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What Single Dads Look For In A Woman? These 13 Qualities

What Single Dads Look For In A Woman? These 13 Qualities

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What single dads look for in a woman

A single dad is an unmarried man with children.

They vary from men who have never been married to men who, through death or divorce, have lost their wives but still want to find love again.

These kinds of men tend to look for long-term relationships rather than casual flings.

Because they have to raise their children alone or co-parent with the mother of their children, which can be challenging. 

The most important thing single fathers look for in a woman is her ability to be open-minded about their children, regardless of how old they are and whether or not they live with them.

It is not always easy to find a woman who understands their situation, especially if they have kids who are still young enough to always need them.

Some unique qualities stand out when it comes to dating single dads.

The following list includes some of the top qualities that single dads look for in a woman:


What Single Dads Look For In A Woman

1. Honesty

Honesty is absolutely essential in any relationship, but it’s especially important with single fathers.

This is because they need to know they can trust a woman with their hearts and their children.

Single dads want women who are upfront about their intentions and what they are looking for from relationships. 

They want women who aren’t afraid to share their feelings, who don’t lie about themselves or make up stories about why they don’t have kids or why their exes left them.

Those types of lies can cause problems later on down the road when it comes to trust issues within the relationship.

The right woman should be honest about her feelings for him and his child or children. 

She will let him know if she is comfortable with him having kids and can move forward with the relationship.



2. Maturity

What single dads look for in a woman

Obviously, single dads want someone independent and mature. 

She must be someone who can make her own decisions and stand up for herself, and not one who will not be jealous of his time with his children.

While many single dads want someone with whom they can have a long-term relationship, they also want someone who can handle herself as an adult and make mature decisions about her life.

Single dads want to date someone who has her life together, especially when they have put theirs together. 

They want a woman who can handle herself and deal with issues that may arise in the relationship.


3. Support

Single dads have a lot of things to juggle. 

They are not only raising children, but they are also responsible for the household and any other family members who might need help.

That’s why they desire someone who can support them as they go through this journey.

A woman who understands what they are going through will make a huge difference in their life.

They know they need support from their significant others when raising kids on their own. 

They also need encouragement from their partners so that they don’t feel guilty about not being able to spend more time with them.

Having someone who understands how hard being a single parent is extremely helpful because they don’t have to explain themselves every time something goes wrong.



4. A Role Model For His Children

Single dads are looking for someone who can be a positive role model for their children. 

They want a woman who will love their children and teach them good values and morals. 

A woman who can guide and teach their children about life. 

They want their children to have a good example of what love looks like so they can grow into fine adults with strong relationships. 

They need someone who will show their children how to treat others, communicate with people, be kind and caring towards others, and respect themselves and others around them.



5. Confidence

Single dads also want a woman who likes herself first and foremost because she knows that makes her attractive to others.

They are attracted to someone fun and intelligent and can laugh at themselves and others without being mean. 

A woman who is secure in herself, not someone who has to rely on others for validation.



6. Understanding

Being a single parent isn’t easy; single fathers need someone who understands that.

Someone who understands that their kids come first, always.

Someone who can be flexible; because single dads have a lot on their plates.

They may need help taking care of their kids, and they won’t always be available for dates.

Single dads want a woman who won’t try to make them feel guilty for spending time away from her with his kids.

They want a woman who will respect the fact that they are a father and have obligations to their children.

So as a single parent, it’s important to find someone who understands this unique situation. 



7. Respect His Parenting Style

Some fathers have strict rules, while others are free.

Some fathers allow their children to have ice cream whenever they want or stay up late to watch TV if they have trouble sleeping.

Single fathers have learned how to be parents on their own, so criticism from anyone else might come off as a personal attack.

Thus, they want a woman who does not wear the mommy hat soon.

If she criticizes his parenting skills, they will not get along well.

First, she needs to respect his parenting style and not change too much too soon about how he parents his children.



8. Single Mothers

What single dads look for in a woman

Single fathers are attracted to other single parents because they know what it takes to raise children on their own and can relate to their struggles.

Both parents can benefit from the other’s experience, and both families can blend successfully.

A single mother who is successfully raising her kids on her own shows that she’s responsible, mature, and organized. 

These traits are important to most men who want to date someone who can handle being a parent as well as a partner in life.

Single dads respect hard work and dedication, so they will appreciate a dedicated mom who puts her kids first.



9. Someone Who Loves Kids And Isn’t Afraid To Be Around Them

This might seem obnoxious, but some women aren’t comfortable around children or pets. 

When looking for a wife, single dads want someone who doesn’t mind being around kids and pets because those are part of their everyday lives.

The key thing is that single dads want someone who will love their children as much as they do.

They want a woman who has her own life but enjoys spending time with him and his kids.

They desire a woman who will treat their children like a priority.

In short, they want a mother figure for their children.

It doesn’t matter if she wants kids right away or never at all.

In fact, if she has an open mind toward having children, she will be considered more attractive by single dads than someone who doesn’t like being around children.

Attempting to date a single dad without love for children is a failure from the start.



10. Have A Sense Of Humor

What single dads look for in a woman

Humor is essential in any relationship because it helps keep things lighthearted, even during rough times.

So, a woman who has a sense of humor will be able to give a single dad a break from their daily responsibilities and lighten up a situation when needed.

Being able to laugh with the kids will also make them feel comfortable, which is good because kids like being around people who make them feel comfortable.



11. A Real Partner, Not Just A Girlfriend

A single dad is looking for a woman who will be his partner and help him raise his children. 

He wants someone who can support him and the family, but he also wants to be able to spend time with her.

Someone who will figure out how to make it work with him.

Single dads want someone willing to share their lives and heart with them.

They are looking for someone interested in them as a person.

A partner who can be their equal in every way. 

They want a woman who will love and respect them

A supportive partner, friend, and lover. 



12.  Positive Energy

Single dads also look for someone whose energy is positive and upbeat, especially when it comes to raising kids. 

A woman with a negative attitude towards life will not be as attractive to single dads as someone who shows enthusiasm and excitement about everything from simple tasks like grocery shopping, laundry, cooking dinner, or taking care of their own personal hygiene needs.

A positive outlook on life will help keep the family together in difficult times.

Because difficult times are bound to happen.



13. Attraction

Attraction is important in any relationship.

Some might think that attraction isn’t that important when dating a single dad, but it’s actually one of the most important factors.

They do want to be attracted to their dates and want their dates to be attracted to them.


Dating a single dad can be hard.

It requires patience and devotion.

The qualities that single dads look for in women are those that will be a good fit for a family.

Women who want to date single dads need to be prepared for a different experience than they are used to dating regular men without children.

If are up for dating a single dad, why not?

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