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10 Signs Of A Desperate Woman In A Relationship

10 Signs Of A Desperate Woman In A Relationship

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What are the signs of a desperate woman in a relationship?

Desperation stinks!

It puts everybody off, including relationship partners.

Nobody likes a desperate person, whether a man or a woman.

However, it is worse for women because they can be taken for granted by men when they show signs of desperation.

When a man perceives you are desperate, he gets turned off.

If a man is dating a desperate woman, he is likely to put little or no effort into the relationship because he knows she will do more than enough for both of them.

If the relationship has not started and the man perceives you as desperate, that relationship may never happen.

Even if you two start a relationship, it will be very unhealthy.

Desperation never looks good on anyone, and it is something you must avoid.

If you’re a man, you’re more sensitive to desperation cues.

However, you still need to know when a woman is desperate.

If you’re a woman, it will help you to know the signs of desperation so you can avoid exuding them.

How do you know a woman is desperate in a relationship?

Or how do you know that you are becoming a desperate woman in your relationship?


10 Signs Of A Desperate Woman In A Relationship


1) She Does All The Calling

signs of a desperate woman in a relationship

A desperate woman in a relationship is the one who does the calling and texting.

It is easy to tell a woman is desperate or that you are becoming a desperate woman by the frequency of your calls to the man. 

You do all the calling while the man does little or nothing.

There is no reciprocity of energy on the same level. 

This is because you want to keep the relationship at all costs.

After all, you believe you can not do without him.

The man has become too valuable to lose. 


2) She Embraces Everything

A classical sign of a desperate woman in a relationship is that she embraces everything a man does to her.

She accepts everything that happens in the relationship. 

It would not have been bad if she was embracing the right things.

Unfortunately, the reverse is the case because desperate women embrace the negative too.

They allow their men to lie to them, shout at them, talk down on them, manipulate, or even abuse them.

They consent to everything and anything.

There are no limits or turn-offs. 

This is a dangerous sign that you must pay attention to. 

It shows that you now prioritize the relationship over yourself and your health. 

Desperation makes you throw your self-worth out the window. 



3) A Desperate Woman Is Clingy

signs of a desperate woman in a relationship

This is another sign of a desperate woman in a relationship.

The sponsor of this clingy behavior is the fear of getting dumped or left alone.

A desperate woman holds tightly to her man and wants to be in his business every time.

She ordinately craves attention and compliments.

She wants to know what he is doing every time he is away from her and, if possible, know everyone he is with.

This spells doom for the relationship because the man will automatically begin to find ways to avoid her, and the exact thing she dreads eventually happens – he leaves her.

Humans (especially men) are wired to pay more attention to scarcity because they love to chase.

If a woman is clingy in a bid to keep her man, she achieves the exact opposite of that.



4) She Does Not Have Deal Breakers

Everyone should have deal breakers.

We should have limits and things we take exception to.

Deal breakers are signposts that tell you when it’s time to leave a relationship; they are what desperate women lack. 

You can tell a woman is desperate when anything a man does is allowed.

A desperate woman is okay with a man who cheats, abuses her, is fraudulent, manipulates her, and embarrasses her.

There are no limits or boundaries.

She never sees any reason to consider leaving her man. 

A woman who is desperate in a relationship will stay back regardless of what happens to her.



5) She Abandons Everything And Everyone For Her Relationship

Another sign that a woman is desperate in a relationship is her willingness to forsake other important people and activities in her life for her relationship.

Relationship with a significant other is important but should not have to cost us other healthy and valuable relationships or aspects of our lives.

If a woman abandons her friends, family, and life in pursuit of her man, she is desperate.



6) She Is Insecure

The desperate woman is insecure and in constant need of assurance. 

We all need assurance, especially when we do not feel love, but an obsession for constant assurance and reassurance is unhealthy. 

Even when a man gives absolutely no reasons for her to doubt him, a desperate woman is always fidgeting and demanding reassurance.

This can wear out even the most resilient partner and lead them to the door.



7) A Desperate Woman Settles

A sign that a woman is desperate is when she lowers her standards or completely throws them out. 

People have standards and expectations for the kind of person they desire to date.

There are certain standards that, if not met, make a potential partner unfit.

However, when a woman is desperate, she drops her standards to the ground and remains with a man who ordinarily is unfit to date her.


8) Constantly seeking validation and reassurance from your partner about the status of the relationship

You are desperate if you find yourself repeatedly asking your partner if they love you or are committed to the relationship, even if they have already demonstrated this through their actions.

You have a habit of trying to reassure yourself that your partner is still interested in the relationship.

This desperate behavior usually stems from a lack of self-confidence or a fear of abandonment, which can strain your relationship.


9) Making a lot of sacrifices or going to great lengths to please your partner, even if it means neglecting your own needs

Imagine you are in a relationship with someone who loves hiking on the weekends.

However, you have a fear of heights, and the thought of hiking makes you feel anxious and uncomfortable.

Despite this, you find yourself going on these hikes every weekend because you want to make your partner happy, and you feel guilty saying no.

You start to resent the hikes and your partner for not understanding your fear, but you continue to go along with it because you don’t want to disappoint them.

This makes you a desperate woman because you are making a lot of sacrifices and going to great lengths to please your partner, even if it means neglecting your own needs and well-being. 

I understand the place of compromise in a relationship; sometimes, you have to do things you don’t like to make your man happy.

But if you constantly put your needs aside to please your partner, you are a desperate woman, sis.


10) You feel you cannot function or be happy without the relationship

There’s nothing wrong with being in love and missing your partner when he’s not around.

But something isn’t right if you feel like you can’t breathe when you are not connected with him.

Maybe you are constantly checking your phone for messages or updates from him, and you feel a sense of panic or dread when you don’t hear from him for a while.

You feel like you can’t focus on anything else when he is not around.

You become increasingly anxious and dependent on his presence in your life.

This smells like desperation.


Being desperate is not cute.

It strips a person of their self-worth and makes them lose valuable relationships.

What’s worse?

It makes them endure unfair treatment and even abuse.

A woman should never be desperate because it does more harm than good.

You can not keep your man through desperation.

Because, sometimes, being eager to keep people at all costs is what sends them away from you.

If you have seen these signs of a desperate woman in a relationship in yourself, take steps to do better.

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