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How to Turn Your Husband On & Make Him Beg For More

How to Turn Your Husband On & Make Him Beg For More

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It’s a common belief that men are more interested in sex than women.

While there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s not so in many homes.

The problem is that many wives don’t understand how to turn their husbands on, making it seem like women want it less than men.

If you want to show your man you are not just badass in the boardroom, kitchen, and labor room/operating theater (whatever your case is) but also in the bedroom, you are welcome to the right page!

Also, if your husband has shown less interest in physical intimacy, it can be frustrating.

You may feel unattractive, unloved, and unappreciated.

This article will give you some ideas on how to turn your husband on and get him freaky with you.

Let’s go!

How To Turn Your Husband On

1. Take care of yourself

How to Turn Your Husband On

It’s no secret that men are attracted to attractive women, but most wives don’t realize how important it is for them to take care of themselves physically.

That means eating healthy food, exercising regularly and taking care of your appearance (makeup and hair).

If you don’t feel good about yourself, neither will he.

In order for your husband to be turned on by you, you have to first be turned on by yourself.

If you’re not in love with yourself, how can he be?

Confidence is sexy as hell!


2. Tell him you want to make love

The most obvious way to turn him on is to tell him that you want to have sex with him.

The best way to do this is to actually mean it, but there’s no harm in dropping hints or saying things like, “I’m not wearing any panties”

Work on your confidence and go for your man.


3. Touch him

How to Turn Your Husband On

The best way to turn your husband on is through touch.

Men love to be touched, just as much as women do.

And, the more you touch him, the more he will want you.

Touching your husband can be a great way to turn him on because it’s intimate and shows that you care about him as a person rather than just as a sexual partner.

You can touch his arm during dinner or give him a hug when he comes through the door after work.

Touching also helps build intimacy between the two of you, which is important for building trust in your relationship and making love more exciting later on.

Touch him in private places too.

Men are just as sensitive as women when it comes to touch, so don’t be afraid to pull his hair or squeeze his butt when he’s not expecting it.


4. Talk dirty

There’s nothing like a few naughty words to get things started in the bedroom, but if you’re not comfortable with talking dirty, try some sexy text messages instead.

Texting can be an excellent way to let your husband know how much you desire him without having to actually talk face-to-face.

Tell him how much you want him, and what you’re going to do to him.

If he’s not a big talker, come up with some sexy phrases ahead of time so that when the moment strikes, you’re ready with something that will get his attention.


5. Pull out all the stops (literally)

Turn off the lights and light some candles or incense before your next romp in bed.

The dim lighting will make it easier for you and your hubby to focus on each other instead of being distracted by TV shows or from other things in the house.


6. Be spontaneous

If he starts to feel like you only want to have sex when he asks or expects it, then he’ll start to feel like there’s no point asking or expecting at all.

So make sure to sneak in some spontaneous moments.

I recommend planned sex for busy couples who forget to get intimate.

However, spontaneity also helps to spice things up in the bedroom. 

Stop being predictable and turn your man on by making him guess what next you are up to.


7. Pay attention to his body language

Sometimes the best way to know what turns him on is by paying attention to the signals he gives off when he thinks no one else notices.

For example, if he touches himself while watching a movie with lots of romantic actions, he probably likes those things in real life too.

Don’t hesitate to try those things with him.

You can seek his permission to be sure though.


8. Make eye contact 

Look him in the eyes when talking and keep it there until he looks away first.

This will let him know that you are interested in him and ready to do wild things with him.


9. Compliment him

Just like women need compliments from their partners, men need them too.

A man’s ego is very fragile and if you could take a moment to compliment his efforts at work or help around the house, it would make him feel good about himself and he’ll definitely appreciate it.


10. Wear something sexy

Once in a while, buy some new lingerie and show off the beautiful woman he married.

Men are visual creatures.

If you want your husband to be turned on by looking at you, then you need to dress in a way that makes him want to look at your body.

