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How to Glow Up Physically, Mentally & Emotionally

How to Glow Up Physically, Mentally & Emotionally

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Are you thinking of how to glow up?

Your journey to glowing up starts with the desire to build more confidence and be better in 

You might want more self-confidence but are unsure how to do it.

In this piece, I’ll take you through what you can do to achieve a physical glow-up.

First, let’s see what it means to glow up.


What Is A Glow Up?

Glowing up can mean different things for different people.

For some people, it can mean a pronounced and improved difference between a picture of themselves from five to ten years ago and a picture of themselves this year.

You’ll easily find a total transformation in the recent picture.

For some, it can be a change or an upgrade in their taste and sense of fashion.

Perhaps, their glow up means a wardrobe overhaul to fit into the current trending society.

For others, it can mean embracing their physical appearance and flaunting what they found in the past, otherwise appalling and demeaning.

Yet again, some people just rely on their genes to do the transformation for them.

For instance, they can grow from puberty to adulthood and look like entirely different individuals.

Whatever your definition of glow up may be, you have to bear in mind, however, that getting the physical glow can take some time ranging from a few months to even years.

So, what are the things you can do to achieve not just a physical glow up, but also a mental and emotional one??


How To Glow Up Physically, Mentally & Emotionally

  1. Embrace a Good Skincare Routine

How to Glow Up

The skin needs a routine to glow.

This is especially important for acne-prone and sensitive skin types.

While physical appearance isn’t everything, you can’t deny that looking good on the outside adds an extra spring to your steps and boosts your carriage whenever you are in public glare.

You’ll find that taking care of your skin makes you feel good.

So, it’s a two-way thing – you look good and feel good about yourself simultaneously.

Awesome, isn’t it?


2. Eat Healthy and Balanced Foods

How to Glow Up fast

The foods you eat are some of the main things that will affect the physical appearance of your skin.

Depending on their constituents, they can give your skin a healthy look or further break it.

For instance, your skin stands a higher chance of getting an even and bright complexion if you constantly eat foods that are rich in antioxidants.

Foods such as strawberries, blueberries, and fruits such as oranges that contain a high amount of vitamin C fight and repair skin damage.


3. Drink Lots of Water

How to Glow Up overnight

Do you know that drinking lots of water do wonders for your skin?

In addition to getting rid of toxins from your body, it keeps you hydrated.

When you take lots of water, you’ll notice that your skin looks more supple, radiant, and healthier.

So, add this to your glow up list and thank me later.


4. Wear Makeup That Improves Your Features

Most people know that they should wear makeup that flatters their features, but not everyone knows how to do it.

If you want to glow up, it’s important to choose the right makeup for your face.

Never underestimate the power of makeup on your glow up journey.

It can improve your natural features, thereby making you look more refined.

When you wear the appropriate makeup, it gives you a healthier and glowing appearance.


5. Go for a Hairstyle That Fits Your Face Shape

How to Glow Up naturally

Hairstyles that do not fit your facial features will make you look weird and draw attention to you.

I’ll advise you to find the hairstyles that fit your facial features and rock them well.

Not to worry, there are always different hairstyles for different facial features to suit your budget.


6. Exercise Regularly

How to Glow Up

The importance of exercise cannot be overemphasized.

Don’t just see exercise as essential; see it as a necessity due to its numerous benefits.

Exercising regularly can help you glow up in addition to helping you stay in shape or lose weight.

They also, exercising releases endorphins in the body.

It is the hormone responsible for making you feel energetic and happy.

Why not start exercising regularly and begin to reap all the healthy benefits of exercise?


7. Try Out Lymphatic Massages

How to Glow Up in one week

Lymphatic massages have a lot of benefits.

They flush toxins and lymph fluids out of the body, making the skin supple and giving it a healthy glow.

Similarly, they boost the immune system and enhance general body wellness.


8. Smile Regularly and Stand Up Straight

How to Glow Up Physically, Mentally & Emotionally

Smiling regularly and standing up straight gives you a good feeling about yourself.

And what did they say about feeling good about yourself?

Your self-confidence spreads all over your body.

Tell me, what’s more, attractive in a person than their self-confidence?


So, quit slacking when you’re on your feet.

You should also smile more while at it!


