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''To be honest, I loved her body shape!''

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Omobolanle, a quantity surveyor, is married to Temitope, a management consultant, and i call them ‘power couple’. Find out why in their interview: 

How long have you been married?

Temitope: Less than a year, about five months.

Omobolanle: 5 months, one week.

How did you meet?

Temitope: I met her in the higher institution. She was a pre-degree student while I was a university diploma student. That was the first time I noticed this charming and wonderful lady that evolves butterflies in my tummy. Later when we both entered the university degree programmes, we became classmates. Eureka!

Omobolanle: Well, we were classmates, level mates and all that. He was the extremely intelligent one in class. Always topping the class in tests and exams and I was like, it wouldn’t be bad to have this guy as a friend o. Nothing personal. I just wanted him to be a friend because the guy is damn good, especially that I had dreams of graduating with a first class. Lol, I wish! 

On his while, he saw this slim, smart and beautiful babe, me and was crushing on her. He came to introduce himself to me which I can’t even remember. I just knew we became friends somehow. Then when I moved to my apartment which was so close to his house, he told me that was one of his best days. He’d teach me difficult modules, help me with stuff and was a good friend. 

It was in our Part three in University; he asked me out. Took me six months or thereabouts to give my consent. I like that he didn’t pressure me. He left me alone to make my choice. He’s smart and confident like that. 

I gave my consent to start a relationship with him because we shared same values: sexual and all. I saw him as focused, ambitious and reasonable. I wanted somebody who would not pressure me for sex, a well self-controlled man. Specifically, I desired to do it first and last. I didn’t like all the heartbreaks I saw my sisters and friends go through. Ha! It brought tears and heartaches. To God be the glory, I got that! I am his first, and he’s mine as well. 

We were successfully able to combine academics and our relationship. In class, we were classmates. Outside, we were lovers. He graduated with a First Class Honours as the best in the department and Faculty while I was rated the most improved student who rose from a Third Class Grade to a Second Class Upper Division. We were the talk of Uni. Everyone wanted to know how we did it. Lecturers used us as great examples (even though some of them were sceptical at the onset). Younger ones wanted to know how we successfully combined both without one or both falling apart. I’d say, we were focused. We helped each other a lot. He was the one doing more of the helping though because he’s the smarter one who grabs things faster.

What attracted you to him/her?

Temitope: To be honest, I loved her body shape and chocolate colour! She was smart with her carriage, and I loved that. I later got to know more about her virtues about chastity and the fact that she loved books. She’s a wealth of knowledge. There was more to the body I needed to find out!

Omobolanle: His values did. They suited mine perfectly. He is also a purpose-driven person. He knew what he wanted to achieve and made concrete steps to achieve them. He’d always put me on my toes to achieve great things. His intelligence. The guy is hot! His brain boils. He’s a whizkid. Not just academically but he can hold concrete conversation concerning almost any area of life. 

What do you appreciate about him/her?

Temitope: Her virtues and beliefs about family! She is a wise lady!  


Omobolanle: His values. He puts reason before emotions. His love for God. I also love the fact that he stretches me to achieve more than I think I can do. He’s very passionate about my career growth and ensures that while he’s climbing the ladder of success, I am also not lagging behind. I like that he comes home always to be with me. He doesn’t smoke or drink nor socialise with friends at the expense of his home. He’s homely, and I always make the home always conducive for him. 


What do you wish he/she improve on? 

Temitope: Food, food and food!!! The irony is she’s not the type that likes cooking, I didn’t just find out today though…and I’m not usually around as well to eat the food too, so it compounds things. Lol…

Omobolanle: He is not as organised as me. This guy can remove his clothing, shoes, socks, in the sitting room even though he knows he should do that in the bedroom. He also never returns things to its place. 

How does he/she complement you? 

Temitope: She’s a great financial manager, very disciplined money-wise! I trust her with our finances, even when I don’t trust myself. Lol…

Omobolanle: He’s a great emotional balance. While I want to do things based on what I feel at that moment, he can step in and put me in check. His suggestions never go wrong. He is also very good with proffering solutions to situations. His solutions never go wrong. He knows just how to handle almost every situation. 


Who apologises the most?

Temitope: She does. Lol…

Omobolanle: Well, I think it is whoever is wrong. If me, I do so. If him, he does so. However, with him, it’s beyond just saying sorry but stating what you are sorry for and how you intend to avoid further mistakes. 

How do you settle quarrels?

Temitope: To be honest, we talk about it, after long hours of silence (especially from me), used to be days before we got married, lol, but then she would usually call by the second day (laughs).

Omobolanle: We talk about it. I used to be one who would throw tantrums, refuse to talk, but he would never keep malice. I soon realised
I was hurting myself so I started telling him in plain terms my hurts.


What do you think are the ingredients of a happy marriage?

Temitope: Sincere and open communication! For me, this is the most important and may substitute for all! Sex is also important and finally but not the least, the G-factor, God!

Omobolanle: Can two walk together except they agree? Both parties have to be in agreement with each other with the basics. Open communication, knowledge, and understanding how to deal with the opposite sex also help. 


If there was a second life, would you love to be married to him/her?

Temitope: Mabel, when the life comes now. One life at a time!

Omobolanle: When we get to that life, I go decide. Lol.


If the person you are dating isn’t concerned about your continuous progress or if he/she is rather uncomfortable with your progress, it’s time to have a rethink about the relationship. One of the goals of a relationship is having someone who encourages you to do better in life.

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You don’t need to have a perfect marriage to be a part of this. No marriage is perfect, except the marriage supper of the lamb. Lol. 

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bukola fakayode

Thursday 5th of October 2017

Awwwww....I love this couple as wellwell done Mabel, you're amazing!

Ojo Oluwatosin

Tuesday 3rd of October 2017

Beautiful couple with an inspiring story

Rianat Opeyemi

Tuesday 3rd of October 2017

Enter your I love this

Oluwatoyin Temola

Monday 2nd of October 2017

Power couple indeed! When brainees fall in love, it's usually massive.

BTW, I love the realness of all the couples that have been interviewed. To love and to hold is a segment I can't afford to miss. Go Mabel!