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What to do in Stockholm City Center

What to do in Stockholm City Center

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Last week, we had to travel to Stockholm city, Sweden, for some days and honestly, I didn’t want to return to our base. I’ve always boasted of the beauty of Copenhagen city, Denmark, where we live but on stepping on Stockholm soil, I told my husband, “Wow, this place is beautiful!”?

I didn’t know I hadn’t seen anything yet. Hihihi. The airport (Stockholm-Arlanda International Airport) is so beautiful with restrooms spic and span. It’s the largest and busiest airport in Sweden. We got on the airport shuttle (usually for tourists) to the city’s central station after buying our tickets. Our host was to pick us up from there. I had the feeling that I was still inside the aircraft even while on the bus because the interior was so comfy and posh. Okay nau. I even fed my baby there. Say wetin??

The journey from the airport to the central station took about forty minutes which passed so quickly because I was busy taking in the beauty of the city while gossiping with Le boo. Don’t judge me, please. What’s marriage without gossip? Hehehe.

Let me tell you a bit about Stockholm. It’s the capital of Sweden, listed amongst the cleanest capitals in world with various public transport systems -bus, metro, tram, train, and even boat! Hia! We used the bus, metro, and train. They were so neat and comfy. Stockholm is almost 7 hours’ drive from Copenhagen, 1 hour by air, and 5 hours 20 minutes by train.

When we arrived at the central station, I told hubby that it’s far more beautiful than Copenhagen’s. He didn’t agree with me. Okay o. Apart from its modern architectural designs and numerous and long escalators(the longest I’ve ever been on. It was quite scary. I didn’t find it funny when hubby was tapping me to take a picture on the last day of our visit. Take a whaaaat? You want me to fall? Leave me jor! ? I managed to look sideways sha. I think I’m acrophobic), there are facilities such as restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping centres to cater to your whims. It’s also sparkling clean. It’s very large and multi-levelled that you can get lost in it. The good news is that, apart from people that are friendly enough to help you out, there are concierges to give you directions.

Our host treated us well and on the last day of our visit, a family friend took us to see a bit of the city center before we got on our flight. We went to the walking street that boasts of many boutiques, eating outlets, hotels, and yet other modern architectures. I got a jacket in one of the boutiques. Memento something. Lol. Meanwhile, it was at this time that Le boo agreed that Stockholm central station is more beautiful than Copenhagen’s. ?

No country is perfect, so there were a few buts, but I want to revel in my beautiful experience for now. We plan to visit Stockholm again because we’ve not had enough of the city. We also plan to drive there next time even though it’s longer and more expensive but we think it’d be more fun, with a couple of friends, maybe.

So if you’re considering your next holiday destination, you can consider Stockholm, Sweden. I’m sure you will not regret it.

Anyhoo, we enjoyed our flight back with the scrumptious meat pies our friend gave us, crispy chicken wings and yogurt drink we bought at the airport’s restaurants.

Even though we were as tired as an ox when we got home, the experience was worth it. The boots I wore didn’t help matters as they made my feet sore. So I felt the pain more. I didn’t know I’d be doing a lot of walking. Now. I know better. They say beauty is pain. Huh.

Life is good. Money is good. I need to double my hustle so that I can have enough money to shop to stupor whenever I travel! Hehehe.

What’s the most beautiful city you’ve travelled to?

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It's Wandyturo

Wednesday 17th of October 2018

Hey baby, let's take the adventure to the next level. Niagara falls next!

Olubunmi Mabel

Monday 19th of November 2018

Yes, baby! Looking forward to that. Lol.

olubunmi mabel

Tuesday 16th of October 2018

Hahaha. Constance, there are beautiful cities in our country too. We're not that bad o .


Monday 15th of October 2018

Wow. For a place to be so clean as you've described, it's worth it. For those of us still here, we can't be boasting of beautiful places like you. We would get there.