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17 Solid Reasons Why Ghosters Always Come Back

17 Solid Reasons Why Ghosters Always Come Back

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Ever wondered why ghosters always come back?

Then you should read this.

Being ghosted sucks

You thought things were going well, only to have the person you care about suddenly disappear without any explanation. 

But sometimes, ghosters come back.

They may reappear out of the blue, weeks or even months after disappearing.

Maybe they realized they made a mistake in ghosting you, and they want to try again.

Or maybe they were going through a tough time when they first disappeared, and they need your support now.

So, let’s take a quick look at why ghosters always come back.

Why Ghosters Always Come Back

1.They miss you

why ghosters always come back

They may not admit it, but they realize they missed you too much to stay away.

They miss your company, your conversations, your laughs.

And so they come back, hoping to pick up where they left off.

Of course, it’s not always that simple.

After being ghosted, it can be hard to trust someone again.

But if they’re truly sorry for what they did, it may be worth giving them another chance.


2. They’re not good communicators

Ghosters also tend to be bad communicators generally — either because they don’t want to share their feelings with others or don’t know how to listen well enough to understand what others are saying about their feelings.

If you’ve ever been ghosted on by someone who didn’t seem like a jerk when you were talking to them but then vanished into thin air after making plans with you, they might just be poor communicators who realized their mistake.


3. They are guilty

Why Ghosters Always Come Back

Ghosting is a cowardly way to leave someone, but it’s not always malicious.

Some people just want to cut their losses and get out of a relationship that isn’t working.

They may feel guilty about ending things without warning and want to explain themselves and make things right again — even if it means a little groveling.


4. They’re lonely

Ghosters also reappear because they have no one else and no one to talk to or share their feelings with.

It’s easy to feel lonely when you don’t have anyone around, and if they’ve already tried dating apps but didn’t have any luck finding someone else, then they’ll probably want to reconnect with you because they miss having someone special in their lives who cares about them and wants to spend time with them.


5. They’re afraid of commitment

why ghosters always come back

Some people don’t want to commit to a serious relationship because doing so would mean giving up their freedom and independence.

Ghosting allows them to remain unattached for as long as possible without having to deal with the consequences of being in an exclusive relationship with someone else.

A ghoster who has tried dating other people and doesn’t want to commit will come back to you to pick up from where he left off. 


6. They’re afraid of being vulnerable

Ghosters have a hard time opening up to others because they feel like they’ll be judged or rejected if they share their true feelings.

They may even think that other people won’t understand them at all because they aren’t like everyone else.

They think that if they give too much of themselves away, then another person could use it against them somehow and make them feel bad about themselves.

But really, ghosters are just scared of being vulnerable because it makes them feel weak and exposed — two things no one wants to feel when interacting with another person.

Someone who ghosted you because they are afraid of being vulnerable might come back.


7. They still have feelings for you

Why Ghosters Always Come Back

Some people are too scared to admit their feelings for their partner, so they choose to ignore them instead of confronting them head-on. 

Instead of telling you how they feel about you, they simply disappear from your life without any warning whatsoever.

So they might reach out to you later because their feelings for you has refused to disappear.


8. You are an ego boost for them

Ghosters always come back because you’re their ego boost.

The fact that you’re so into them means that they can use your attention as validation for their self worth.

They need to know that they are appreciated, wanted and desired by others i.e you.

They want someone who makes them feel important again.


9. They think they did nothing wrong

why ghosters always come back

It’s not a weird coincidence that ghosters come back. 

Ghosters often don’t realize that what they did was a big deal.

They may feel like they were in an honest relationship with you, or they may feel like they simply weren’t ready to commit yet.

They just don’t see themselves as being in the wrong when they disappear on someone without warning or explanation.

They are clueless!


10. They Come Back For S*x

why ghosters always come back

The typical ghoster isn’t ready to commit to a relationship. 

And it’s not because they don’t like you, but they choose to ghost you to enjoy the benefits of being in a relationship without having to be in one.

They want someone who will pick up their call when they’re lonely or depressed, but they’ll avoid them if things are going too well with them. 

They might come back when their life is going through some upheaval. 

They want the best of both worlds: the company of someone interesting and smart, but also complete freedom from commitment and any strings that might tie them down. 

Ghosters are known for coming back into your life out of nowhere just because they miss rolling in the hay with you.


11. They are confused

Ghosters always come back because they are confused.

They don’t know what they want so they need attention fromyou to decide how they feel about you.


12. It’s fun for them

This is what ghosters do.

They come back and try to make everything okay again, even though they know they’ve hurt you.

They want to be friends with you again so badly that they’ll do anything it takes to get back in your good graces.

And it’s because deep down inside, it’s fun for them.


13. They assume you’ll still be there for them

Ghosters usually come back because they assume you’ll still be there for them, even though you’ve been forced to move on and find other people in your life who want to stay committed to their partners instead of running away from them at the first sign of trouble.

Why would ghosters come back if they didn’t assume their victims would still be there for them?


14. They want to feel powerful

The ghoster wants to feel powerful—he wants you to wonder if he’s still thinking about you, if he wants to get back together with you, if he’ll ever speak to you again.

He gets off on having control over your emotions and actions.

Ghosters also want control over their own lives by refusing responsibility for their actions and making others feel powerless by denying them closure or an explanation as to why things ended before they were ready for them to end.


15. They think they can still “win” you back

Ghosters often think that if they just wait long enough, they can eventually convince their exes to take them back.

It’s possible that they’re right — but only if you’re still emotionally invested in the relationship as well.

If you’ve moved on and aren’t interested in reconciling, then this strategy won’t work.


16. They’re not ready to let go

Why Ghosters Always Come Back

Ghosting doesn’t mean someone isn’t into you or attracted to you anymore — it just means they don’t want to continue dating you right now.

Ghosting is a cowardly way of breaking up because it allows the ghoster to avoid talking about their feelings.

But many ghosters are still attached to their exes and don’t want to let them go, even though they’re unwilling or unable to communicate that fact. 


17. You’re a catch

You’re smart, you’re kind, you’re talented and you’re successful.

You’ve got a lot going for you and people want to be around you.

You’re great at what you do and that’s why people want to be around you.

And because of that, ghosters always come back.

They see that they made a mistake when they ghosted on you and that they want to fix it because they know they’ll regret it if they don’t.

They know that if they don’t apologize now, then there will never be another chance for them to do so because you’ll have moved on with your life and found someone else who appreciates all the wonderful things about yourself that this person took for granted.


If you decide that you want to try and get back together with a person who has ghosted you, be prepared for some resistance. 

And keep in mind that ghosters are usually selfish individuals who do not care about other people’s feelings or emotions.

They only care about themselves and how they feel at any given moment.

So if you decide to give them another chance, know that it may happen again and again until you finally break up with them for good.


Why Ghosters Always Come Back






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