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10 Things Husbands Should Not Do During Pregnancy

10 Things Husbands Should Not Do During Pregnancy

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It’s no gainsay that pregnancy comes with many life-changing events for the expectant parents.

Now that a bun is in the oven, they need to watch their habits and actions more than before and do things that will be in the best interest of both the mother and the unborn child.

Even though the expectant father is not carrying the child, for him to be a supportive partner during this phase, they are currently in; there are certain things that are not expected of him.

Without much ado, let’s dive into the list.

10 Things Husbands Should Not Do During Pregnancy

1. He should not invalidate her feelings.9 Things Husbands should not do during pregnancy

 First of all, husbands should never minimize or dismiss their wives’ feelings.

Pregnancy can be physically and emotionally challenging, and validating those experiences is important.

Even if the husband tries to be understanding and supportive, he’ll never fully understand what his wife is going through.

The level of understanding the woman has from a place of personal experience is different from that which the man has from a place of witnessing the process.

It’s so important to respect that experience and not try to invalidate it.


2. He should not pressure her unduly.9 Things Husbands should not do during pregnancy

It’s crucial for husbands to never mount undue pressure on their wives to do anything they don’t feel comfortable with.

This includes physical activity, social engagements, or anything else.

He should strive to recognize and respect her breaking point.

Pregnancy can be physically and mentally tasking, and the husband needs to be flexible and accommodating.

He should be her motivator, but he should not be coercive about it

Motivation and support are essentials in this season she is in.

A husband should be encouraging without being pushy and insensitive.

3. He shouldn’t compare her pregnancy with another’s.

He should not at any point compare her pregnancy to that of other women.

Every pregnancy is unique, and it’s unfair to make comparisons.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves and our experiences to others.

But it’s important to remember that everyone’s journey is different, and there’s no “right” way to experience pregnancy.


4. He should not stress her with chores.Things Husbands Should Not Do During Pregnancy

Husbands should be mindful of the physical and emotional demands of pregnancy and try to lighten their wives’ workload as much as possible.

That could mean taking on more chores, getting them necessary appliances or human resources to facilitate things around the house, or being more understanding and patient when things aren’t done.

Dear expectant father, do not labor her with too much.

She already has a huge task ahead of her. 

5. He should not take her mood swings personally.9 Things Husbands should not do during pregnancy

Husbands should never take their wives’ mood swings personally.

Pregnancy can cause many hormonal changes, and it’s normal for women to experience mood swings as a result.

Husbands must understand and not take it personally if their wives are irritable or emotional.

The best thing to do is to be as supportive as possible.

This could mean listening without judgment, offering a shoulder to cry on, or giving the wife space if she needs it.

 The important thing is to remember that mood swings are not personal, and they’re not a reflection of the husband’s actions or the state of the relationship.

6. He should avoid making major life decisions.

Another thing is that husbands should, if possible, not make significant life changes during pregnancy.

This includes changing jobs, moving house, or making big financial decisions.

I guess it’s not always possible to avoid major life changes during pregnancy.

But it’s something to keep in mind, and try to minimize any major disruptions if possible.

Husbands should try to keep things as stable as possible during this stage.

If this is not avoided, it could lead to a lot of extra stress and anxiety for the pregnant woman, which could negatively impact her physical and emotional well-being.

It could also strain the relationship, making it harder for the couple to bond with their new baby.

Similarly, he should avoid making risky or bad money decisions.

Financial stress can be a big source of tension in any relationship, and it’s essential to avoid making major financial decisions during a time of major life change like pregnancy.

He should not underestimate the importance of savings and financial readiness during this period.

7. He should never make her feel guilty or ashamed about her body.9 Things Husbands should not do during pregnancy

Yes, this is another thing that husbands should never do during pregnancy.

It’s important for husbands never to make their wives feel guilty or ashamed about their bodies.

Pregnancy can cause many changes in a woman’s body, and husbands need to be supportive and understanding of those changes.

Pregnancy is a sacrifice, and husbands need to remember that and appreciate the physical toll it takes on their wives’ appearance compared to their pre-pregnancy days.

He should also try not to be irritable and visibly disgusted by her possible hyper-salivation and vomiting so as not to make her feel ashamed.


8. He should not solely make decisions about the pregnancy. 

Also, one crucial thing husbands should never do during pregnancy is to make decisions about the baby without consulting their wives.

Both parents must be involved in decisions about the baby’s name, choice of hospital and delivery method, nursery, and other important things.

It’s a team effort, and both parents should be involved in the decision-making process.

That’s a great way to build a solid foundation for the new family.

9. He should not be disconnected from the whole journey.9 Things Husbands should not do during pregnancy

The expectant father should not assume the role of a bystander or onlooker.

He has to be a part of everything and never make the woman feel alone on the journey, especially regarding medical checks, treatments, and hospital visits.

He should cooperate and participate in medical checks for himself and his pregnant wife, where, when and if necessary.

He cannot afford to be ignorant about the birth and delivery process.

Expectant fathers should educate themselves on the process of pregnancy and childbirth to be as prepared as possible.

He must keep abreast of his pregnant wife’s time-to-time medical assessment to know what to do in emergencies.

Being informed and involved is key to being a good co-parent.

Besides accompanying her on antenatal visits, websites like and give valuable information on the journey.

Subscribing to any or both of them will arm him with the required knowledge needed to be a solid support system for her.

10. He should avoid getting drunk.9 Things Husbands should not do during pregnancy

Excessive intake of alcohol can lead to poor decision-making.

This is not a good time for irresponsible drinking, as his pregnant wife needs his clear mind and sanity.

Drunkenness can impact his ability to be there for his wife and child.

Moreover, it can be very upsetting for a pregnant woman to see her husband under the influence.


Overall, I think both expectant parents feel the pressure that comes with pregnancy and childbearing.

Therefore, the intent of this article is not to lay down hard and fast rules for the father, making him feel like a culprit.

There are, however, great suggestions as to how to have a less rigorous pregnancy experience with fewer abrasions, as many couples seem to get into avoidable arguments during this phase, especially first-time parents.

If these things are well avoided, celebrating the pregnancy and sharing the joy and excitement it brings will be much easier.


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