers on the loose, and if you’re not careful enough, you’ll be their next victim.

You need to note the signs, know how to spot them and be cautious not to fall into their trap.

If you get deeply involved with a lady who is only after your money, you will betray everything you stand for and ruin your future.

Once you learn that she’s only after your money, it’s left for you to respect yourself and walk away from the situation.

Here are some of the signs she only wants your money you shouldn’t ignore:

11 Very Obvious Signs She Only Wants Your Money

1. She’s focused on how much you make

Signs She Only Wants Your Money

One of the biggest signs she only wants your money is that she’s obsessed with how much you make.

She doesn’t have any atom of true love for you.

Her main focus is your hourly wage, salary, or any other amount of money you make.

She’ll want to know about your cash flow, make plans on how to increase it, and use men who make higher sums than you as a standard for success and worth.

If your take-home happens to be less than that of another guy, be sure she’ll not let you hear the last of it.

She’ll keep talking about how much guys in that other guy’s profession make and how it’s so cool.

The main problem with her being all up in your earnings is that it’s not because she cares about you or your welfare.

She’s only interested in the money and what it can do for her.


2. Her mood takes a downturn with the absence of money

Signs She Only Wants Your Money

One of the signs she only wants your money is that she’ll become visibly irritated whenever you try to limit her spending or fail to give her some money.

The dynamics of your relationship may apply to you buying gifts for your girlfriend or even giving her money.

Or not, perhaps, not so regularly.

It’s totally up to both parties involved in the relationship.

If you gift your girlfriend regularly and allow her to splurge your money on the things she loves from time to time, try slowing down on doing this and watch her reaction.

Watch her flip and change into a different lady from who you used to know if she’s only there for your money.

A lady who loves you will be understanding and not change her behavior towards you.

Although she may be disappointed that her hope for a trip or purchase that she was looking forward to was dashed (which is quite understandable), the reason she got attracted to you and fell in love with you in the first place won’t change.

She’ll still be in love with you as much as she was before.


3. She has dated and dumped rich, eligible bachelors in the past

Signs She Only Wants Your Money

What’s her romantic history?

One of the signs she only wants your money is that she has a history of getting into relationships with rich, eligible bachelors and then dumping them without a second thought when she’s done using them.

It is the modus operandi of gold diggers.

First, she seeks out her host and attaches to them.

Then, she sucks them dry of their attention and money.

And when they become broke, she dumps them and moves on to her next victim.

I’m sure you do not want to go from grace to grass just because of an unfortunate lady.


4. She wants you always to buy her expensive gifts

Signs She Only Wants Your Money

A major red flag in your relationship is if she expects you always to shower her with expensive gifts.

Buying gifts in a relationship is a romantic and nice gesture, especially if you have put a lot of care, love, and thought into choosing the gift.

However, there’s a thin line between buying gifts and being a gold digger.

The latter comes into play when she demands gifts as a form of tribute to herself.

Does she expect you to buy her expensive gifts regularly?

Has she painted the picture of you always doing better than the last time when it comes to buying her gifts by gifting her items that cost more than the last gifts she received from you?

Sounds every bit like a gold digger right there.

You need to be careful around her.


5. She equates your love for her to your generosity toward her

If she’s only after your money, she’ll use your generosity towards her to measure your love for her.

Perhaps you’re having financial challenges or bought her a gift she doesn’t like, and you suddenly become a bad boyfriend to her.

The truth is that nothing changed about you except your finances, and she’s not ready to adapt to that type of life.

It’s a huge red flag because your love for her should never be determined by how many gifts you buy.

Run as fast as your legs can carry you away from her.


6. She threatens to leave you over financial issues

While it’s a common occurrence, it’s toxic to threaten your romantic partner with a breakup.

She never loved you and was only there for your money if she threatened to break up with you whenever you faced financial challenges.

If she acts as if you have disappointed her or that you’re a loser because you’re having a financially hard time, she’s not worth being in a relationship with.

It’s high time you re-evaluated the dynamics of your relationship with her.


7. She gets clingy whenever you have money

Signs She Only Wants Your Money

Does she become visibly more affectionate towards you whenever you have money and spends it on her?

It’s also one of the very obvious signs she only wants your money.

Pay attention to her behavior towards you whenever you have a lot of money, and you’re spending heavily on her.

You’ll notice that the more generous you are, the more affectionate she gets.

That, my dear, is a big gold digger alert.


8. She has expensive tastes with no contribution

Signs She Only Wants Your Money

Who doesn’t love the good things of life?

It’s not a crime to have a taste for expensive things, but you must be willing to work for them.

For the woman who loves you for your money, every time you two decide to go out, she’s all about hitting up the fanciest restaurants or the priciest events in town.

But when the bill rolls around?

She’s suddenly very interested in her phone or looking the other way, kinda hoping you’ll handle it.

And even if you’re totally cool paying once in a while, she’s selfish if it happens like that all the time.


9. She’s secretive about her personal finances

Every time money topics come up, like how much she earns or if she’s got any loans, she goes all mysterious on you.

It’s like trying to get info from a secret agent. 

You might be all open about your finances, but she’s not like that with you.

She might be reluctant to discuss her financial situation, earnings, or any debts she might have, expecting you to cover all expenses without any contribution on her part.

She wants to enjoy the perks of your cash without letting you in on her money situation. 

What kind of behavior is that?


10. She’s not interested in financial stability

As an adult, you should be all about planning for the future, saving up, and maybe even dabbling in some stocks or investing.

Well, with her, it’s a different story. 

She’s not interested in financial stability or any long-term plans. 

Instead, she’d rather live for the moment and spend whatever she or you have without worrying about tomorrow.

It’s irresponsible behavior that could put your own financial future at risk. 


11. She has frequent money emergencies

If she only wants you for your money, you’d realize she always has money emergencies and always expects you to bail her out with your hard-earned cash. 

It might seem like kindness on your part, but it will only encourage her bad financial habits and leave you worse off in the long run. 


If you have this kind of woman in your life, you need to ask yourself if you can deal with the consequences of being her partner.

Yeah, because some men don’t mind, especially if the lady meets their utmost needs.

If you can’t deal, make the best decision for yourself before it’s too late. 

Money problems are a major cause of marital breakups for couples, so be sure to look out for red flags that could lead to financial disaster. 




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