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REVEALED – 7 Things That Can Cause A Woman Not To Have Feelings!

REVEALED – 7 Things That Can Cause A Woman Not To Have Feelings!

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I haven’t lived on earth for so long, but I have lived long enough to meet many people.

I have met people of different races, tribes, cultures, personalities, behaviors, and lifestyles in different forms, shapes, and sizes.

And one category of people who never fail to amaze me are emotionless people.

People who seem to have a stone in them instead of a heart.

Have you met such people?

You never see them have or express feelings, and you can’t help but wonder why they are that way.

Today, we’ll answer that question from the woman’s side in this article.

Women are usually generally soft and often emotional, so meeting a woman who doesn’t have feelings can be surprising and spark a lot of curiosity.

What causes a woman not to have feelings? Let us talk about it.

REVEALED – 7 Things That Can Cause A Woman Not To Have Feelings!

1. PersonalityThings That Cause A Woman Not To Have Feelings!

I intentionally made this the first point to get it out of the way because it’s not a real reason but can sometimes be seen as one.

I mean that sometimes people think a woman does not have feelings; meanwhile, her personality makes her seem that way.

A woman with an INTJ personality may come off as someone who doesn’t have feelings.

According to, the INTJ is a personality type acronym that stands for introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging. It indicates a person who is energized by spending time alone, prioritizes ideas and concepts over facts and details, makes decisions based on logic and reason, and prefers to be spontaneous and flexible.

A woman with this personality may seem like she doesn’t have feelings, but she does.

She’s just not great at expressing it or perhaps hasn’t been under the right circumstances yet.

2. Her orientation and upbringingThings That Cause A Woman Not To Have Feelings!

Like it or not, as humans, our family history and childhood largely contribute to our person and mindsets.

People are often victims of their environments and it is difficult to separate them from it.

If you grew up under hostile conditions and in an unpleasant environment filled with a lot of hate, your ability to receive, process, and give back pleasant emotions may become impaired.

Some women who lack feelings are just victims of their upbringing, and this is more common than you know.

They grew up under very stern and harsh mums, abusive dads, or mean guardians.

Love and other feelings were not freely shown, so it’s alien to them now.

3. Past experienceswhat causes a woman not to have feelings

Trauma from past relationships and encounters with certain individuals can do a lot of damage to people, sometimes eroding their feelings.

I had a high school teacher named “Mrs E.”

Thinking about it now, I wonder why we called her “Mrs” because she wasn’t married.

Mrs E. was very mean and highly principled.

She was in her late forties, but we all knew she wasn’t married, although she had a kid.

Mrs. E. was not only very intelligent but very beautiful and had a body that was to die for.

So naturally, many male teachers liked her, and some even wanted a relationship with her.

But she was uninterested in any of them and always turned them down in anger.

We didn’t understand why because we were young and didn’t know her story.

Many years later, I found out that Mrs E. used to be in an abusive marriage, which she endured for many years until she found the courage to walk out, and ever since then, she vowed never to be with any man again.

That negative experience completely changed her life, and now, no matter how good a man is, she simply isn’t interested in starting a relationship with him.

She has lost every form of emotion in that regard.

People could comfortably call her a woman who lacked feelings, but not everybody knew why.

4. Her feelings are exhaustedwhat causes a woman not to have feelings

Another thing that can cause a woman not to have feelings is that she has had and shown too many feelings in the past.

You know how someone can have a lot of money, but because they do not manage it well and dispense it properly, they keep giving and giving until the money is exhausted, and now they have nothing to give anymore?

They literally go from wealthy to homeless.

That’s how it is for some women.

Perhaps she was full and bubbly, having a lot of emotions to dispense, lots of love to give, and lots of care to show.

Unfortunately, she met the wrong person, who did not appreciate any of this or reciprocate it, so she kept giving until she was spent.

At some point, she recognized that she was not being appreciated, and her show of care had only brought her pain and misery.

So she got tired and worn out, having nothing to give anymore.

The next person who meets such a woman may think she’s hard, unyielding, and lacks feelings, but they do not know what led to that.

5. Mindset

People are a reflection of how they think.

Our actions and life mirror our minds so if you think a certain way, you will act that way.

Some people have warped ideologies about life, men, and people in general, making them unreceptive to love and unable to give it.

They are super judgmental and always suspicious, believing that all humans are evil or that all men are wicked.

This mindset prevents them from having positive feelings for people because they always have negative thoughts lurking around in their minds.

6. Lack of love

Whether parental love or self-love, a woman who has never experienced love may be emotionless.

Maybe she was abandoned early by her parents and has experienced all sorts of painful experiences that have made her locked up.

The truth is that most emotionless women have only learned to use the lack of emotions as a defense to guard themselves against further hurt.

Her emotions will remain recessive and nonexistent until her heart is unlocked to love again.

7. She hasn’t met the right personwhat causes a woman not to have feelings

If a woman seems apathetic and detached from virtually all the men she meets, maybe it’s because she hasn’t met the right man.

She may seem very nonchalant, and it’s easy to conclude that she does not have feelings at all or that she is incapable of expressing emotions until she meets the right person.

When she meets the right person, she dramatically changes and becomes a new person entirely,

So yeah, maybe she just hasn’t met the right person, and that’s why she seems like she does not have feelings.

It may be difficult to generally postulate what causes women not to have feelings because every woman’s life, experiences, mindset, and behavior are different.

From experience and observation, you can only figure out the possibilities and try to see which best matches a particular woman.

But many times, it’s a mind issue that requires either therapy or a lot of time for healing.

Humans were created with feelings, making it abnormal for anyone now to have them.

However, it is crucial to understand boundaries and know that it is not your job to fix or heal anyone, particularly if you’re not professionally trained.

You can only try to help and hope that the person gets better and moves on from negative mindsets, behaviors, and past experiences.

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