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7 Ways to Sound Smarter When Talking to People

7 Ways to Sound Smarter When Talking to People

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Knowing how to speak in public is crucial to developing your confidence and personal brand.

People will respect you more if they perceive you to be smart. People will want to work with you or have something to do with you if you seem intelligent.⁣

Even in the dating scene, people who appear smart are more attractive and are more likely to find love. 

That’s why every opportunity you have to speak to people (two or more) must meet you prepared to communicate effectively and smartly.

You don’t necessarily need to be an extrovert, a seasoned public speaker or be extra to sound smarter when talking to people. 

You only need to be armed with the right knowledge, so the following tips you’re about to read will be of great benefit to you. 

Here are 7 ways you could sound smart when talking to people⁣:

1. Speak Firmly

A firm voice communicates confidence and smartness.

The firmer your voice is, the higher your chances of winning over your listeners.

Being firm communicates that you know what you are saying. A mild, shaky voice makes it easy for people to look over you.⁣

⁣Usually, especially for people battling with shyness, it’s okay to start with a shaky voice when you start talking but make sure you get a grip on yourself in less than a minute. 

Speaking firmly comes with practice, and practice makes perfect. 

So, keep practising how to speak firmly, before you know it, it’ll come naturally to you.

2. Refer to a Fact

how to sound smart

Did you read something in a book some months back? Do you remember watching the topic of discussion in a video two weeks back?

Evidence of stuff learnt and well-communicated can make you seem smarter.⁣

The importance of reading cannot be overemphasised in knowing how to sound smarter. 

As a matter of fact, reading makes you smarter because it broadens your horizons. 

If you’re smart, sounding smart will be easy for you because knowledge makes you confident.

People who are confident without knowledge only make a fool of themselves. 

It’s easy to know someone who reads because they speak so intelligently. 

If you want to sound smart, read smart. 

3. Share a Story

Have you experienced what is being spoken about before? How did you handle it? Has someone you know experienced it before? How did they handle it?⁣

When you share an experience as well as a problem solved, people are more likely to see you as smart or capable.⁣

Also, people love stories and are able to understand whatever it is you’re saying better when supported with a story. 

In fact, people may not remember everything you say, but they will always remember the story you share to drive home the point.

4. Not Sure? Ask a Questions

Don’t know what to say in a 1conversation? Ask an intelligent question.

It is better to ask a question and have your voice heard than to be quiet all through the conversation.⁣

It also makes sense to ask questions in order to know than to ignorantly spill out words.

5. Use Sure Words

Avoid saying words like “I think” or “I feel” when you’re talking to people.

Instead, use words that communicate certainty more. ⁣

Words like “in my opinion” and “from my experience” work like magic!

6. Alternate Speaking Speed

If you speak slowly all through, you could be considered as dumb.

If you speak too fast, you will not be able to sustain your listener’s attention enough for them to assimilate what you are saying.⁣

Start slowly and firmly, and when communicating a salient point.

Speak fast in the middle, and when the sentence is not the most important.⁣

7. Master Body Gestures

how to sound smart

– Sit upright; it will help your voice. Avoid sitting on your back.⁣

– Raise your chin; it will develop your confidence.⁣

– Use your hands to explain a vital point.⁣

– Maintain eye contact with one or two people in your audience.⁣

– Nod your head when you agree with someone’s opinion while maintaining eye contact with them (if you have to share an opinion too).⁣

Choose to practise each of these tips the next time you have to talk to people (whether in real life, in a video, in a voice note, or on a Zoom call).

how to sound smart

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