9. Wear Clothes You Feel Beautiful and Confident In

how to have a glow up

Your dressing goes hand in hand with how you feel.

If you wear clothes that boost your confidence and make you feel beautiful, it surely radiates on the outside.

Dressing well is one of the easiest ways to be on your physical glow up the journey. 

People usually tap energy from the aura you give off, and they tend to respond in equal measures.

Dressing well is not rocket science too.

Just play around with styles and colors to see what works for you, and you’re on your way to glowing up!


10. Get Enough Sleep

The list of things to do to glow up can never be complete without the presence of enough sleep.

Not only is getting enough sleep going to improve your physical appearance, but it’ll also help you stay fit all around.

Getting enough sleep is good for your health.

The absence of enough sleep can lead to a dull appearance of the skin, eye bags and circles forming around the eyes, and wrinkles and puffiness in the face.

Now, you don’t want any of that, do you?

Get enough sleep, then.


11. Get Rid of Toxic Relationships

How to Glow Up Physically, Mentally & Emotionally

If you want to glow up, getting rid of toxic people in your life is non-negotiable.

Toxic people are the people who drag you down, make you feel bad about yourself, and generally add negative energy to your life.

They might be friends, lovers, family members, or even co-workers.

But whatever their relationship to you, it’s important to cut them out of your life if you want to start glowing up.

Of course, it’s not always easy to get rid of toxic people.

Sometimes they’re so ingrained in your life that it feels impossible to imagine life without them.

But it’s important to remember that you don’t have to keep them in your life just because they’re there.

If they’re making you unhappy, it’s time to let them go.

To get rid of toxic people, recognize that they’re toxic.

Once you’ve done that, you can start distancing yourself from them.

This might mean spending less time with them, or even breaking off ties completely.

It’s up to you how much contact you have with them, but the important thing is that you make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of negativity in your life.


12. Forgive Yourself and Others

Most people go through their lives holding on to grudges and resentments.

Whether it’s from a past mistake or hurtful words from someone else, these negative feelings can weigh us down and prevent us from moving on.

If you want to glow up and achieve your full potential, it’s important to forgive yourself and others.

Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting or condoning what happened; it just means releasing the anger and negativity so you can focus on the present.

When you let go of the past, you open yourself up to new possibilities and opportunities.

So forgive yourself for your mistakes, and forgive others for their hurtful words.

Only then can you start glowing up and living your best life.


13. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that everyone else is doing better than you, but the truth is that everyone has their own unique journey.

Instead of comparing yourself to others, focus on your own personal growth.

Set your goals and strive to reach them.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t reach them right away – remember, it’s all about the journey, not the destination.

Embrace your unique self and let your light shine.

Don’t let anyone else dim your sparkle.

You are on your own path to greatness, so keep your head up and keep moving forward.


14. Keep a Positive Attitude

How to Glow Up physically

There is no glowing up without a positive attitude.

A positive attitude is a key to success in anything you do.

It’s an essential step in taking control of your life and making things happen.

A positive attitude will give you the motivation to keep going when things get tough, and it will help you attract positive people and experiences into your life.

If you want to glow up, keep a positive attitude.

Here are some tips:

– Wake up each day with a positive outlook.

This sets the tone for the rest of your day and helps you to see the good in every situation.

– Fill your mind with positive thoughts.

When you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, consciously switch to thinking about something positive instead.

Over time, this will become second nature.

– Practice gratitude.

Be thankful for all the good things in your life, no matter how small. Expressing gratitude will help you to attract more good things into your life.

– Be kind to yourself.

Treat yourself with compassion and understanding, just as you would treat a loved one.

Give yourself permission to make mistakes – we all do! – and focus on learning from them rather than beating yourself up over them.

– Smile.

Not only does smiling make you look more attractive, but it also makes you glow.


Signs of a Glow Up?

What are the signs of a glow up?

How do you know that you are glowing up after practicing the steps listed above?

Well, there is no formula for these things, but the most common signs of a glow up include a boost in your self-esteem, confidence, overall happiness, and, of course, enhanced physical appearance.

This will lead to an increase in your participation in social activities.

That aside, whenever you begin to pick up positive vibes about yourself on your glow up journey, be aware that it might just start showing physically.

All the best!

How to Glow Up Physically, Mentally & Emotionally

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