To Love and To Hold : ''She trusts people easily.''

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Abdulkadir, a Geologist is married to Bola, a civil servant working at the Foreign Service sector. Enjoy their interview :

How long have you been married? 

Bola : 17 years.

Abdulkadir : 17 years.

 How did you meet? 

Bola : Through a fellow corp member.

Abdulkadir : We met through someone.

What attracted you to him/her?

Bola : His honesty.

Abdulkadir : Her simplicity and truthfulness.

What do you appreciate about him/her? 

Bola : He’s very kind, supportive and empathetic.
Abdulkadir : She’s caring and intelligent.
What do you wish he/she improves on?

Bola : His temper.

Abdulkadir : She trusts people easily.
How does he/she complement you? 

Bola : Playing certain motherly roles some exigencies of my profession won’t allow me from time to time.

Abdulkadir : She’s an extrovert.
Who apologizes the most?

Bola : He does.

Abdulkadir : Me.

How do you settle quarrels?

Bola : We discuss.

Abdulkadir : We talk it out.

What do you think are the ingredients of a happy marriage?

Bola : Love, trust, understanding, communication.

Abdulkadir : Love, trust, and understanding.

What are the most important lessons you have learnt in marriage so far? 

Bola : Patience

Abdulkadir : To be extremely patient.
 If there was a next life, would you love to be married to him/her?

Bola : I definitely WILL!!! Lol.

Abdulkadir : Sure.


I observed some similarities between this interview and the previous one. Indicate in the comment section if you did too. Lol.

This series is aimed at portraying the beauty and dynamics of marriage despite its imperfection.
If you want you and your spouse to be featured, please contact me via my email address: olubunmimabel90@gmail.com or Facebook : Olubunmi Mabel. 

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  1. well i am a lady ..and i find myself apologizing to my husband all the time regardless of whose fault it is..i am beginning to resent it ….


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