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Why Do Ex Wives Feel Entitled? 10 Reasons Why

Why Do Ex Wives Feel Entitled? 10 Reasons Why

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Why do ex wives feel entitled?


They say that revenge is a dish best served cold.

But in the case of ex-wives, it seems that entitlement is the more popular entrée.

So we often hear about the “Entitled Ex.”

The person who feels they deserve a share of everything you own—possessions, wealth, etc., even though they didn’t treat their ex-spouse well.

I think that feeling entitled is a natural part of being human.

We are hardwired to protect our self-image and feel good about ourselves, so it’s easy to think that we’re better than others, more deserving than others, smarter and so on.

The problem with entitlement is that they often lead us to make choices that are terrible for us and sometimes even create negative consequences for the people in our lives. 

It’s not that your ex is entitled or selfish — she’s only a human. 

And if you were married for a long time, there’s a good chance you got conditioned to think of yourselves as a team.

So even though she’s now on her own, it’s still hard for her to believe that the world won’t bend backward to take care of her.

Well, there are a few reasons why ex-wives tend to feel entitled. Here are some of them:

Why Do Ex Wives Feel Entitled? 10 Reasons Why

1. They Are Used To Getting Their Way.

Why Do Ex Wives Feel Entitled?

One of the main reasons that ex-wives feel entitled is because they are used to getting their way.

In a marriage, it is often the case that the wife is the one who calls the shots.

She decides how the household is ran, the type of social events they will attend, and so on.

So, when she leaves the marriage, she often feels she should still be in control.

However, this is not always possible, and ex-wives need to learn to accept that they are no longer the ones in charge.

Unfortunately, some are unable to do this, and they become entitled.



2. They Have Put Up With Their Ex-husbands For So Long.

Why Do Ex Wives Feel Entitled?


After putting up with years of bad habits and marital misery, many women feel they deserve some kind of compensation after divorce.

And while it’s true that lots of ex-wives often suffer financial hardships after divorce, it’s also true that they often feel entitled to their share of the marital assets.

In some cases, this feeling of entitlement is justified, and it simply comes down to a sense of “I deserve this because I put up with him for so long.”

Unfortunately, this entitlement can often lead to greedy and unreasonable behavior during divorce proceedings.

So while it’s understandable that ex-wives may feel entitled after years of sacrifice, entitlement does not always equal fairness.



3. They Want To Punish Their Husbands For Leaving Them.

Why Do Ex Wives Feel Entitled?

Many ex-wives feel entitled because they want to punish their husbands for leaving them.

They think, “If he’s going to leave me, then he’s gonna pay.”

So they often demand more than they are entitled to in the divorce settlement.

This is especially true if the husband was the one who filed for divorce.

The ex-wife may feel that she needs to “get back at him” for initiating the divorce, so she will try to get as much as she wants in the settlement.

This is not always fair, but it is a common motivator for entitlement among ex-wives.


4. Some Ex-wives Feel Their Husbands Owe Them.

Why Do Ex Wives Feel Entitled?

Many women feel their husbands owe them something for all their sacrifices during their marriage.

They may have quit their jobs to raise children or taken care of them when they were sick, and now it’s time for their husbands to pay them back by giving them half of everything he owns.

Though this is not always an unreasonable demand, it can often lead to problems during divorce proceedings if both parties do not agree on what is fair.



5. They Think They Are Entitled To The Same Lifestyle They Had During Their Marriage.

Why Do Ex Wives Feel Entitled?

Some ex-wives feel entitled to the same standard of living they had during their marriage, even after divorce.

This is often unrealistic, but it can lead to problems if the ex-wife does not understand her new financial situation.

For example, she may try to maintain the same lifestyle by going into debt or using credit cards excessively.

This can be a difficult adjustment for many women, and it’s better to be realistic about what you can afford after a divorce.



6. They Want To Ensure Their Husbands Don’t Have Anything Better Than They Do.

Why Do Ex Wives Feel Entitled?

Another common reason ex-wives feel entitled is that they want to ensure their husbands don’t have anything better than they do.

This is often a result of insecurity and jealousy, which can lead to problems.

For example, an ex-wife may try to sabotage her husband’s new relationship or refuse to let him see their children.

She may also try to make your life as difficult as possible in other ways, such as by making unreasonable demands in the divorce settlement.

This behavior is not only unfair, but it can also be harmful to everyone involved.



7. They Do Not Want To Let Go Of The Past.

Why Do Ex Wives Feel Entitled?

In some cases, ex-wives feel entitled because they do not want to let go of the past.

They may want to hold on to the marital assets or the family home because it represents their happy memories as a family.

Can you blame them?

*Not really*

It can be hard to let go of the past, but the past is in the past.

Ex-wives need to move on and create new memories with their new lives.


8. They Want To Take Advantage Of Their Husbands.

Why Do Ex Wives Feel Entitled?

Some women see divorce as an opportunity to take advantage of their husbands financially.

They think, “He’s going to be paying me alimony for the rest of my life, so I might as well get as much as I can.”

While this is not always the case, it can lead to unforeseen problems if the ex-wife is not reasonable in her demands.


9. They Are Greedy And Selfish.

Why Do Ex Wives Feel Entitled?

Some ex-wives are just simply greedy and selfish.

They may want more money, more assets, or custody of the children than what is fair.

They may also try to take advantage of their husbands in other ways, such as by lying about their income or hiding assets.

This behavior is not only unfair, but it is also illegal.


10. They Are Just Plain Mean

Why Do Ex Wives Feel Entitled?

Last but not least, some ex-wives are just plain mean or petty. 

They delight in making their husbands’ lives as difficult as possible, and they will do anything to make sure they get what they want.

This type of behavior is often the result of deep-seated anger and resentment, and it can be destructive to everyone involved.

These are some of the main reasons why ex-wives feel entitled. 

While it’s important to be fair in a divorce, it’s also important to understand that entitlement does not always equal fairness. 

So, if you’re going through a divorce, be realistic about your expectations and try to reach a fair settlement that both parties can agree.

As you can see, there are various reasons why ex-wives feel entitled to everything their husbands own after a divorce.

Some of these reasons are more valid than others, but they all contribute to the problem.

If you’re dealing with an entitled ex-wife, the best thing you can do is try to reason with her and explain things calmly and rationally.

Good luck!

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