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7 Signs Your Friend Is Embarrassed Of You

7 Signs Your Friend Is Embarrassed Of You

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Do you feel uncomfortable with the way your friend behaves toward you?

Are you suspecting signs your friend is embarrassed of you? 

If your answer is yes, continue reading this article because we have some interesting information for you. 

Friendships are meant to be graceful and wholesome, creating a safe place for the people in the friendship. 

Your friend should have your back and be your great support, and you should do the same for them. 

Thus, if your friend is making you feel a certain way that is neither healthy nor good, it is something to look into.

In this article, we have highlighted some of the signs your friend is ashamed of you or feels embarrassed of you.

These are clear signs you may have ignored before, but you will better understand after reading this article. 


7 Signs Your Friend Is Embarrassed Of You

1) They Do Not Want To Hang Out With You In Public

signs your friend is embarrassed of you

This is an obvious sign that your friend is embarrassed of you.

Sadly, as obvious as it is, many people still fail to recognize it, particularly the person that is directly affected.

You may notice that your friend always hides from being seen with you in public places, or creates excuses to avoid hanging out with you in places where people will see both of you.

This is a sign that they find something about the things that you do or your personality embarrassing and would rather not have you close to them in public.

They do not want people seeing you two together. 

The funny part is, they may not have an issue with hanging out with you in-house or in a private place.

But they draw the lines when it comes to public meetings.



2) They Make You Uncomfortable

signs your friend is embarrassed of you

A friend who is embarrassed of you will make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

They may make comments about you or act in ways that make you feel unpleasant in different ways.

Their body language shows you that something is off between you two and you can not help but feel bad about it. 

What’s worse?

Their attitude towards you may discourage you from asking them what the matter is because you fear some form of rejection or shaming. 

This is a sign your friend is embarrassed of you.


3) They Ignore You

signs your friend is embarrassed of you

Another sign your friend is embarrassed of you or worse, irritated by you is they ignore you.

But they may have valid reasons for being embarrassed and they may not.

However, the fact remains that is how they feel about you.

You may notice that when you express excitement about something or make certain jokes, instead of responding to you, they completely ignore you and act like you do not exist.

Obviously, this is not normal and is a sign that should not be ignored at all.

It shows that your friend finds something about you embarrassing.


4) They Are Always Trying To Shut You Up

signs your friend is embarrassed of you

Have you ever been in a public place with a little child who always has something to say?

If you have, you may have been in a situation where the child talks about everything and everyone.

They may loudly says some things that should not be said in public like pointing out the funny hat an old lady is wearing or the accent a young man has. 

At that point, all you want to do is shut that little child up and make them keep quiet for the rest of the evening.

It is the same when a person is embarrassed or ashamed of their friend.

They want to shut them up and keep them from talking especially when other people are present.

They may be trying to preserve an image your mode of speaking will destroy and they do not want that.

So they try to make you keep quiet.

This is a sign that they are embarrassed of you and if you pay just a little more attention, you will see why because they may have valid reasons. 


5) They Keep Trying To Change You

signs your friend is embarrassed of you

No other sign screams “your friend is ashamed of you!” like this one.

They always have something to say about the things you do and it is never positive.

Your friend wants you to get new dress before they can hang out with you; they want you to speak a certain way or pretend to like certain things; they want you to put on a lot of makeup to hide your acne; and so on. 

They show you their other friends or other people’s friends and say things that suggest you should become like those other people.

You may have been seeing these signs and wondering what is going on with your friendship.

You have your answer now – your friend is embarrassed of you.


6) They Try To Control How You Look

signs your friend is embarrassed of you


Has your friend ever tried to bend or twist an information about you to make you look more aesthetically pleasing?

Maybe they told someone you were from a better school than you actually are in; or they mentioned a different job role from the one you actually have; or maybe they said one or two lies just to make you look more attractive.

They are not comfortable with your current place in life and would rather add some details that do not exist.

Your pace of growth is too slow for them and they are not proud of saying it to anyone, so they change details about you to transform how you look to people.

Although lying will always be bad, it would have been better if they added some humor and positivism to help you get opportunities or stop people from looking down on you.

But the fact they are doing it for selfish reasons and because they do not think you are worthy or good enough is a cause for concern.


7) They Do Not Post Your Pictures

signs your friend is embarrassed of you





This does not mean all your friends must always share your photos on social media but if your friend is very active on social media and posts photographs of all the people she loves and cares about, but fails to post yours, you have your sign. 

They do not find it difficult to call you to discuss or even seek help from you, but they do not post your images when they are posting pictures of the people they love. 

It can mean that they are embarrassed of you, may be because of your appearance or position. 

Or it may be that they do not find your photos pleasing or up-to-standard


Final Words

Your friend being embarrassed of you does not always mean they are bad people, it may be a sign that you actually need to work on a few things in your behavior, personality, or lifestyle.

It is important to be able to recognize these signs so that you know where you should make adjustments in your life if necessary or when you should exit a friendship.

Your friend should not make you feel less human or like a burden because you do not fit into their idea of perfection.

If they truly are your friend, then they should be able to kindly speak with you on getting better, and you should be able to respond gracefully.

Signs Your Friend Is Embarrassed Of You

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