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11 Foolproof Ways To Make Your Husband Happy And Addicted To You

11 Foolproof Ways To Make Your Husband Happy And Addicted To You

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Happiness is free!” has become a catchphrase on the internet.

However, is it really free, especially in the context of marriage?

I believe that happiness in marriage is the product of intentional efforts to grow and nurture the relationship.

A happy marriage is expressed in the joy of the couple and their children; after all, a healthy plant is known for its lush and green appearance.

Contrary to what they say, the grass is not greener on the other side.

It is greener where you water it the most.

Gavin Rossdale said, “A happy wife is a happy life.”

Have you wondered what happens with a happy husband?

Wait… let’s look at how to make your husband happy first, and then you can share your testimonies afterwards.


11 Foolproof Ways To Make Your Husband Happy And Addicted To You

1. Respect him

11 Foolproof Ways To Make Your Husband Happy And Addicted To You

The male gender has been plagued with many assumptions and has suffered many stereotypes.

Well, we can’t totally blame the perpetrators of this because some of their bro’s broke the bro code and misrepresented them.

Respect, too, is now warped in definition because of these imposters.

One guaranteed way to make your husband happy is to respect him.

This does not in any way mean to give him “The Emperor, the conqueror, The champion, the Lion is here” vibes like in the Nigerian artiste Flavour’s song “Game Changer.” 

Respect in this context means to honor him as your husband.

And to express this honor by listening to him, acknowledging his feelings, seeking his opinion about decisions that affect you, etc.

Respect could also mean different things to different people as long as it doesn’t erode one’s self-worth or rights.

For instance, I have a friend whose husband was very hurt because she had a controlling and impulsive personality and was fond of making big decisions without his knowledge.

It made him feel unimportant in the marriage, and they kept having this issue until she understood her husband wasn’t feeling respected, and she switched.

They are better off for it today and her husband goes over and beyond to appreciate her.

The truth is that every human being, male or female should be respected and equally show respect too.

I mean, even children are happy when their views or rights are not eroded; how much more your husband.

If you claim to love him, then that love must show in how you honor him.

The good thing about this is that as you respect him, a good man will equally respect and honor you in return.

This is a secret key to making your husband happy.


2. Speak his love language

11 Foolproof Ways To Make Your Husband Happy And Addicted To You

This love language thing is like a cheat code; once you get it right, it is finished!

A man who naturally loves gifts will be happy every time you give him gifts, especially if they are thoughtful ones, too.

The other day, I was scrolling through Instagram when I came across a reel in which a woman told her husband he was handsome.

In a twinkle of an eye, his expressionless face changed to one of boyish delight, and he even started walking with a spring in his step. LOL!

How cute!

His wife spoke his love language, and he responded with joyful delight.

If your husband loves quality time, the more you spend qualitative time with him, the more he will be happier.


3. Prioritize him

Well, this is similar to respecting him but different.

Being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t prioritize you can hurt deeply.

Making him a priority is more about your actions and body language.

How you celebrate his win and show up for him even when it isn’t considerate.

The fairy tales we watched as children, in a way, fed our selfishness by making them mainly about marrying Prince Charming.

This selfish tilt is what makes people run selfish relationships where only their happiness matters.

Prioritizing him also looks like you looking for ways to love him more.


4. Be joyful

11 Foolproof Ways To Make Your Husband Happy And Addicted To You

You know how a parent delights in just watching their children being joyful?

Yes, as a parent myself, I can tell you that I laugh many times because my kids’ joy is contagious.

When you are a joyful person, you can naturally influence your husband to be happy.

I have seen this play out in my own marriage.

Being a joyful and playful person person, we laugh a lot together.

Sometimes, he jokingly calls me “honey girl” because I bring so much healthy sweetness to his life.

I recall a dinner date we once had, during which I asked my husband, “What makes you happy in our relationship?”

Guess his response.

He said being with me makes him happy, and he went on to describe how my joyful disposition and laughter made his heart glad every day.

He says it makes him always want to come home to me.

Awww… it really warmed my heart and gave me a key to my husband’s happiness.

My happiness and joy is a ripple effect that makes him equally happy.


5. Support him

11 Foolproof Ways To Make Your Husband Happy And Addicted To You

If you are not your husband’s biggest fan and cheerleader, then who will be?

I don’t know about you, but if I get the support of the whole world but not from my husband, I’d feel something is missing. 

I believe that supporting your spouse is one of the key ingredients for a successful marriage.

Not only does it show your love and dedication to them, but it also helps them feel more confident and motivated in their pursuits.

You don’t necessarily need to understand or agree with everything your man does or be his business partner, but simply being there to encourage and uplift him can make a huge difference.

My husband always talks about how i stood by him when things were tough in his business and he had no job to augument.

He said until then, he didn’t fully understand what a strong support system meant.

