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    8 Simple & Romantic Ways to Make Him/Her Feel Special This Valentine

    Valentine’s day is all about making people dear to your heart feel special, and Valentine’s day is almost upon us. Some people already have an idea of what to do on Valentine’s day and the gifts to present to their partners. But aside these, there are simple but thoughtful ways you can make your partner feel special on Valentine’s day and always. I’m sure your partner will appreciate these simple but romantic gestures when you do them not only on Valentine’s day but frequently. Let’s get to it already. How to Make Him/Her Feel Special This Valentine Send a Love Text Message Even though social media platforms have taken over…

  • adekunke gold and simi wedding
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    Why Adekunle Gold and Simi Had a Private Wedding Ceremony

    Two of Nigeria’s most loved and most talented music artists, Adekunle Kosoko, popularly known as Adekunle Gold and Simisola Ogunleye, fondly called Simi, got married recently in a very private ceremony. Nigerians literally monitored social media, especially the couple’s social media platforms some days ago for their wedding pictures and videos but there were none. Don’t blame us, we love them too much. LOL However, the groom revealed via a letter to his fans, why they chose to have a private wedding ceremony. According to him, ”Earlier in 2018, I asked my girl of 5 years to be my wife. knowing all of my imperfections and shortcomings, she said yes!…

  • Nonso Amadi - No Crime
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    Nonso Amadi – No Crime [Lyrics &mp3 download]

    Nonso Amadi “No Crime” Nonso Amadi – No Crime Lyrics [Intro] x2 Now I’m in love again And it feels like novacane All out of luck again And you know we no dey talk again Cos you want a tsunami Is everything cool mami? Don’t show me love again And it feels like Novacane Download Jeff Akoh – First Dance  [Hook] x2 Baby I want solo Baby say I want solo Can you be my lover so bad And carry all my kobo [Chorus] x2 If you give me some loving No crime, no crime, no crime Follow me to Abuja No crime, no crime, no crime Make us look…

  • Jeff Akoh first dance
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    Jeff Akoh- First Dance [Lyrics & Download]

    Jeff Akoh- First Dance Lyrics Verse 1 Came from nothing to something My world, my soul, my life To you, I give it all I give it all I give it all I’m not a poet with the poetry Or Mozart with the melody But to you, I give it all I give it all Also: Jeff Akoh- I Do  Bridge I have no worries About what life throws at me And I won’t shiver As long as you love me )x2 Chorus Love, love, love Just the way I love you Verse 2 This is a dream I don’t wanna wake from I’ll wake up in the morning to…

  • Timi-Dakolo-I-Never-Know-Say
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    Timi Dakolo- I Never Know Say [mp3 Download & Video]

    Iyawo Mi crooner, Timi Dakolo drops a new single titled, I Never Know Say which is apparently dedicated to his wife. Timi Dakolo never disappoints. And what a perfect time to release this jam. It’s almost the end of the year and it’s the season of love and celebration. Enjoy I Never know Say and if you’re having your wedding in December, inform your DJ to include I Never Know Say in his list of songs for you. Timi Dakolo- I Never Know Say Lyrics Sweetie banana Your love be like sugar When you love me You dey kill me softly Your touch is amazing each time But I have to tell…

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    The Secret Ingredient to Building Lasting Relationships

    When I say relationships, I mean all kinds of it – friendships, romantic relationships, work place relationships, parent-child relationships, housemates, every kind of relationship you can ever think of. Relationships come in all shapes and sizes and inasmuch as we would love them to go on forever, sometimes they are cut short. In some cases, these relationships are cut off intentionally. In some others, sadly, they are not intentional. Friction, misunderstanding, change of plans, cheating, ego, pressure, anything can cause a relationship to unintentionally disrupt. What if I told you that there is a secret to building very lasting relationships? We may think that relationships are just meant to be…

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    ”To be honest, I loved her body shape!”

    Omobolanle, a quantity surveyor, is married to Temitope, a management consultant, and i call them ‘power couple’. Find out why in their interview:  How long have you been married? Temitope: Less than a year, about five months. Omobolanle: 5 months, one week. How did you meet? Temitope: I met her in the higher institution. She was a pre-degree student while I was a university diploma student. That was the first time I noticed this charming and wonderful lady that evolves butterflies in my tummy. Later when we both entered the university degree programmes, we became classmates. Eureka! Omobolanle: Well, we were classmates, level mates and all that. He was the…

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    TLTH: ”We know the passwords to each other’s phones and ATM cards.”

