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You’re Getting Married Soon: 12 Signs To Look Out For

You’re Getting Married Soon: 12 Signs To Look Out For

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How do you know that wedding bells are about to ring for you?

What are the signs?

“Are there any signs?” you may ask.

Oh yes, there usually are.

People who have gotten married have all had similar experiences around the time they were about to walk down the aisle.

Some people noticed these signs, while others may not have paid attention to them, but the signs were there.

When certain things begin to happen to and around you, they strongly suggest that you may be getting married soon.

If you desire to get married soon and you see some of the following signs, then you can start getting excited.

You’re Getting Married Soon: 12 Signs To Look Out For

1. You’re in a committed relationship, and your partner desires marriage

signs you are getting married soon

Oh, I hope you didn’t expect me to start with any mystical or magical sign.

Well, we are going to get into all of that much later, but I want us to start with one of the most realistic signs that there is.

Being in a healthy and thriving committed relationship is one practical sign that you may be getting married soon.

If you and your partner desire marriage, have expressed a strong commitment to each other, and are backing that up with your actions, marriage might be happening sooner than you expect.

So, while you’re enjoying the beauty of the relationship, healthy communication, amazing quality time, loyalty, and pure bliss, keep in mind that you may soon be progressing into another level of bliss—marital bliss.


2. You and your partner are talking about it

This further reinforces your suspicion, it is another level added to the first point we discussed.

Here, you’re not just in a committed relationship that is flourishing, but you and your partner have started discussing marriage.

I know sometimes it can feel too good to be true, but you have to believe that you may be getting married very soon.

I mean, sometimes the signs can be plain before your eyes but for some reason, you still haven’t grasped it.

You and your partner are discussing marriage often, perhaps even Ring Shopping already, talking about wedding styles and ideas, and so on.

And perhaps you just think it’s just banter or “gist,” as Nigerians would call it.

But no, that is a sign written right in front of you.

Your relationship is about to move to the next level.


3. Your interest in marriage heightens

signs that you are getting married soon

Being in a relationship or discussing marriage with your partner are not the only signs that someone might be getting married very soon.

It is very possible to not be in a relationship yet and still have marriage on your radar and some of the other signs I’m sharing with you will give you more insights on that.

For instance, you may not necessarily be in a relationship yet, but your interest in marriage just peaks for some reason.

You’re now paying more attention to the subject of marriage, more interested in people’s marriage stories, the life of married people, and so on.

You’re consuming a lot of marriage content on social media and perhaps even reading books about it.

It could be a sign that it’s about to happen for you, too.


4. You’ve been praying for it

signs that you are getting married soon

Sometimes, no special sign is needed.

If you desire marriage and have been praying about it, it just might happen sooner than you expect.

Sometimes, we underestimate the power that lies in prayers: people pray and forget to expect answers to those prayers.

If you have been praying to get married soon and have faith, you should pay attention because it may be happening soon.

Not everyone has to date for ages or be in a long-term relationship before getting married.

Our paths are different in life, and things work out differently for different people.

After praying, you just need to stay discerning, and you might meet someone and be married within months.


5. People around you are implying it

signs that you are getting married soon

The sign can come from people around you.

When people around you begin to make passive or even direct comments about marriage, ask you questions about it, make jokes about it, or even just let you know that it’s happening for you soon, it may just be them teasing you.

But it could also be something more serious.

It could be a sign that they sense it on the horizon for you and it’s happening pretty soon.

Sometimes, the people around us pick up messages and signals faster than we do.

Or perhaps you have picked up the signals but are unsure, or you haven’t fully comprehended it yet, but when they begin to mention it, it clicks.


6. “Good suspicious behavior” from your partner

If your partner is like mine and loves surprises, then this is for you.

You may start suspecting their behavior and just know that something is up.

Perhaps they’re asking you too many indirect questions about your wedding or marriage preferences, your preferred ring style, and so on.

