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Should A Man Help His Girlfriend Financially? Find Out…

Should A Man Help His Girlfriend Financially? Find Out…

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Should a man help his girlfriend financially?

Out of the many complaints I get from ladies in romantic relationships, the one complaint common and recurring is, “My boyfriend is stingy. He hardly gives me money; before he gives me anything, I must ask, beg and explain to his satisfaction before he releases funds for me. It’s so exhausting.”

Another lady complained that she functioned well as her boyfriend’s girlfriend and met his needs as much as possible, but her boyfriend “didn’t take care of her needs.”

On further inquiry, I discovered that when she said her boyfriend didn’t take care of her needs, she meant he didn’t help her financially.

This brings up the question, should a man help his girlfriend financially?

Most girlfriends dream of being given gifts and surprised from time to time, and most men want to be the heroes and providers in the lives of their girlfriends by providing those gifts and rendering financial help and support.

However, I think the real question that sparks so much controversy is how much is too much?

Generally, a girlfriend is not her boyfriend’s responsibility and a relationship isn’t a sure way to make money off a boyfriend or rip him off.

But finances are also huge parts of our lives and things we face and deal with everyday.

If this is true, then it is natural to expect some level of support from your partner at certain instances.


Should A Man Help His Girlfriend Financially?

Here are 5 instances when a man should help his girlfriend financially:-

  1. He is financially stable 


Should a man help his girlfriend financially

One can’t give what one doesn’t have.

If a man is not financially stable, how would he be able to help his girlfriend financially?

If he’s not in a good place financially and isn’t able to give a considerable amount of money to his girlfriend without worries or rapid heart beats, then by all means, he should desist from helping out, at least, until his finances become stable.


  1. She has genuine financial need

A family member whose hospital bills need to be settled, school fees that must be completed and paid, work clothes that need to be changed (and this isn’t about vanity. It’s about a real genuine need).

These are real life issues that require financial intervention and support and when these needs arise, it is normal and expedient for a boyfriend to provide as much financial support as he can for his girlfriend.


  1. She is not a wasteful person

should a man help his girlfriend financially

When a man’s girlfriend is a responsible lady who manages finances and is prudent with money, it is a good sign and there’s no reason she shouldn’t be helped or supported financially by her man. 

At least, you know she’s not extravagant and won’t waste your money on some inordinate, luxury and unnecessary stuff.

Most of the time, when responsible and prudent ladies ask for money, it is always because they genuinely need it and in such cases, I’m fully in support of a man stepping in to provide financial support.


  1. She loves you for who you are, not your money


A woman who is genuinely into you, who loves you with her heart and who doesn’t care about ripping you off deserves your support financially when she needs it.

In fact, whether she asks for money or not, you should be able to send her gifts from time to time to appreciate her for her love and commitment.


  1. She doesn’t feel entitled to your money

should a man help his girlfriend financially

Let’s get this clear: A man who is your boyfriend is NOT under any obligation to fulfill your financial needs. 

Marital relationships are different because husbands are duty bound to take care of their family.

Boyfriends don’t have such duties and obligations so the issue of feeling entitled or being entitled to his money doesn’t even arise.

If she thinks of you as someone who’s there only to financially support her, then as a man, you shouldn’t only keep your money to yourself but you should assess and reassess the relationship you share with a lady who possesses such a mentality. 

Except in relationships where there is such an agreement (sex for money or money for sex), it isn’t ideal for a lady to put her boyfriend under the obligation to pay for her stuff and look to him to show up financially for her at all times. 

Even if you are rich and you have enough money to offer financial assistance to your girlfriend’s entire family, this doesn’t mean he should pay all of the bills. 

Being financially stable and rich isn’t a good enough reason to be the one who finances every single thing in a relationship.

Relationships thrive on support and a healthy relationship is one where a man and a woman feel loved, supported and understood. 

We aren’t created to go through life alone but at the same time, it isn’t fair for a man to spend all his money from time to time in the name of taking care of his girlfriend.

It isn’t also fair for a girlfriend to place all her financial burdens on a man simply because he’s her boyfriend.

While helping your girlfriend out financially is an act of selflessness and can help to strengthen your bond, improve your relationship and instill trust and a measure of security and connection, it is always wise to place boundaries.

It is always wise to know when to help out and when to say no.

Remember that this is your money and you are not under any obligation to provide for her, at least until you are married.


What happens when a guy helps his girlfriend financially?

1. It Helps Improve Your Relationship

As a woman, idea of asking your man for money may not appeal to you, especially if your relationship has been struggling lately.

But it could be just that one thing that’ll lift the curtain of gloom off your relationship.

It may be that your financial issues were draining you and contributed to putting a strain unconsciously on your relationship.

You ended up neglecting your man and your relationship due to the financial challenges you are facing.

You’ll discover that you felt relief and at peace when you open up to him about what you’re going through.

Sometimes, all it takes is the courage to bare it all to our partners instead of bottling it up and letting it consume us.


2. It Strengthens Your Bond With Your Partner

Asking your man for financial assistance will help you two develop more trust in each other.

Not only will it show you how to be responsible for serious issues, but it’ll also teach you how to rely on each other in times of need.

You’ll learn that you have the support of your boyfriend against all odds.

You would have gotten some lame excuse as an answer if he wasn’t down for you but for him to show up for you is an indication that he has your best interest at heart.

A man of enviable character is open to helping his girlfriend financially when the need arises.

It’ll make both of you closer and more open to each other.

You’ll also have the assurance that you have someone to take on the world.


3. You’ll Begin To See Him In A Different Light

Naturally, our appreciation for people deepens whenever they are there to lend us helping hands during tough times.

That’s what friends are supposed to do – stick with you not only in good times but also in bad times.

When your man helps you financially, he’s showing he’ll be there for you through the good and bad times.

Do you know what that action of his does to you?

It’ll raise your loyalty to him to a hundred.

What more can a man ask of his girlfriend if not her complete loyalty?

He’ll have your loyalty because he has shown you’re important to him, and you mean so much to him just by offering you financial help.


4. You’re His Partner

Being in a romantic relationship requires real work.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

Being there only when the going is good doesn’t count.

Love is not enough to build a healthy and successful relationship; we must not overlook other qualities like responsibility, understanding, and mutual respect.

If you claim to be in a serious relationship, you shouldn’t be afraid of asking your man for financial help.

He’ll offer to help you if he notices you’re having financial challenges or when you ask him.

If what you share with him is real, there’ll be no need to beat around the bush whenever you need help.

Most importantly, you should be willing to do the same for him.

After all, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.


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