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11 Signs That a Woman Has Not Been Sexually Active

11 Signs That a Woman Has Not Been Sexually Active

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Okay, there’s going to be some TMI here, so fasten your seat belts.

The subject of a woman’s sexuality, sexual history, and affairs can be a sensitive one, and very understandably so.

I believe that it should be approached with carefulness and respect if, for whatever reason, it has to be spoken about.

This does not mean it has to be shied away from totally, as there are some valid reasons for talking about and exploring the topics.

You may have a good reason for wanting to know what signs indicate that a woman has not been sexually active.

The best and most reliable way to know is, of course, the woman honestly telling you herself.

But don’t worry, I understand that asking her may not be something you want to do, so I’ll give you a host of other ways you can tell.

11 Signs That a Woman Has Not Been Sexually Active

1. Her hymen is intact

signs that a woman has not been sexually active

The nature of this article is interesting so we sure are going to explore some personal areas.

I’m giving you a heads-up that some of the points may involve rather sensitive and mature themes.

The hymen is located at the entrance of the vaginal opening.

It is a thin piece of tissue that gives access to the female reproductive system.

It remains there as long as the woman has not engaged in penetrative sex and is one of the oldest ways to tell if a woman hasn’t been sexually active.

However, it is not one hundred percent reliable, as other rigorous non-sexual activities can lead to women losing their hymen.

Also, some women are born without a hymen.

So although the presence of the hymen is a good way to know, it may not be a good yardstick for every woman.

That’s why you should keep reading for other indicators.


2. Bedroom tricks are a riddle to her

You can easily guess a woman’s sexual history by how much knowledge she has about sexual things.

When she has a lot of knowledge about different bedroom shenanigans and knows all the sequels to Fifty Shades of Grey, you know that chances are very high that she’s a very sexually active woman.

A woman who has not been sexually active will most likely have limited knowledge in those areas.

She generally lacks the rizz and ploys that a sexually experienced woman has.

This is because she has been using her time and energy on other things; maybe she has been trying to become a superhero and conquer the world or become a Professor in her area of expertise.

I’m just kidding, but yeah, she has been focusing on other things, and those things are not sexual.


3. She can’t pick sexual cues

signs that a woman has not been sexually active

Nothing gives it away more than this.

A woman who has not been sexually active may not know much about sexual innuendos.

Even when someone is flashing lights at her in that direction, her mind may not easily go there.

For instance, she can be in a private place with a man, and instead of talking about the sheets, she’s talking about her aspirations and dreams or something random.

This just shows where her mind is not at, and it can be an indication of where she’s not been.


4. Confidence that stems from innocence

There is a kind of confidence that comes with innocence.

When you see it, you know it.

Some women who haven’t been sexually active appear bubbly and free, without a whisper of guilt.

This is not to say that sex is bad or something to be ashamed of.

Absolutely not.

It is wonderful when done under the right circumstances (marriage) and the right way.

But it is a deep kind of knowledge which, when known, can not be unknown.

So when a woman has not accessed this knowledge yet, you may be able to tell from the confidence that radiates through her.

This may be through her conversations or general behavior, it just shows that she’s not been involved in any complexities of romance.


5. Shyness that stems from innocence

signs that a woman has not been sexually active

People are different, so while some women are bolder when they haven’t been sexually active, for other women, the reverse is the case.

They become shy or nervous when the subject of sex is brought up.

Like a teenager being introduced to the story of the birds and the bees for the first time, there is some display of lack of confidence or discomfort by the woman.


6. “Innocent” social media posts

Sometimes it is hard to tell much about a person from their social media pages because people pretend, and sometimes people don’t put everything about them on there.

However, many times, you can get a hint about the nature of a person’s life or behavior from their social media posts.

This includes their sexual history.

Perhaps from her views on certain topics shared online, her posts, or the pictures she shares, you can tell something about her.

These things may reveal that she’s very in tune with her sexual side and has even explored it.

Or that she hasn’t explored that area.


7. Her sense of style

signs that a woman has not been sexually active

If a woman chooses comfortable clothing over sexy ones, it can reveal something about her.

Although it’s hard to judge people based on their choice of clothing, sometimes you can draw solid facts from it.

The wardrobe of a woman who hasn’t been sexually active is more likely to lack seductive spells.

She may be more inclined towards conservative outfits and comfortable ones than those that scream seduction and allure.


8. Ignorance about contraceptives

Asking someone who has never had to use a car before about car tyres and engines is a stretch.

It’s the same as expecting a woman who has not been sexually active to know about contraceptives.

Unless she works in the medical field and because of that knows these things, or through friends and the media, there is no way she’ll be aware of it.

Her ignorance about birth control or practical, safe sex tips will reveal a bit about her sexual history.

Generally, women who haven’t been sexually active pay less attention to things like that.

They even pay fewer visits to the gynecologist because their reproductive health is not one of their priorities at the moment.

So they’re likely to have less knowledge than their sexually active counterparts.


9. Mind over matter

signs that a woman has not been sexually active

A woman’s interests can give an insight into her sexual history.

There is a high chance that she has not been sexually active if she has zero interest in romance and is consumed and invested in other pursuits.

It may be intellectual endeavors or personal development areas.

She’s possibly focused on these other areas and just hasn’t explored the sexual part yet.


10. Refusal or indifference to sex

There are many reasons why a woman would avoid or try to shy away from having sex, especially with a man with whom she’s romantically involved.

One of those reasons is that she’s never done it before.

She may be hesitant or just indifferent to it.

It is important that the man she’s with respect and respectfully talks about it with her.


11. Heightened desire for sex

signs that a woman has not been sexually active

On the other hand, some women who haven’t been sexually active are known for their excitement about it.

They haven’t done it before, and their behavior gives that away.

The sheer excitement they have when the subject of sex is brought up, or the possibility of it happening faces them, reveals their lack of experience.

Their hormones may make them hyperactive, especially during sensitive times like ovulation, and because they are not sexually experienced enough to know how to handle it, they may act restless or overexcited.

Ultimately, every woman is different, even when they’re grouped according to their sexual experience or lack of it.

What may be a telltale sign for one woman may not be for another because we’re not all cut from the same fabric.

So as valid as these signs are, they should not be used to draw definitive conclusions about a woman’s sexual history.

It is important to respect people’s privacy and boundaries and to consult professional healthcare personnel for personalized advice.

It is also worthy of mention that sex is not all there is to a woman’s life, and she should not be sidelined or in any way demeaned based on it.

Respecting people’s decisions and lifestyles, as long as it doesn’t cause other people any harm, is crucial.

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