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7 Financial Mistakes I Stopped Making To Become a Happier and Richer Wife

7 Financial Mistakes I Stopped Making To Become a Happier and Richer Wife

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They say there is no romance without finance, and I absolutely agree!

Money is one of the leading causes of marital issues, and it’s no secret that financial strain can put a strain on even the strongest of relationships.

But what if I told you that by making some simple changes and avoiding certain financial mistakes, you could not only improve your relationship with money but also become a happier and richer wife?

I know every family or marriage is different, and what works for one may not work for another.

But these are some financial mistakes that I personally stopped making, and it has made a huge difference in my life.

I’m actually someone who loves being independent, and I hate poverty and lack with passion.

But I know if I don’t want to live in poverty, I need to make some changes in my financial habits.

7 Financial Mistakes I Stopped Making To Become a Happier and Richer Wife

1. Not Having a Budget

Financial Mistakes I Stopped Making To Become a Happier and Richer Wife

Budgeting is simply having a plan for your money.

It’s as simple as that.

Maybe financial gurus have a more complicated definition, but let’s keep it simple.

I used to avoid making a budget because I thought it was restricting and didn’t want to feel limited in my spending choices.

I don’t like being told what to do with my money, but I realized that a budget is not meant to limit us but rather guide us toward our financial goals.

Having a budget also helps us see where our money is going and identify areas where we can cut back to save more or invest.

I often tell people that with budgeting, every aspect of your life is planned for, including fun, self-care, emergencies, and savings.

It’s a great way to stay organized and financially responsible.


2. Not Saving for the Future

Financial Mistakes I Stopped Making To Become a Happier and Richer Wife

I used to have a really poor saving culture.

I would spend all my money and not worry about the future because it seemed so far away.

But then I realized that time flies, and before you know it, the future is here.

Whether it’s retirement or an emergency fund, saving for the future should be a top priority.

And as a wife, it’s even more important to have some financial security for yourself and your family.

Start small, even if it’s just a few dollars a week, and watch your savings grow over time.

Thankfully, my husband is a disciplined saver who encouraged me to save, no matter how little.

In fact, at some point, I started saving out of fear of my husband’s disappointment if I didn’t.

But now, it has become a habit, and I couldn’t be prouder.

Let me remind you of the benefits of saving because I’m sure you know them already; you only need to be reminded:

1. Saving protects you from unexpected events

2. Saving helps you achieve your financial goals

3. Saving gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have a safety net

4. Saving allows you to take advantage of investment opportunities

5. Saving teaches discipline and delayed gratification (which is essential in marriage)

Need I say more?


3. Not saving enough

There is a difference between saving and saving enough.

You can be saving, but if you are not saving enough, it won’t make much of a difference in the long run.

Saving enough means having a substantial amount of money set aside for emergencies, retirement, and other long-term financial goals.

This amount will depend on your income, expenses, and lifestyle choices.

I used to think that as long as I was saving something, it was enough.

But then I realized that if I wanted to achieve my financial goals faster, I needed to save more and be more intentional with my savings.

I encourage you to review your budget and see if there are areas where you can cut back and increase your savings.

It may require sacrificing some comforts or luxuries, but it will be worth it in the end.


4. Not Investing

Another financial mistake I used to make was not investing.

I had always associated investing with being wealthy or having extra money to spare, but that’s not necessarily true.

Investing can start with as little as $5.

I’m not a financial advisor, so I won’t get into the nitty-gritty of investing, but what I will say is that it’s important to make your money work for you.

There are many investment options out there, from stocks and real estate to mutual funds and retirement accounts.

Do some research, talk to a financial advisor if needed, and start investing in your future.


5. Treating my business like a hobby

Financial Mistakes I Stopped Making To Become a Happier and Richer Wife

So, I’m a full-time content creator, and I run my own online business.

But for the longest time, I didn’t take it seriously.

I treated it more like a hobby than a source of income.

But then I realized that having multiple streams of income is crucial for financial stability and growth.

Whether you have a side hustle or your own business, treat it with the same respect and dedication as you would a traditional job.

Set goals, create a business plan, and work toward making it successful.

One of the ways I stopped treating my business like a hobby was by delegating tasks that I could afford to outsource.

I created a system that allowed my business to run without me physically doing everything, and it has made a huge difference in my productivity and income.

It has also helped me to create more sources of income along the lines of what I do because I have a team that makes it possible.

No matter what you do, aside from your regular job, take it seriously and give it the attention and effort it deserves.


6. Loaning what I can’t let go of

Financial Mistakes I Stopped Making To Become a Happier and Richer Wife

Have you ever loaned money to someone, and when it’s time for them to pay it back, they keep avoiding you or coming up with excuses?

Yeah, that used to happen a lot in the past because I was terrible at saying no.

I didn’t want to be seen as selfish or unkind, so I would lend money even if it meant sacrificing my own needs.

But I’ve learned the hard way that loaning money to friends and family can cause strain in relationships and also jeopardize your own financial stability.

Now, if someone asks me for a loan, I make sure it’s an amount I’m willing to let go of without straining our relationship or my finances.

If it’s more than I can afford, I politely decline and offer other forms of support.

It’s important to set boundaries when it comes to lending money, and it’s okay to say no if it doesn’t align with your financial goals.

Remember, you have your own future and family to take care of first.


7. Not being patient enough when making major purchases

Financial Mistakes I Stopped Making To Become a Happier and Richer Wife

Okay, so this is one painful mistake that cost me a lot of money recently.

I’m always excited, or, should I say, I love to buy whatever I need and move on with my life.

I get easily overwhelmed when I have too many things to do, so having pending items on my to-do list stresses me out.

This attitude made me rush into major purchases without doing enough research and considering other options.

As a result, I ended up spending more money than necessary or buying products that didn’t meet my expectations.

But over time, I’ve learned the importance of patience when making major purchases.

I take my time to research different brands and prices, read reviews, and consider my budget before making a decision.

This has not only helped me save money but also ensured that I make informed choices.



These are just some of the financial mistakes I’ve made in the past, and I’m still learning every day.

But one thing is for sure: avoiding these mistakes and being intentional with my financial decisions have made me a happier and richer wife.

I hope sharing my experiences will help you avoid making the same mistakes and achieve your financial goals faster.

It’s never too late to start making positive changes in your finances.

Your future self will thank you for it.

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