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9 Exciting Things To Do When Your Relationship Gets Boring

9 Exciting Things To Do When Your Relationship Gets Boring

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 What are the things to do when your relationship gets boring?

Being in a relationship with someone who loves you and you love in return is one of the most beautiful gifts in life.

You have a friend, a companion, and a confidant in one person.

You also have an adventure partner with whom you are excited to try new things.

Relationships make us happier and make our world more interesting.

A healthy relationship should make you a better and happier person and not a worse one.

However, it is not unusual for boredom to occur even in a healthy and beautiful relationship.

Life happens, and routines sometimes take over.

You may also go through seasons where everything is solemn, and it is almost as if you both have nothing to talk about or do together anymore.

In times like this, it is essential to know what to do to ensure your relationship is back on the exciting and thriving side of life.

A boring relationship is not good for the people involved because friendship and intimacy are affected.

This is why we’re sharing a few essential things to do when your relationship gets boring.


9 Things To Do When Your Relationship Gets Boring

1. Find out why

Things To Do When Your Relationship Gets Boring

The first thing you need to do when your relationship gets boring is to find out why it happened so.

Why is your relationship boring? .

There are many different reason why this happens and it is unique for every situation.

For one couple, it may just be time, routine, and life happening and they just need to be more intentional about bringing fun into their union.

For another, it may be due to a past hurt or fight between the couple that has left them with nothing to talk about and nothing to do together.

For yet another, it may be because one person is not putting in efforts into the relationship.

One-sided effort is never enough for any relationship to thrive.

Finding out the reason for your own relationship will help you know what steps to take next.

If your situation is due to an unwilling partner, applying all the steps meant to bring in fun to your relationship will not be effective unless your partner changes and is willing to work with you. 

However, if other reasons are responsible for the boredom, keep reading. 


2. Talk to your partner about it

Your partner may have noticed what is going on in your relationship but do not assume they have.

Bring it up by communicating with your partner about it.

Tell them what you have observed about your relationship and how you feel about it.

Relationships thrive on communication and openness and this conversation can be the singular act that breaks the boredom and re-energizes your relationship.

So, do not be ashamed or afraid of talking to your partner about what you have noticed about your relationship. 

You might just find out that they have been wanting to talk about it themselves. 


3. Go to exciting places

Things To Do When Your Relationship Gets Boring

For some people, getting busy with jobs, other engagements, or even staying at home is what brings boredom into their marriage or relationship. 

In a case like that, taking out sometime for your relationship is important.

Take out some time intentionally and specifically to go out and have fun with your spouse.

Staying home all day may not help much with getting rid of boredom.

Attend events together, see movies at the cinema together, go out to play games, try new places and restaurants, and so on.

Be ready to be child like and free again. 

Your relationship needs it. 


4. Improve on your communication

Lack of communication makes a relationship boring.

So, take time to reconnect with each another.

When you first started dating, it seemed like 24 hours weren’t enough to talk to each other.

Nowadays, though, it’s easy to let things slide and forget that there’s something special between you two.

Take time out of your week to reconnect with each other and remind yourselves why you fell in love in the first place.

Be determined to ensure that your communication with your partner does not suffer.

Speak often and about every and anything.

Even in a long distance relationship, be religious about your time for calls, chats, or facetime.

Communicate your heart to your partner and listen to what they say too.

Never give room for life to snuff out breath from your communication with your spouse. 

It is the fuel your relationship runs on. 


5. Do what you love doing together

Things To Do When Your Relationship Gets Boring

To restore fun to a boring relationship, another thing to do is engage in activities that excite the both of you.

There are fun things that you love to do together which have taken the back seat for one reason or the other, revive them and enjoy the moments again.

Life is about the little moments of happiness, fun, and memories.

These moments make all the difference even in a relationship.

So, make efforts do engage in activities that you and your partner enjoy doing. 

Enjoy the moments and create memories. 


6. Go back to old times

Things To Do When Your Relationship Gets Boring

Another thing to do when your relationship gets boring is reminisce on old times.

The beginning of your relationship had some unique and special things that made it enjoyable.

Reminiscing on these old times, talking about it, and even bringing back some practices and positive habits from then and repeating them now will leave a positive mark on you and your partner.

Sometimes, life, routines, and the ups and downs of a relationship can make you both forget some of the amazing things about your partner and things you enjoyed doing with them.

What you need is a reminder, taking you back to those times.

And the flames from those times can rekindle your relationship again.


7. Try something new together

It doesn’t have to be anything over-the-top.

Even going grocery shopping together can be fun if you both try new foods and cook them together.

If one of you has always wanted to take dance lessons, now is the time.

If neither of you has ever been camping before, now is as good a time as any to give it a shot.

The point is that there are tons of things that couples can do together that aren’t necessarily romantic; they’re just fun activities that will give you something new to bond over.

You can even learn a new language together.

As long as both of you are willing to try something out of your comfort zone, it will be a great way for both of you to learn something new about yourselves and each other


8. Give each other space

This might sound like the opposite of what we just said, but it is true nonetheless.

Taking time apart from each other has the potential to make your relationship stronger than ever before.

When you’re in a serious relationship, it’s easy to forget that you’re individuals with separate identities and interests.

It’s important to maintain some sense of individuality and separation from your partner, no matter how long you’ve been together.

So instead of being together all the time, try taking some time apart from each other once in a while.

Go on separate vacations or trips with your friends if you can afford it, or just spend some time doing things without your partner.

Giving each other some space will keep things fresh and exciting.


9. Learn more about each other

One reason why relationships get boring is because we stop learning about each other. 

We assume we know everything about our partners and there is nothing new to learn.

However, one way to stop this from happening is by learning more about one another and getting to know them better as individuals outside of just being their partner.


It is not unusual for even healthy relationships to get boring and void of fun and activity.

It happens even to the best of relationships.

Recognizing what is going on and taking steps to fix it is what matters. 

Leaving a relationship when it gets boring is not the way out because it is likely to happen in any other relationship you get into. 


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