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16 Obvious Signs She Regrets Rejecting You

16 Obvious Signs She Regrets Rejecting You

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It can be tough to tell if a woman is actually into you or not.

Especially if you’ve been rejected, it’s hard to know exactly what she’s thinking.

But there are definite signs that a woman regrets turning you down.

If you see these signs, don’t give up hope; they are usually good indicators that the door isn’t closed on you yet.


16 Signs She Regrets Rejecting You

  1. She’s still interested in you

The biggest sign that a woman regrets rejecting you is if she still wants to date you.

She might even try to get back together with you.

This can happen in various ways, from asking you out on a date to being friendly at work, school, or wherever you see.

If she wants to get back together, it’s because she thinks there was something really special between the two of you.

She knows that if she doesn’t do something about it now, she’ll regret it for the rest of her life.


2. She shoots you messages every so often, out of the blue

If a woman regrets rejecting you, she might try to keep in touch with you through social media or text messaging.

These messages will usually be short and sweet, but they’ll be enough to let you know that she’s still thinking about you, especially if she’s not bold enough to face you.


3. She talks about you to her friends

If a girl regrets rejecting you, she might start talking about you to her friends.

In fact, she will.

This is a way for her to gauge their opinion on the situation and whether or not they think she made a mistake by rejecting you.

Her friends will probably give her honest feedback, which she’ll consider before making her next move.

Trust me, that’s our way.


4. She happily says yes to all your invitations

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of vindication when a woman who previously rejected you suddenly starts saying yes to all your invitations.

It’s a sign that she’s realized she made a mistake and is now eager to make up for lost time.

Of course, it’s also possible that she’s just being polite or feels guilty about rejecting you in the first place.

Either way, it’s a win-win situation for you, so enjoy it while it lasts!


5. She tries to engage you in conversation about topics that she thinks you’ll be interested in

Signs She Regrets Rejecting You

She’s hoping that you’ll forget about her rejection by engaging you in interesting conversations and maybe even start to find her attractive again.

Also, talking with you about the things you like is a way to get you talking and get rid of whatever awkwardness her rejection may have caused, so you guys can be cool again.


6. She accidentally lets her true feelings show

A woman who regrets rejecting you might accidentally let her true feelings show from time to time.

For example, she might get jealous when she sees you talking to another girl, or she might get sad when you mention that you’re going on a date with someone else.

These are definitely signs that she’s not over you yet and that she regrets her decision to reject you.


7. She keeps making excuses to run into you

If a woman regrets rejecting you, she’ll find any excuse to run into you.

She might “accidentally” bump into you at the coffee shop or show up to the same party as you even though she wasn’t originally planning on it.

These encounters usually aren’t coincidences — they’re her way of trying to keep you in her life and gauge your reaction to seeing her.

Trust women to be calculative.


8. She’ll compliment you more than usual

She knows she hurt your ego when she rejected you, and now she’s trying to compensate by building you back up with compliments.

So if a lady who rejected you unusually compliments you, she might be regretting her decision.


9. She brings up things from your past together

Isn’t it funny how, when a woman regrets rejecting you, she suddenly starts bringing up all sorts of things from your past together?

It’s like she’s trying to remind herself of why she should have said yes to you in the first place or trying to remind you of why you asked her out in the first place.

Maybe she thinks that if she takes you down memory lane, she’ll rekindle your feelings for her and you’ll ask her out again.

She may also bring up the past in an attempt to justify her decision.

She may argue that you were never really interested in her or that she always knew you would eventually move on.

This can make you feel guilty for not trying enough and encourage you to try again.


10. She wants to know if you are still single

She might not come out and say it directly, but a woman who regrets rejecting you will want to know if you’re still single.

She might ask you indirectly about your love life in general, or she might ask one of your mutual friends.

This shows she’s interested in getting back together with you.


11. She dresses to impress you

A woman who regrets rejecting you will dress to impress you if she knows she’ll see you.

She might wear something that she knows you like, or she might go out of her way to look extra good just to grab your attention.

She wants to remind you of what you’re missing out on and make you regret your decision to move on.


12. She wants to share something personal with you

Signs She Regrets Rejecting You

If a woman opens up and shares something personal with you after rejecting your advances, then it’s almost guaranteed that she regrets rejecting you.

She wants to show that she trusts you enough to share this secret with you, and she wants to feel close to you again.

She may also hope you’ll share something personal with her in return so she can feel even closer to you.


13. She gets touchy-feely with you

Signs She Regrets Rejecting You

A woman who regrets rejecting you might start getting touchy-feely with you in an attempt to rekindle your romance.

She might give you a hug when she sees you, or she might touch your arm while you’re talking.

These are all signs that she’s interested in getting back together with you.


14. When you bump into each other on the street, she doesn’t walk away right away

If a woman doesn’t want anything to do with you, she will probably walk away as soon as you bump into each other on the street.

But if she regrets rejecting you, she will probably linger, and will try to make small talk.

She might even try to walk with you or invite you for coffee.


15. When chatting with you, she uses sexual innuendos

A woman who regrets rejecting you might start using sexual innuendos when she’s talking to you.

She’s hoping that you’ll pick up on her hints and make a move on her.

She wants you to know that she’s still interested in you, and hoping you’ll take the hint.


16. She tells you she regrets rejecting you

The clearest way to know if a woman regrets rejecting you is if she comes out and tells you herself.

She might say she made a mistake or was too hasty in her decision.

She might also say that she’s been thinking about you a lot lately.


These are all signs that a woman regrets rejecting you.

If you see any of these signs, it might be worth giving her a second chance, especially if you are still interested in her.

Signs She Regrets Rejecting You

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