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8 Types of Guys Who Will Always Be Single

8 Types of Guys Who Will Always Be Single

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Being single isn’t a bad thing.

In fact, as a married woman, I sometimes miss the freedom and independence of being single.

So, being single can be empowering, freeing, and downright fun.

As a woman who wants to be married, you must have come across different types of guys who end up being a total waste of time.

The ones who, no matter how charming they might be, seem to have an invisible neon sign flashing “Forever Single” above their heads? 

Let’s see some types of guys who are in this category:

8 Types of Guys Who Will Always Be Single

1. The Workaholic.

types of guys who will always be single


I’m covering my face in guilt right now because I can relate to this guy.

I’m a workaholic because I enjoy my work a little too much. 

I’m constantly working, and it’s hard for me to take breaks, even though I know that taking regular breaks is important.

But the good thing is, I am married, so I have someone to remind me that it’s time to take a break or turn in for the day. 

And whether I like it or not, I have to take breaks to attend to my family.

Enough of trying to empathize with the workaholic guy because this kind of guy is one who is likely to always be single.

When everyone is shouting TGIF so they can kick off their shoes and settle down with a good movie or a glass of wine, Mr. Workaholic is just warming up his computer for another round of work.

His motto?

”All work and no play makes Jack a successful boy.”

“Sleep is for the weak; success is for the meek.”

Oh God, I can relate again because I don’t sleep enough. 

The Workaholic guy is so passionate about his job that he practically lives in his office (or, these days, his home office, making it even worse).

He’s the first one to log in and the last one to log out.


He eats them for breakfast.

And while his dedication is seriously impressive, it doesn’t leave much room for a romantic partner.

Imagine trying to plan a cozy dinner date, only for him to bring his laptop to the table because he’s “just wrapping up a few things.”

Or, you’re snuggled up for a Netflix marathon, but his eyes are on his phone, scrolling through work emails.

Ambition is super attractive.

Who doesn’t love a guy with goals?

But when work starts to overshadow everything else, dating a guy like this will make you feel like they’re dating a robot, not a human being.

No one wants to play second fiddle to a spreadsheet or a PowerPoint presentation.

Balance is everything, baby.


2. Mr. Perfectionist.

I know a guy like this, and they can be so annoying.

His standards are sky-high, and he won’t settle for anything less. 

There’s nothing wrong with high standards, but they can turn into unrealistic expectations.

He’s looking for a woman who ticks every single box on his lengthy checklist.

And I’m not talking about normal stuff like “kind-hearted” or “good sense of humor.”

No, but things like “never leaves a wet towel on the bed” or “always laughs at his jokes, even the bad ones.”

Oh, bro!

It’s exhausting trying to keep up with someone like this.

When things don’t go according to plan, he gets frustrated and takes it out on you.

You’ll always, I mean always, walk on eggshells, trying not to upset the delicate balance of his perfect world, and you’ll feel like you have to live up to some impossibly high standard.

This guy will always be single because no one is ever good for him.


3. The Commitment-Phobe.

types of guys who will always be single

I know commitment is a big deal, but this one takes it to the extreme.

This guy is so scared of commitment and will do anything to avoid getting into a serious relationship.

He might seem like the perfect partner at first, but when things start to get serious, he’ll suddenly pull away.

He might claim he’s not ready for a relationship or that he’s still trying to find himself. 

But the truth is, he’s just scared of taking the plunge and settling down with someone. 

It’s frustrating because you can sense his fear, but there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

He’ll always be single until he learns to face his commitment issues and take the leap of faith. 


4. The Addict.

types of guys who will always be single

Mr Addict is always consumed with the things that give him pleasure, be it drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, or something else entirely.

He’ll find any excuse to indulge in his addiction, and it always takes precedence over everything else, including relationships. 

He might try to keep up a relationship or two, but they will never last because he puts his addiction first.

One minute, he could be the most thoughtful, kind, and understanding partner you have ever had; the next minute, he’s gone off on his own path again. 

I don’t think any woman would be able to put up with his behavior for long.

He needs to get help before he can even consider a relationship. 

I think it is best for him to remain single if he’s not serious about getting help. 


5. The Mama’s Boy.

Have you ever dated a guy who always puts his mother first? 

He’ll do anything for her, and she will always have a say in his decisions. 

If he has to choose between you and his mom, then there is no doubt as to which one he would put first. 

I’m a boy mom, and  I wouldn’t want my son dating someone who doesn’t understand how important a mother is.

I want my son to love and respect me, but I also want him to be able to make his own decisions and have a healthy relationship with his wife.

The mother-son bond is special, but it should not stand in the way of true love.

Not every woman can handle the complexities of dating a Mama’s Boy, especially if he has a selfish and overbearing mother. 

So, expect this guy to always be single because there might be no woman good enough for the most important woman in his life: his mom.


6. The Party Animal.

types of guys who will always be single

A perfect example comes to mind here.

If you are a fan of the Netflix reality series ”Love is Blind” then you might recognize the party enthusiast in Jarret Jones, who loved his time with the boys too much to return home early enough to his ex-wife, Iyanna.

Iyanna said he had discipline and self-control issues, and she couldn’t cope. 

Party animals are often fun guys to hang out with, but it’s not always easy being in a relationship with them. 

They tend to prioritize partying over work and other commitments, and even if you are a party animal yourself, things may not work out if you want to start a family and build a home.

Raising a family is hard enough, even for couples who aren’t party animals. 

This party animal guy will always be single because he’s not ready to sacrifice his partying lifestyle for more serious commitments. 

Some people are perfectly content with being single and living the party life, no matter how lonely they may feel deep down inside. 


7. The Eternal Bachelor.

As we all know, being single has its own perks.

No need to compromise on your plans, you have the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want, and most importantly, there’s no drama or heartbreaks involved. 

That’s where the eternal bachelor comes in.

He’s the guy who has all these advantages and is content with living this lifestyle. 

This guy loves his bachelor lifestyle too much to give it up.

He enjoys the freedom and independence of being single and isn’t ready to compromise his lifestyle for a relationship.

Expect this guy to always be single!


8. “I Know It All” Guy.

types of guys who will always be single

Ugh. I also know someone like this.  

This guy likes to think he knows it all and has an opinion on everything. 

He’s also always right, no matter who is involved in the conversation. 

No need to tell him your opinion as he already “knows” what you’re about to say. 

He’s like a walking encyclopedia, always ready to share a fact, a statistic, or his opinion on just about anything and everything.

I’m a sucker for knowledgeable guys, but I can’t stand a guy who thinks he knows it all.

The problem is not even that he knows it all, but the arrogance that comes with it.

This is a guy who will never apologize to you because he’s never wrong.

He will stop being single when he meets a woman who doesn’t mind his ”I know it all” attitude.

types of guys who will always be single

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