The peace you have when your woman heavily backs you is unmatched, so also is the joy.

You can show your support in both big and small ways, such as attending his important events, offering words of encouragement when he’s feeling down, just simply listening to him talk about his passion and offering constructive feedback, or simply telling him how proud you are of his accomplishments.

Your support will give him the confidence and motivation to keep striving for success.


6. Affirm and appreciate him

I might be wrong, but I think most husbands are not appreciated enough, and if you want to make your husband happy, your husband shouldn’t be among them.

Take a moment each day to affirm and appreciate your husband for all that he does.

Let him know how much you value his hard work, dedication, and love.

Simple gestures, such as leaving a note of appreciation in his lunchbox or sending a text message during the day, can go a long way toward making him feel loved and valued.

Just last week, I told my husband I appreciated the efforts he puts into becoming a better version of himself. 

I told him I admired his drive, and it was a really touching moment for both of us.

Your words have the power to lift his spirits and make him feel like a true Superman.

Don’t underestimate their impact on your husband’s happiness and well-being.


7. Listen and be his confidant

While it’s important that your husband has his friends or best friends, I think you should also be his closest confidant.

When he needs to vent or share his thoughts, make time to listen without judgment or interruption.

Let him know that he can trust you and count on you for support.

Some men cannot share anything deep with their wives because of fear of being judged or criticized.

Some won’t even bother trying because their wives never listen to them.

You can only be vulnerable with someone who is interested in listening to you.

But if you create a safe and non-judgmental space for him, he will feel comfortable confiding in you, and he’ll be a happy man.


Yes, I’m shouting. Lol.


8. Show physical affection

11 Foolproof Ways To Make Your Husband Happy And Addicted To You

If you have kids, especially younger ones, you are probably touched out; I get it.

I’m not judging you.

I have two younger kids, too, so we are in the same boat. 

However, showing physical affection is essential in a marriage.

It doesn’t have to be sexual; it can be as simple as holding hands or giving a hug.

Physical touch releases oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone,” which helps deepen your emotional connection with your husband.

So, even if you’re feeling exhausted or overwhelmed, try to make time for physical touch with your husband.

It will strengthen your bond and show him that he is loved and desired.

It’s not going to be easy; you just have to be intentional about it.

Today, I was intentional about planting kisses on my husband’s lips. 

It only took a few seconds, but it made him feel appreciated and loved. 

Small gestures like this can make a big difference in your marriage.

Don’t leave your husband to do the chasing alone,  make an effort to pursue him as well.


9. Surprise him!

11 Foolproof Ways To Make Your Husband Happy And Addicted To You

Who doesn’t love surprises?

I mean pleasant ones, of course.

Surprising your husband with thoughtful gestures or gifts will make him happy.

It doesn’t have to be extravagant; it’s the thought that counts.

You could plan a surprise dinner at home, leave little love notes for him to find throughout the day, or buy his favorite snack just because.

These small acts of kindness will show your husband that you are always thinking of him and value his happiness. 

Grand gestures are welcome, too. 

Plan a surprise weekend getaway, buy tickets to his favorite sports game, and buy the watch or gadget he’s been eyeing for months.

Showing your husband that you are willing to go above and beyond to make him a happy man.


10. Fire up the ‘other room’

11 Foolproof Ways To Make Your Husband Happy And Addicted To You

I know there’s more to making a man happy than bedmatics, but you can’t tell me sexual satisfaction isn’t important. 

It is, sis.

A man who has a fulfilling sex life with his wife is a happy man. 

Try new things, explore each other’s desires, wear sexy lingerie (currently wearing one, and my man likes it, lol), communicate openly about what you both enjoy, read books, and just be open to learning ways to improve.  

With a little effort, you can reignite the fire in your bedroom and make both of you happy.


11. Live your bedazzled life

11 Foolproof Ways To Make Your Husband Happy And Addicted To You

If you are a fan of this blog, you’d know that this post can never end without me mentioning self-care and getting a life.  

Most men want a woman who is independent, driven, and has her own interests.   

Keep yourself busy and fulfilled so you don’t become clingy or overly dependent on your man. 

Don’t lose yourself in the relationship; pursue your passions, hobbies, and goals. 

Be confident and secure in who you are, even if you’ve chosen to be a stay-at-home mom or wife. 

A happy and fulfilled woman is a bedazzled one.

As a wife, it is easy to get lost in the routine of taking care of everyone else and forget about yourself.

But trust me, you need to take care of yourself in order to effectively care for others. 

You need to be happy before you can make your husband happy.

You can’t give what you don’t have.

So, take some time for yourself, pamper yourself, and do things that make you happy and feel good.

This will not only benefit you but also your husband because a happy wife equals a happy life.


I really do hope you have a good husband who appreciates what you do to make him happy.

Because some women do all these and more, yet it’s never enough for the husbands as they seek satisfaction from other sources. 


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