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How To Turn The Tables When He Pulls Away: 7 Proven Ways To Make Him Beg

How To Turn The Tables When He Pulls Away: 7 Proven Ways To Make Him Beg

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If you are looking for ways that show you how to turn the tables when he pulls away, you’re in the right place.

This article contains knowledge every woman must possess in case she needs it.

You must know how to turn the tables on your man when he pulls away.

This knowledge will make you a more powerful woman.

If you are here to learn this, I’m guessing you have noticed your partner pulling away from you recently.

Things seemed to be going well between you two, there were no fights or issues, but he just pulled away.

His actions scream torture to you because it pulls a plethora of questions into your head.

And because usually when men do this, they do not communicate, it is difficult for you to know why they are acting so.

There are different reasons men pull away, but we aren’t discussing them.

This article will teach women what to do when it happens and how to reverse the situation against the man.

You do not have to remain a damsel in distress for something you do not even understand.

Follow these seven steps to gain back control.


How To Turn The Tables When He Pulls Away

1. Get your emotions under control

how to turn the tables when he pulls away

As I said, this is a frustrating place to be in, so I’m not ignoring it will not be easy to switch off the panic button just like that.

You will panic and may even get heartbroken because you do not know why he is doing this.

Yet, you have to choose between remaining emotionally wrecked and taking control.

So, allow the emotions to flow for a short while, and cry if you need to but rise like the lioness you are and shut them out.

You have given your emotions time to shine.

It’s now time for YOU to shine.


2. Don’t assume the worst but be prepared for it

how to turn the tables when he pulls away

Get your mind to a state where you create a balance between understanding that his pulling away may be due to something personal he is facing, and this may spell doom for your relationship.

Create a healthy divide between the two because I do not want you to assume that he is cheating or about to leave you for good.

Such thoughts can make you weak, heartbroken in advance, unloving, and unnecessarily mean to him.

We do not want that.

We also do not want you to become a mess if you eventually find out these thoughts were correct.

We aim to turn the tables and make him want to come back, and we can not achieve that if you assume the worst and act based on that.

So while worst-case scenario thoughts may try to fill your mind, keep them away.


3. Be kind and courteous to him

how to turn the tables when he pulls away

I know. I know.

You want more actionable and stricter steps but start softly.

Be warm and kind to your partner when he pulls away.

This step is only for a short while.

Put a few calls across, do something nice for him, and generally show him care.

Never do it in a way that comes across as desperate.

Be as friendly and kind as possible.

This step may do the magic, and you may not need the remaining steps.

If this does not work, it is time to switch things up.


4. Focus on you

how to turn the tables when he pulls away

Everybody needs some time to focus on themselves and do some introspecting.

We do not get that a lot when we’re in a relationship, so this is the perfect time for you to focus on yourself and analyze your thoughts.

Choose focusing on yourself over crying about his actions and thinking about them nonstop.

Take some time out to think about your love life and assess yourself.

Have you been loving right and being kind to your partner?

Could your actions have fueled his pulling away?

However, do not spend too much time on these thoughts.

Once you have accurately assessed yourself, taken notes, and decided to do better if you need to, it is time to focus on yourself.

Take yourself out, and stop looking at your phone countless times, waiting for him to call.

Hang out with your friends, engage in your hobbies and passions more, and explore those healthy things you may have put aside because of your relationship.

You will feel happier and more confident. Plus, you will look more attractive.

Never forget to look good and post photos.

Avoid overdoing it, though.

We are not trying to look desperate.


5. Don’t act thirsty

how to turn the tables when he pulls away

An example of acting thirsty is grabbing at any opportunity to speak with him.

Act calculative by responding slowly to him if he starts reaching out to you again after some time.

He ghosted you before and needs to taste what he serves too.

If you answer him immediately, it shows you are okay with what he did.

But you aren’t, so make that clear to him.

He must understand that while you love him, and desire to be with him, you have self-respect.

If he plays around, he will lose you, and it will be his loss.

So, act mature and normal if he tries to message you.

If he returns to you and begins to show love again, do not show any signs of excitement.

Act as if nothing happened, and go along with the flow but put in minimal effort.

You will likely make him feel guilty.

Watch out for his attempt to explain himself or make it up to you.


6. Turn the tables psychologically

how to turn the tables when he pulls away
Here is the part where you use reverse psychology to make him do what you desire.

Reverse psychology means asking him to do something you do not want to make him do what you want.

In this case, rather than begging and asking why he pulled away, act like you love how he has pulled away, then subtly push him further away.

While he may expect you to be whining and asking questions, surprise him by giving him space.

Inform him that you have noticed his distance and decided to give him the space he needs to take care of himself.

If done right, this will make him want the opposite and reach for it with the speed of light.


7. Pull away and thrive

how to turn the tables when he pulls away

Here is a solid step best used on a man who has done this more than once.

At this point, you turn the tables.

You do this by grabbing the pulling-away wheels from his hands and steering them yourself.

Tell him that you need some time for yourself and have to handle stuff alone so you gotta go for now.

He is sure going to be confused and scared to lose you.

What you need to do next is begin to do well without him.

No one is indispensable, so no matter how hurt you feel about his actions, you still have a chance to be happy and thrive, and that is what you should do.

Be happy and bring out your inner glow.

Do this moderately, though.

You do not want to make him feel useless to you.

But what you need to stay away from is making him see you miserable.

Be genuinely happy and peaceful, and he will come running back.

But whether he does or not, you have your peace.



A partner who you thought loved you and wouldn’t do without you suddenly becoming cold and distant is one of the most hurtful things ever.

But avoid letting it get the best of you because you still have your life to live.

Face the situation.

Sometimes, it may not be as serious as it looks to you.

Maybe, a lot is going on with him, and you are unaware of why he is distant.

Or maybe there is an issue, and your relationship is at risk because he’s losing interest.

Use the tips above to turn the situation around on him, and if he repeats it, you need to have a conversation.

How To Turn The Tables When He Pulls Away

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