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Insider Information – 3 Types Of Guys Tomboys Attract

Insider Information – 3 Types Of Guys Tomboys Attract

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Growing up, there was this popular conception about tomboys being lesbians.

It was so widespread that whenever people saw a tomboy married to a man, their general reaction was one of shock.

Because of this, I will begin with a simple clarification about who tomboys are.

Tomboys are girls who enjoy activities and hobbies that are typically associated with boys.

They may dress in a more masculine way, play sports, or have a rough-and-tumble attitude, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a romantic side.

Tomboys can attract different types of guys depending on their personality, preferences, and style.

In this article, we will explore the types of guys that tomboys attract and what makes them compatible.

Whether you are a tomboy yourself or you are interested in dating one, this article will give you some insider insights into the dynamics of tomboy relationships and a little bonus segment on how to attract a tomboy.

Come along; let’s get right into it!

Insider Information – 3 Types Of Guys Tomboys Attract

1. Open-minded and adventurous guys

what type of guys do tomboys attract

It is one thing to claim to be open-minded; it is another to be actually open-minded.

Many guys may claim this trait; however, it becomes obvious with time if they do not have it.

Over the years, I have overcome my initial wariness around tomboys and become friends with many of them.

I have noticed one common thing about the kind of guys that gravitate towards them: they are always open-minded and adventurous.

They like to explore new things and are not afraid of change.

Societal stereotypes and traditions do not bind them.

They are the type of guys who believe in freedom to carve out a different path from that which is commonly traveled.

They are adventurous and love to partake in activities that may be considered risky by the average guy.

Such guys may be drawn to tomboys, and tomboys may be attracted to them in return because most tomboys value adventurousness and open-mindedness above other attributes.

If you are open-minded, adventurous, and attracted to a tomboy, then congratulations may be in order because the odds are she is/ will be attracted to you in return.

2. Supportive and understanding guys

what type of guys do tomboys attract

Tomboys may not experience as much stigma as homosexuals, but they do experience some stigma.

In some pockets of the world, young girls are beaten and criticized for their choice of clothes and the games they would rather play.

When I was younger, I had a tomboy friend who would rather play football with the guys than play with the girls.

She could climb trees like any of us, and we even sparred together, honing our boxing skills.

Her parents were quite understanding, but others may have reacted differently in that situation.

After going through such controversies and criticisms about their choices, tomboys don’t want to get into a relationship with a guy who is judgmental and critical of everything they do.

Apart from this, only guys who are ready to support the weirdest forms of activities without criticism can bear to be in a close relationship with a tomboy.

Tomboys may have weird interests.

They may want to go skydiving or parachuting.

They may even have weird career goals like becoming a fighter jet pilot, joining the Marines and fighting at the war front.

Regardless of how weird their aspirations and dreams may be, tomboys want to attract guys who will support them.

This doesn’t mean they are averse to being criticized.

They enjoy constructive criticism and honest feedback from people they love.

If you are a supportive guy who can also be honest when he needs to be, you may be the exact kind of guy that Tomboy you are interested in wants.

3. Confident and secure guys

what type of guys do tomboys attract

Most ladies are attracted to confident guys who are secure in their sense of self-worth and are not given to attacks of an inferiority complex.

These are very attractive qualities in a guy.

However, while other ladies may be able to cope with less confident guys, tomboys have a distinct streak of independence and confidence that only a confident man can handle.

Hence, tomboys attract confident and secure guys who are not threatened by their independence and strength.

They attract the kind of guys who do not feel a need to assert their masculinity or try to dominate them.

From my experience being friends with tomboys, one issue they have with guys is that many guys feel the need to compete with them at doing things that are tagged masculine.

When guys do this and find that a tomboy can perform those masculine tasks better, it gives rise to a sense of inadequacy that may later ruin the relationship.

My tomboy friend was better than me at many things when we were kids.

She could play football better and climb trees faster than me.

However, I never let her competence in these activities create a rivalry between us.

I just accepted that she was better at those activities.

Being comfortable with yourself and your identity is key to attracting tomboys.

5 Tips For Attracting A Tomboy

Now to the bonus segment… If you have been attempting to attract a tomboy, follow this attentively.

1. Be yourself

what type of guys do tomboys attract

The first rule to attracting a tomboy is being yourself.

Don’t try to pretend to be someone you’re not or to impress with things that don’t matter to her.

She will see through your façade and lose interest in you.

Be honest.

Show her the real “you” without embellishments, and you have a higher chance of winning her heart.

2. Be respectful

Regardless of how she behaves, she is not one of the guys.

Don’t treat the tomboy like one of the guys or like a typical girl.

Treat her like an individual and respect her choices and preferences.

Don’t assume that you know what she likes or wants or that you can tell her what to do.

Ask her questions, listen to her opinions, and value her input.

3. Be adventurous

what type of guys do tomboys attract

To win the heart of a tomboy, you must display a readiness to try new and exciting things.

Don’t be afraid to try new things with the tomboy and follow her lead.

She may have some ideas or suggestions that seem out of your comfort zone but don’t dismiss them.

Be open-minded and willing to experiment, and show her you can have fun with her.

However, don’t forget to be sincere and tell her when you are scared shitless.

Admitting that you are scared and still trying it out is a really cute.

4. Be supportive

Don’t criticize or judge the tomboy for her lifestyle or decisions or try to change her or make her more feminine.

Support her goals and dreams and encourage her to pursue them.

Show her that you are proud of her and that you admire her.

All girls respond favorably to support, and tomboys are not different in this regard.

5. Be romantic

what type of guys do tomboys attract

Never forget that the tomboy is still a girl and that she may have a soft and sensitive side.

Don’t neglect to show her your affection and appreciation and make her feel special and loved.

Surprise her with a compliment, a gift, or a gesture, and show her that you care about her.

Those little actions go a long way in showing how much you care for her and may just be key in winning her affection.

Tomboys are girls who defy the stereotypes and expectations of society.

They are not afraid to be themselves and pursue their passions, whether they are sports, video games, or anything else.

They are confident, independent, and adventurous, which many guys find attractive.

However, not every guy is into tomboys, and not every tomboy may be attracted to you even after following the steps above.

The most important thing is to find someone who appreciates you for who you are and not for who you are supposed to be.

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