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Nobody wakes up and hopes for a bad day. But life happens sometimes and we find ourselves dealing with a bad day.

However, having a bad day is not as important as knowing what to do to get over the bad day.

Below are 30 self-care ideas to get over a bad day:

#1 Encourage yourself

Tell yourself that tomorrow will be better, and it’s one of those days. If you don’t encourage yourself, who will?

Probably others will, but do it first.

#2 Play relaxing music

Music has been discovered to influence moods greatly. Listen to songs that could elevate your mood, and not further depress it.

#3 Rant to a friend, your partner or anyone that listens to you without being judgemental

This works for me and my close friends, even though we are oceans apart.

We talk or chat, and feel better afterwards.

It’s so amazing to have people who understand you so well and who you can talk to without the fear of being judged.

#4 Take a walk

Walking and breathing in fresh air could make you relax and help you to clear your thoughts.

#5 Run

Running, just like walking could offer some relief and clarity.

#6 Watch movies

Watching a movie that makes you feel good such as a romantic comedy could help you relax and deal with a bad day.

#7 Sleep

self-care ideas for a bad day

You could sleep off a tough day and feel better when you wake up.

#8 Read a book

If you’re a book lover like me, reading an interesting book could make you feel better after a bad day.

#9 Cry

Crying is not a sign of weakness. It’s better to let it all out than to bottle up your unpleasant emotions.

#10 Watch comedy skits

Watching funny videos could help you laugh off a bad day.

#11 Pray

self-care ideas for a bad day

If you’re a Christian, praying is a great way to handle a bad day. Talking to God about your day will bring an unexplainable peace into your heart.

#12 Sing

You don’t need to have a good voice to sing. You’re not performing for others, you’re singing to express yourself. Singing could make you feel better.

#13 Go through your phone gallery

If you’re someone who saves a lot of funny memes and pictures on the phone like me, you could have a good time going through your gallery after a really bad day.

#14 Think of the good things about the day

No matter how bad a day is, there’ll always be something good about it, no matter how simple.

It could be your beautiful outfit, someone you bumped into, a deadline you met, an idea that crossed your mind, a delicious meal you ate, your smile that made someone’s day.

#15 Take a Shower

self-care ideas for a bad day

A cold or warm shower depending on the weather condition could help you calm down.

#16 Learn from the day

What made the day bad? What went wrong? Learn from it to prevent a recurrence.

#17 Cuddle

Cuddling your spouse after a bad day is such a great way to relax!

#18 Focus on the things you’re grateful for

It’s easy to generalize when you have a bad day. It’s easy to think that your life is a mess because you had a bad day.

Don’t generalize on your life based on a single bad day. A bad day is not the same as a bad life.

Focus on the things you’re grateful for- good health, family, job, children, your strengths etc.
There’s always something to be grateful for.

#19 Fill your diary

Expressing your feelings through writing about the day could be cathartic.

# 20 Practice your favourite sport(s)

I have a friend whose way of dealing with a bad day is going to the stadium to practice her sporting activities.

If you are into sports, this could help you feel better.

#21 Eat comfort food(s)

Cook or order your comfort food(s). This helps greatly!

#22 Online (window) shopping

Buying something for yourself online or just viewing them is a way some people deal with a bad day.

If you fall into this category, do you!
But don’t become a shopaholic in the process. Let’s hope you don’t have too many bad days.

#23 Listen to motivational podcasts

Listening to podcasts that are related to your experiences will help you to see things from a different perspective.

As a practising Christian, I opt for messages. And I feel so much better after listening.

#24 Hang out with friends

Being in the company of your friends could help you get over a bad day.

#25 Positive affirmations

There’s power in spoken words. Confess positive things about yourself and about the day and even about the next day.

#26 Do ‘it’ with your spouse

Oh yeah. Enjoying intimacy with your spouse could help you to feel better. Orgasms release relaxing hormones and make you feel better.

#27 Have a drink

self-care ideas for a bad day

Sipping a cold/hot drink in a calm environment could go a long way to calm you.

#28 Go swimming

self-care ideas for a bad day

If you know how to swim, swimming is a great way to relax after a rough day.

#29 Play your favourite games

I love playing scrabble a lot. Playing a game you love could make you feel better.

#30 Go for therapy

If you’re frequently having a bad day, maybe you need to get some professional help.

Maybe the problem is with how you respond to situations.

I hope these tips will help you to feel better whenever you have a bad day.

Sharing is caring!