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It’s Friday night, and all your friends are being asked out on a date or going out with their partners, but you can’t relate.

They do love you, but unfortunately, they don’t have time for a girls’ night out.

Maybe it is cool for one Friday, but it has been happening for weeks on end, and you are beginning to feel the overwhelming loneliness.

You are at the point where you are asking yourself when you will not have to spend Friday night alone.

If you can relate to the above, if you are asking yourself why no one is asking you out, think no more.

There might just be certain reasons why no one is asking you out.


1. You give off an uninterested signal

It is normal to not want to act all desperate or act like your life is over because no one is asking you out but you cannot afford to overdo it.

You are more likely to get a player who has probably bet with his friends to get you than to get a serious guy who works so hard to ask you out.

Even if they are attracted to you, if you give off a vibe that you are not interested, they are likely to let you go for a lady who is.

This goes for ladies who play hard to get; if you are not ready for something serious, this might work.

But playing hard to get is not advisable if you are ready for a serious relationship.

So, before you lament about not being asked out, consider if you are giving off an uninterested signal.


2. You are unapproachable

Ever heard of resting bitch face?

Well, some women have it, and it immediately sends a message to guys to stay away.

If a guy is attracted to you, especially if he meets you in public, he wants to be sure he will be well-received or, at least, politely received if you are not interested.

Most guys will not approach you when there is a tendency that they might be embarrassed.

So, try to smile more, especially if you do want to be asked out.

It doesn’t matter if you naturally have the resting bitch face or not; you should make an effort to smile more.


3. You act like one of the boys

Many men like women who act like men around them all the time because those women serve as a refreshing break from the usual “female drama.”

However, the problem is that if you act like one of the boys, you will become one of the boys and, therefore, his friend.

There is nothing wrong with being a tomboy, but don’t lose every aspect of your femininity in the process.

If you constantly act like one of the guys, they will most likely not see you as more than a friend.


4. You don’t take time to look good

Of course, nobody expects you to be obsessed with your appearance; there is something to be said about moderation.

But you cannot also afford to be drab.

Most men are attracted to what they see.

But beyond that, let’s be honest; even for people who claim to be sapiosexual, you have to already be attracted to what you see on the surface before you find out what is beneath the surface.

If you don’t pay attention to how you look, how will they find out how sweet you are inside?

Some people are so scared of looking indecent that they dress dull and unattractive. But you can look good and decent, look good and stay classy.

If you don’t know where to start, there is a plethora of information on the internet on how to go about it; there are so many fashion ideas ranging from color ranges, body sizes, and body types.

But the key is to find what works for you and stick to it.

Don’t try to fit into a trend if it doesn’t align with your style or personality.

Fashion is about expressing yourself and feeling confident in your own skin.

It’s not just about wearing expensive clothes or following the latest trends.

It’s about finding your own unique style and making it work for you.


5. Your life is all about work


All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl.

Work is important and you should definitely be serious about your work.

But there is something called work-life balance, and it really just means not making your life all about work.

If you are always cooped up in the office or at home working, there are fewer chances of men seeing you and even getting the opportunity to get to know you.

Give yourself time to play a little, go out during the weekends, join a community, volunteer somewhere, take that vacation and just give yourself the opportunity to meet people beyond the usual workplace setting.


6. You make yourself invisible

Similar to the point above, if you are not making yourself visible, how will you be asked out?

You don’t socialize; you are always indoors; how exactly will you meet suitors?

Even on social media, you don’t connect with others.

A research (PDF) shows that ”Some 39% of heterosexual couples that got together in the US in 2017 met online.”

Virtually all of my married friends met their spouses online.

If you are single and want to get hitched, you should be ready to mingle online and in real life while you take safety precautions.

If you only use social media for personal purposes and don’t engage with others, you might miss out on opportunities to connect with potential love interests.

So, if you’re serious about finding a partner, it’s important to put yourself out there both online and in real life.


7. You act desperate

Being desperate is never attractive.

No matter how sad you are about your single life, you should not make it that obvious to every guy that comes your way because the pressure will scare them away.

While you don’t want to make it seem like you don’t need anybody, you also don’t want to make them seem like they are rescuing you from drowning.

You are more likely to attract players than serious guys that way.

Tone down the desperation and enjoy your single status while hoping for a change.


8. You are a little too much

things that make a woman look older than her age

Without sounding too judgmental, if men can smell a nasty attitude from a distance away, they will likely stay away.

Nobody is attracted to bad character and people usually don’t want to be around people like that.

If no one is asking you out, maybe you should check your character and see if that is the problem.

You shouldn’t change who you are, but you should be the best version of who you are.


9. You are rigid

If you have a rigid way of seeing things and you are not flexible enough to consider other options, you might be missing out on a great deal.

For instance, some people don’t believe true love can be found online even though it’s happening all around them.

Some people think they know everything about love and relationships, so you’ll never catch them taking a relationship class or reading any book on love and relationships.

I’m not saying you should compromise your values or not filter things before you stick your head to them, but be flexible and open-minded enough to try new things.


10. You have unrealistic expectations

You should have standards and expectations.

However, setting unrealistic standards and expectations might be a reason why you are not meeting prospective partners.

How can you tell if your expectations are unrealistic?

  1. Talk to mature married people. They are in it, they see realities, and they can open your eyes to realities.
  2. Talk to relationship counselors. They can help to assess your expectations.

Your friends are likely to think like you, so talking about your expectations and standards with them might not bring you the truth you need.

Let me state quickly that this list is not all exclusive and none of these might be why no one is asking you out.

It could simply mean that you just need to hold on, and in no time, love will find you.



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