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How To Make Him Forget The Other Woman: 8 Ways To Get Your Man Back

How To Make Him Forget The Other Woman: 8 Ways To Get Your Man Back

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“I had something to fight for, and I was fighting for the love of my life. I couldn’t give up or give in—not now. Not after all I’d been through—all we’d been through” – Shanora Williams, “100 Proof

So, you have competition, and like Shanora Williams, you are ready to fight for the love of your life.

Is there another woman hanging around on the periphery of your man’s heart?

Or does she even seem to share the center stage with you?

Perhaps, there are times you feel like you are even being wrestled to the sidelines.

Being with a woman who is in such an emotional quandary is a frustrating situation.

Today, it seems like he loves you more, and the next day, he doesn’t seem to care about you.

You have decided that you love him enough to fight for his love, but you don’t know how to go about this.

Well, I hope to help you do just that with this article.

I know you may have heard that “all is fair in love and war,” but it doesn’t apply in this case.

I won’t be recommending any underhanded tactics, just simple tips that will make you so attractive to him that he would choose you over the other woman.

Come along!

How To Make Him Forget The Other Woman — 8 Helpful Tips To Help You Get Your Man Back 

1. Never compare yourself with her

how to make him forget the other woman

If you are planning on making him forget ”the other woman,” then the odds are you know her.

Maybe you are not so familiar with her to know her, but you may have seen her pictures or videos somewhere.

There’s this thing about competing with someone for something.

It may create this sense of insecurity and inferiority that will make you feel inadequate.

Don’t ever make the mistake of wallowing in this kind of emotion if you even want to stand a chance of making your man forget the other woman.

She may seem to have certain qualities that you don’t have, but that shouldn’t make you feel inadequate.

She has her flaws, too, but probably has a way of hiding them.

The fact is, no one can be perfect.

It is silly to expect to be perfect.

Feeling inadequate and insecure will have a negative impact on your relationship with your man.

And if you plan on making him forget her, anything that negatively impacts your relationship is counterproductive.


2. Avoid blaming yourself

Perhaps, you weren’t attentive enough, or you didn’t show him as much respect as he deserves.

You may feel that some shortcoming of yours pushed him into an affair with the other woman.

And because of this, you may be tempted to blame yourself.


Self-blame is a trap you don’t want to fall into.

It will keep you caged, forever questioning every one of your choices.

Relationships are not paradise in reality.

They are built on the intentional doggedness of two intentional people to love each other, regardless.

Every successful relationship has passed through a phase when it seemed like things were about to fall apart.

What keeps a successful relationship going is intentionality and determination.

If your man got involved with another woman because of something you did, the responsibility is still on him because there are several things that could have been done to resolve the situation, but he chose something else.

Now… This shouldn’t be an excuse to avoid working on those areas that you know you need to work on.

You shouldn’t just let yourself be handicapped by blame.


3. Communicate with your man

how to make him forget the other woman

Communication is key.

If you give in to resentment and malice, you will end up chasing right back into the arms of the other woman.

Communicate with your man honestly.

Express yourself without casting aspersions or blaming him.

And in the days to come, you may need to avoid making pointed references to the situation.

Let go of the past and focus on building the future.

Letting go of the past is the only way of actually guaranteeing that he forgets her.


4. Be yourself

It may seem like a competition but you need to assure yourself that you are not in a competition with anyone.

The fact is that your man was attracted to something about you when he met you.

Let him see that quality in you once again.

The problem with many relationships is that the partners are beginning to try to be like someone else instead of being themselves.

Show that you are comfortable in your skin even as you also begin to remember those things he used to love about you.

In time, he will realize he had made a mistake by ever being involved with the other woman.


5. Be patient

Making your man forget the other woman is not something that will happen in a flash.

Even when he is actually ready to let go of her, it is still hard to get him to forget her so easily.

The occasional flashbacks may occur, and if she is persistent, she may even be trying her best to keep in touch with him against his will.

There will also be that emotional gap between you and your man.

You may be finding it a little difficult to reconcile yourself with his betrayal of you.

Be patient with yourself.

With determination and consistent effort on the part of you and your man, your relationship will get better soon.

Time and effort are required, in addition to patience and communication.

One without the other won’t cut it.


6. Spend quality time with him

how to make him forget the other woman

One of the best ways of reigniting the passion and love in a relationship is by spending quality time together.

Create time to hang out and do special things with your man.

Take time out to see a movie together, stroll in the park with him, or just simply spend time in deep conversations.

Don’t be shy or reluctant to take the initiative and plan date nights.

Waiting for him to do it might be counterproductive because he may be feeling too guilty and torn apart to consider doing any of these.

It may feel like you are doing this to help him; however, in the long run, you will also be helping yourself and your relationship.

Spending quality time with him will add the necessary spice that your relationship sorely needs.

If this continues, the other woman will soon fade into a distant memory in his mind.

In no time, you would have succeeded in making him forget her, and your relationship will be even stronger for it.


7. Be kind and compassionate

One of the most attractive qualities ever is kindness.

And it is getting to be a scarce quality, hence, it is a very desirable quality in a woman.

Besides focusing on trying to force the other woman out, you should work on developing your best qualities…

When you treat people around you with kindness and respect, it will leave a positive impression on them.

Be compassionate to your family, friends, and people close to you.

Staying with him even after his involvement with the other woman may be a sign of compassion.

However, you need to display these qualities even more.

Men naturally gravitate towards women who are empathetic.


8. Be attractive

how to make him forget the other woman

This is actually not meant to be a mystery.

In fact, you may have expected to see this first.

However, I have chosen to put it last because it is really the least important thing you need to do to make him forget the other woman.

Looking beautiful is important.

Look fresh and healthy, and wear clothes that are not only flattering on your body but are also comfortable.

Besides being physically attractive, own your female body, and show him that you are a strong, beautiful, and confident woman.

Your confidence will make you look attractive.

To cut a long story short, making him forget the other woman is a process that requires patience, forgiveness, and a healthy dose of communication.

Add these to trying to look your best, and you most assuredly may be on the way to ridding your man of every memory of her.

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