I can sense when my partner is about to surprise me, and although some people are great at planning things like surprise proposals, anybody who pays keen attention to things can sense when something is up.

Your partner may suddenly be more sweet, attentive, and caring, asking for your input on marriage-related topics.

It could just indicate that they value your opinions and are considering your feelings, but it could also be more—they’re planning your future together.


7. You dream about it

signs that you are getting married soon

I’m not a dreamer, but some people are.

I rarely have serious or meaningful dreams, so this may not be a sign for me.

But if you are a dreamer, this may be one way you know that your life is changing soon.

You may begin to have leading and significant dreams about your partner and future.

Picturing, imagining, and dreaming about your future regarding marriage.

An interesting part of this is that you may not even have a partner in reality yet, but these dreams may still be coming true.

Pay attention to them!


8. You can feel it

I may not have the gift of dreams or receive important signs and messages through dreams a lot, but when it comes to other things like the sixth sense, I know I have it, and I give the Holy Spirit credit for that.

You may have it, too; perhaps you call it your mind, intuition, spirit, etc.

It is the ability to just be able to feel stuff even before it happens without any apparent or leading sign.

Many people call it intuition, and it goes beyond any of the five senses: hearing, smelling, seeing, feeling, or tasting. It just comes from within.

You may just have this strong gut feeling that marriage is in your future, even though you can’t see clear signs yet.

This happened to me; I just started feeling that marriage would happen soon and I even got a book and began to journal, writing down the stuff that I wanted for my wedding and marriage.

I wasn’t too surprised when I began to see the physical manifestation of it happening because I had sensed it months before.


9. You’re meeting each other’s families

signs that you are getting married soon

If you are in a relationship and wondering if marriage may be happening soon, meeting each other’s families is a positive sign.

Meeting families is usually a strong precursor to marriage in almost every culture.

This is a practice that transcends territories, borders, and geographical locations.

In whatever part of the world you are in, if you and your partner are of marriageable age and have officially met each other’s families, marriage may be close.

Meeting families indicates a strong desire to integrate yourselves fully into each other’s lives.


10. You and your partner are planning a future together

This is a quite straightforward and practical sign.

You and your partner begin to discuss your future together.

You may not have started talking about wedding stuff like the venue, menu, rings, and gowns, but perhaps you are already talking about a timeline for the wedding, starting a family, discussing the legal aspects of marriage, your future, and so on.

And I’m not referring to vague discussions and plans that do not have any specific timing.

I am talking about definite and time-bound plans and goals.

You and your partner are talking about long-term goals and perhaps even starting premarital counseling.

Those are pretty serious and reliable signs.


11. Joint plans

signs that you are getting married soon

Making plans is one thing; marrying your plans is another.

When you and your partner begin to merge your individual goals and life plans, you know that things are getting serious.

Particularly when it comes to finances, finding ways to share your financial responsibilities and discussing how you will manage money as a couple are signs that marriage may be happening very soon.

In marriage, individuals have to find a way to align their plans and make things work.

So, the fact that you guys are already moving in that direction may indicate that you are preparing for marriage.


12. Wedding preps are already in motion

signs that you are getting married soon

I know this seems like an obvious sign, but allow me to still mention it for the benefit of some people.

If you are already preparing for your wedding or you and your partner are already taking the steps towards that one big step, that’s a sign.

Things like anxiety, disbelief, or even fear may be holding you back from embracing your reality.

You can see all the preparations in motion but you still don’t believe that it’s happening for you.

The family has been met, halls have been booked, vendors are ready, the bridal train and aso ebi (Nigerian parlance for wedding outfits for family and friends) party are ready, and so on, but you still haven’t fully grasped it.

You’re still in denial, wake up and smell the roses, your conjugal bliss is at hand.

Marriage is a huge step, no doubt, so the period before it happens can be a sensitive time.

However, being able to recognize the sign can help you plan better and prepare for it.

These signs, taken together, can be indicative that you’re about to make a huge move into marriage.

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