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“What Happens When A Man Is Not Sexually Satisfied?” – 5 Consequences And Solutions

“What Happens When A Man Is Not Sexually Satisfied?” – 5 Consequences And Solutions

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“Strictly speaking, there are no real substitutes for sexual satisfaction.”— Dashiell Hammett

Sex is a natural and essential part of human life and relationships.

It can bring pleasure, intimacy, and emotional well-being.

The benefits of sex within the context of a marriage are numerous to both parties.

Sexual dissatisfaction is a crucial issue.

However, it seems that men’s sexual dissatisfaction is rarely discussed topic.

Yet, some men are not sexually satisfied in their marriage due to so many reasons.

Yes, sexual satisfaction is beneficial to a marital relationship, but what happens when a man is sexually dissatisfied?

If you are a wife and your husband has been complaining about how your sex life is not spiced up enough, you may need to pay attention to this.

The aftermath of sexual dissatisfaction in any marriage is by no means a pleasant one.

To help you avoid the unpleasant consequences of sexual dissatisfaction, this article aims to describe what happens when a man is not sexually satisfied.

“What Happens When A Man Is Not Sexually Satisfied?”- 5 Consequences And Solutions 

1. He becomes emotionally distant

what happens when a man is not sexually satisfied

One of the best ways of fostering intimacy in a marriage is through sex.

A marriage firing on all valves externally and in the “other room”- a Nigerian term for the bedroom- is characterized by a strong emotional bond between the couple.

This is not an attempt to limit the means of building a close emotional bond to just having mind-blowing sex.

It goes way beyond that.

Spending quality time together and having a close rapport is another important way of doing this.

However, in a relationship where a partner is already sexually dissatisfied and frustrated, it may be mission impossible to retain the amount of goodwill necessary to engage in those other activities that can help couples build stronger emotional bonds.

A lack of sexual satisfaction can lead to emotional distance between partners.

A sexually dissatisfied man may start feeling detached or distant from his partner as he might perceive the lack of satisfaction as a sign of reduced affection or desire.

From here, it steadily develops until you are like strangers sharing a living space.

This is just one of the many unpleasant aftermaths of a man being sexually dissatisfied, and it is already looking like a bleak picture.

2. He gets frustrated and stressed

what happens when a man is not sexually satisfied

Guys who are in relationships with ladies who don’t believe in having sex before marriage but can do all the other romantic things will understand this form of frustration.

A few years ago, in Nigeria, a recording went viral of a guy begging his girlfriend to let him have sex with her because his “body is full” ( this means that he is frustrated and horny from being sexually aroused without an outlet to release pent-up sexual energy).

This is the same way a married man feels when he is not getting satisfied sexually.

The dissatisfaction gradually builds up to the point that he may be unable to endure the frustration or stress.

This frustration or stress can also affect other aspects of his life.

He may find it hard to focus on important tasks at work.

He may also have trouble keeping up at social events, and meetings with friends may be a pity party.

I know you didn’t consider that the effects of sexual dissatisfaction could be so dramatic and far-reaching, but it is.

3. There may be increased conflict in the relationship

what happens when a man is not sexually satisfied

Every successful relationship experiences conflict from time to time.

In fact, occasional conflicts are good for your relationship.

However, sexual dissatisfaction has a way of increasing the frequency of conflicts occurring in the relationship.

If a man is dissatisfied sexually, this dissatisfaction will usually manifest itself in conflicts.

Most of the time, these conflicts may usually be about those little things that shouldn’t matter at all.

The thing is that the frustration and pent-up sexual energy require a release, and constant arguments may just be the outlet he will choose.

These arguments can avoid the real cause of conflict while focusing on unimportant matters.

If your marriage is beginning to look like a minefield in a war-torn zone, you may need to consider the fact that maybe your husband isn’t getting all the sexual satisfaction he requires.

4. There may be a breakdown in communication

what happens when a man is not sexually satisfied

Communication is one of the first things that takes a hit in a relationship where one person is feeling sexually dissatisfied.

The communication breakdown starts from the very first day; the man begins to feel dissatisfied sexually because he may feel uncomfortable talking about his needs.

In his mind, he may have expected that things would improve.

However, when it doesn’t get better, the communication breakdown begins to extend to other things.

You will agree it is difficult to communicate effectively when you are frustrated.

This difficulty in communication leads to more misunderstandings and conflicts in the relationship.

5. He may cheat

what happens when a man is not sexually satisfied

One of the major causes of cheating is sexual dissatisfaction.

When a man begins to feel sexual dissatisfaction in marriage, it is not uncommon for him to find satisfaction outside his marriage.

This leads to infidelity.

Just so you know, this is not an attempt to justify infidelity; what is bad is bad.

It is just an attempt to give the fact just as it is.

This is perhaps the most unpleasant aftermath of a man being sexually dissatisfied in his marriage.

“What Happens When A Man Is Not Sexually Satisfied” – 3 Things To Do

The signs that a man is sexually not satisfied are not subtle.

They are obvious; if you haven’t noticed them, you may need to observe your man closely.

If you have noticed the signs of dissatisfaction in your man, here are some things to do to prevent your relationship from spiraling out of control into one of the unpleasant aftermaths listed above.

1. Talk to him about it

what happens when a man is not sexually satisfied

Waiting for your man to speak to you about his sexual dissatisfaction may be a risky tactic because many men tend to keep issues like that close to their vests.

Take the initiative and speak to him about what you have observed.

Tell him how you feel about him and encourage him to express his feelings concerning the relationship.

Note that you must make an effort to avoid the blame game.

Perhaps the reason for your complacency to sex is because he hasn’t been lasting long enough, or he doesn’t spend much time on foreplay.

You don’t need to mention any of this in accusatory tones.

You may proffer suggestions on what to do to ensure that you both enjoy a sexually fulfilling relationship.

2. Be flexible

You may need to be open to new ideas on what can be done to increase the ardor and passion of your lovemaking.

You may consider newer styles that guarantee maximum satisfaction to you and your partner.

3. Get professional help

what happens when a man is not sexually satisfied

It may sound weird to you, especially if you are conservative with your ideas, but getting professional help may be a great idea.

If open conversations and personal attempts to resolve the issue don’t yield success, you may need to consider seeking help from a professional like a sex therapist or a relationship counselor.



The summary of it all is that sexual dissatisfaction can leave profound impacts on your relationship, whether it’s you or your man who’s experiencing it.

It can also affect the quality of your social interactions.

If you are experiencing this already, I bring you good news.

The path to rediscovering sexual fulfillment is open, and all you need to do is to practice open and honest communication.

This and a desire to learn and take necessary actions are key to rekindling the passion in your relationship.



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Wednesday 31st of January 2024

Spot On! However, most women could care less; they expect everything to revolve around them.


Thursday 4th of April 2024

@Mark, Sadly I have to agree. Married 36 years. Sexless after the first week. Last orgasm was over 32 years ago. Now that nothing works when I'm with her she's upset. She kept it sexless so she could keep control. I was too weak to move on, so I'm still suffering. Don't fall into this. It's permanently damaging!


Monday 25th of March 2024

@Mac, 100% right.