    Bimbola, a graduate of English Language, is married to Olusola, a graduate of Computer Science, and they are both ministers of the gospel. Amazing! Enjoy their insightful and hilarious interview: How did you meet? Olusola: It was on a Saturday when I needed to buy airtime for an urgent call I needed to make, and every shop on my street was either closed or not having airtime to sell at that time. I had to walk a twenty-year journey in twenty minutes, just to get the airtime – something that wouldn’t take me more than two minutes on a normal day. After finally getting the airtime and waiting to load it, I sighted her.…

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    TLTH: ”I treat my wife the way I want my daughter to be treated,” says Taiwo.

    Taiwo- A Priest, The Convener of “The Making of An Asset” & ‘Rising Above Limitation” is married to Feyisayo, a graduate of Accounting. Enjoy their interview:  How long have you been married? Feyisayo: By God’s grace, it is going to 5 years. Taiwo: We shall celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary by November 10. How did you meet? Feyisayo: We met when we were in school; he was the Prayer Coordinator of my fellowship. He became close to my friend and we got talking when I saw that he was very consistent and he knew what he wanted. I didn’t want to give him attention (because I didn’t want any brother…

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    ”Ours was love at first chat”

      Olalekan, a blogger and love doctor is married to Oluwakemi, a registered nurse and a writer. Enjoy their amazing interview:   How long have you been married? Customarily, we got married on the 20th of August, 2016. That’s 1 year, 1 month. How did you meet?   Kemi: I met him online through my friend who owns this blog.   Lekan: It was love at first chat. I talked with Olubunmi Mabel for the first time on the 10th of January, 2016 and she told me she had a friend like that. So we had a chat on WhatsApp that night and in just 12 days, we started the thing.…

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    To Love and To Hold : ”She trusts people easily.”

    Abdulkadir, a Geologist is married to Bola, a civil servant working at the Foreign Service sector. Enjoy their interview : How long have you been married?  Bola : 17 years. Abdulkadir : 17 years.  How did you meet?  Bola : Through a fellow corp member. Abdulkadir : We met through someone. What attracted you to him/her? Bola : His honesty. Abdulkadir : Her simplicity and truthfulness.  What do you appreciate about him/her?  Bola : He’s very kind, supportive and empathetic.  Abdulkadir : She’s caring and intelligent. What do you wish he/she improves on? Bola : His temper. Abdulkadir : She trusts people easily. How does he/she complement you?  Bola : Playing certain motherly…

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    To Love and To Hold (TLTH) : ”She should stop procrastinating and learn to save more.”

    Adebola Enoch, a Pastor and Project Manager, is married to Olubunmi Mabel, a Writer, Registered Nurse and a graduate of Psychology. Enjoy their interview : How long have you been married?  Adebola : One year, six months. Bunmi : Yes, we were legally married a year before the traditional marriage. What attracted you to him/her?  Bunmi : His love for God and the things of God, humility, he is disciplined, serious-minded and of course, handsome. Lol. Adebola: Love for God, beauty, focus, and intelligence. What do you appreciate about him/her? Bunmi : He’s vision-minded and strategic, I mean, he plans well and thinks of the future, he listens to me…

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             Last year, a certain Facebook friend wooed me. He told me he was in love with me and would love to marry me. I kept on declining while he remained persistent. He wasn’t my type; I wasn’t attracted to him in any way, even though he was quite good-looking and gainfully employed. Plus, I was in a relationship. I would have blocked him, but he was maturely insistent. So I thought it wasn’t a crime to ask a lady out.             To my utmost shock early this year, I saw his post and pictures, celebrating his three years wedding anniversary. I was like, ’’ OMG!!! Like…

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                    Perhaps one of the most discussed issues in marriage is infidelity, popularly known as ‘cheating’. People keep asking, ‘’Why do men cheat?’’ as if women are not involved in this business too. Lol. Would it be safe to say that men cheat more than women? Well, as a social scientist, I wouldn’t make such a hasty conclusion until there is a research to confirm that. So two weeks ago, I ran an opinion poll on my Facebook timeline, asking if people would forgive their partner(s) if they cheated on them. I asked the question because each time someone, usually a woman, laments on social media that her husband cheated…