That does not mean that you have to wear something revealing or sexy all the time, but there are certain outfits that will make him more likely to notice what is underneath those clothes.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve gained a few pounds due to pregnancy and the stress of married life and child rearing, a man who loves you will still find you attractive.

Good men know that beauty is more than the physical. 


11. Give him a massage with some scented lotion

How to Turn Your Husband On

Have you ever noticed that, when you give your husband a massage with scented lotion, he seems to be more in the mood?

If you want to turn your husband on, give him a massage with some scented lotion.

The scent of essential oils can be extremely arousing for both men and women, but especially men.

So why not give him a little surprise?

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy: just pick up some coconut oil or almond oil at the store and add a few drops of your favorite scent (or several different ones if you want).

Then rub it into the skin on his back while he’s lying on the bed after a long day at work.

It’s an easy way to show him how much you care and make him feel really relaxed.

Just think about how much he loves when you rub his shoulders after a long day at work or give him back rubs when he’s tense.

You can do the same thing for him whenever you want to get lucky in the bedroom.


12. Be present in the moment

How to Turn Your Husband On

As women, our minds are usually filled with many tasks to tick off our to-do list.

Even during a romantic session with our spouses, our brains are filled with things we haven’t yet done and have to do, this causes us to not be present in the moment.

If you are serious about learning how to turn your husband on, you have to learn how to be present.

Believe me, I’m also guilty of this.

It takes discipline and practice to be present. 

So if you catch yourself daydreaming or worrying about other things while trying to get it on with your husband, bring your mind back to the present.


13. Take charge

Being in charge is a huge turn-on for men, so if you want your husband to be hot and bothered by you, it’s important that you take the lead.

That doesn’t mean being bossy or demanding—it means being assertive.

Tell him what you need, what you want, when you need it and how much of it.

But don’t wait around for him to come up with the plan: tell him exactly what will make you happy.

Be a boss lady in the bedroom!


14. Try new positions

One of the best way to keep things exciting in the bedroom is by trying out new positions every once in a while.

You can’t go wrong with missionary or doggy style positions — they’re both classic favorites — but don’t be afraid to get creative either.

There are plenty of other fun ways that you can enjoy each other’s bodies without being monotonous. 


15. Don’t be afraid of rejection

If you’re not sure if he’ll enjoy something new, ask him before trying it — no matter how embarrassing it might seem,

If he says ‘no’, say ‘OK’ and move on.

No one should ever feel pressured into doing anything they don’t want to do, and most importantly, don’t take rejection personally.

It’s not about you.


16. Be playful


How to Turn Your Husband On

If you want to turn your husband on, playfulness is the key—in the house, especially in the bedroom.

There’s nothing more fun than getting your husband to loosen up and have some fun.

When you’re playful with him, it shows that you’re not taking yourself too seriously — and that can be a big turn-on for him.

Men are attracted to women who are playful and confident.

Take a break from practicality and go for something that’ll make you both laugh.

Just relax.

Sex should be fun.


17. Agree on boundaries up front

It’s important to agree on boundaries up front, so you can both feel comfortable exploring each other’s fantasies.

That way, when you’re doing something that your partner is into, they’ll be able to let you know if what you’re doing hits a sore spot or makes them uncomfortable.

You might also talk about what kinds of things are out-of-bounds altogether.

I hope this article has given you some ideas on how to turn your husband on.

How to Turn Your Husband On

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C. Roland

Sunday 19th of May 2024

My guy has ED. I’m sure he is quite embarrassed. Now he pushes me away no matter how I approach him. I know this is an issue but he won’t talk about it. He won’t try to be intimate even just lying down together and just being present in the moment. We are in our 70’s but we can still spend some quality time together. Granted, we don’t romp like we use to so I am willing to just “be” together and I am willing to just satisfy him which I enjoy. I like to crawl down and rest my head on a pillow and just hum away. He wont let me even do that anymore. Granted if I do I try to prolong it for “us” (I call it pillow talk). There is no closeness or intimacy at all and I sometimes give up trying. Solution?