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[A to Z]] Unique and Cute Yoruba Boy Names

[A to Z]] Unique and Cute Yoruba Boy Names

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I don’t know about you but I love native names.

As a Yoruba girl, I find Yoruba names, including Yoruba boy names, so sweet and beautiful.

My first name is Olubunmi and my middle name, which I chose by myself at baptism, is Mabel. I was only thirteen then. Maybe I’d have chosen a Yoruba name if I’d known better. I hope there’s no law that states that one must choose an English name for baptism.

Maybe a biblical name, yeah, but Mabel isn’t even in the Bible. LOL.

Anyway, I love my name, Mabel, and a lot of people know me as Mabel. I love its meanings- beautiful, loving, lovable.

Forget the fact that I didn’t know the meaning when I chose it.

Thank God it’s something that describes me so perfectly and something positive too.

I guess I was lucky. Don’t judge me, please. I didn’t have access to the internet then unlike now. That is why I don’t expect anyone to make such a mistake now. Not with the present unlimited access to the internet.

Unfortunately, some parents give their babies names without knowing the meaning of such names. I’ve witnessed this before, so I’m not exaggerating.

I’m showing my kindness by making available cute Yoruba boy names for those who want to give their baby boys Yoruba names or those who want to change their names or adopt Yoruba names for themselves. What’s there not to love about Yoruba boy names? They’re so sweet to the ears and they carry very deep meanings.

As much as I love the name Mabel, I love being called Bunmi more. I kinda feel that those who call me Bunmi are those who really know me and are very close to me.

My family calls me Bunmi, and my husband too, except when he teases me by calling me OluMabel. LOL.

I believe this list of Yoruba boy names, just like this list of  Yoruba girl names will guide parents in choosing cute and meaningful names for their baby boys because some names we hear these days are cringeworthy.

I understand that parents have the right to give their children whatever names they desire but that doesn’t mean they should throw caution into the wind. I don’t understand why parents should name their children ‘tithes’ and ‘offering’.

Like seriously?

Please don’t give your children names that will make them be objects of bullying and mockery in school and anywhere.

Below is the list of Yoruba boy names and their meaning.

Some are the ones I’ve heard from others and others are my coinage. You should pay for my creativity but… don’t worry…I gat you.

[A to Z]] Unique and Cute Yoruba Boy Names

Yoruba Boy Names Starting With A

Abimbola – I was born to meet wealth

Abiodun – born into celebration 

Abiola – born into wealth

Abioye – born into royalty 

Abayomi – I’d have been mocked

Abidemi – born before my arrival 

Ademide – my crown has come

Adebayo – crown meets happiness

Adepemi – crown profits me

Adebola – crown meets wealth

Adebola – We meet wealth

Aduramigba  (My prayer is answered)

Adurapemi (Prayer profits me)

Adedamope – crown mixes with thanks 

Adedamola – crown mixes with wealth

Adeyeoluwa – crown belongs to God

Adeyemi – crown befits me

Aderogbayimika – crown surrounds me

Aderemi – crown consoles me

Adewumi – I desire crown

Adegbenga – crown uplifts me

Adesire – we’ve come to goodness

Adewale – crown has come home

Adunbarinloluwa – God is pleasant to walk with 

Afopefoluwa – we give God thanks

Ayodele – joy got home

Ayomide – my joy has come

Ayomitide – my joy has come

Ayemidun – my life is sweet

Ayotunde – joy has come again

Ayomi – my joy

Ayobami – Joy meets me

Ayokanmi – it’s my turn to rejoice 

Ayomikun – my joy is full

Ayokunmi – joy fills me

Ayokunnumi – joy fills my heart 

Ayomipe  my joy is complete

Ayomipo – great is my joy

Ayomiposi – my joy keeps increasing 

Ayoola – the joy of wealth

Ayooluwa – the joy of the Lord 

Ayooluwakiitan – the joy of the Lord doesn’t end

Ayonitemi – Joy is my portion

Ayoigbala – the joy of salvation 

Anjolaoluwa – we are enjoying the goodness of God

Akinwale – the warrior has come home


Yoruba Boy Names Starting With B

Babafemi – the Father loves me 

Babayanmi – the Father chose me 

Bamidele – get home with me

Bidemi – born before my arrival 

Boluwaji – rise with the Lord

Bolaji – rise with wealth

Bolawa – come with wealth 

Boluwarin/Bolurin- walk with the Lord

Boluwaduro – stand with the Lord

Boluwatife – as the Lord wishes 

Botiwuoluwa/Botiwoluwa – as the Lord pleases

Bamise – (OluwaBamise) – God has done it for me 

Bamisetemi (OluwaBamisetemi) – God has done mine for me

Bamgbola – bring me wealth 

Bowofola – honour wealth

Busayo – add to joy

Busayomi – add to my joy

Yoruba Boy Names Starting With D

Damola – mix with wealth (usually with prefix) 

Damilola – enrich me

Damilare – I’m justified 

Diekololaoluwa – the wealth of the Lord is not little

Diekoloreoluwa – the goodness of the Lord is not little

Demilade – I’m crowned

Diromola – cling to wealth

Diromoluwa – cling unto the Lord

Dunmininu – make me happy 

Debare – meet wealth


Yoruba Boy Names Starting With E

Ereola – the rewards of wealth

Ebunoluwa – the gift of God

Eniola – a person of wealth 

Enitan – a person of reference

Enibabafe – the one the Father loves

Eniobanke – the one the king pampers

Enibabanke – the one the Father pampers

Eminirekan – I’m next in line for goodness 

Erioluwa – the testimony of the Lord 

Eriifeoluwasimi – the testimony of God’s love for me

Eyitope – this is worth giving thanks for 

Eyitayo – this is worth rejoicing 


Yoruba Boy Names Starting With F

Femi – love me

Feranmi – love me

Foluwabi/Folubi – birthed by God

Fifehanmi/OluwaFifehanmi – show me love/God has shown me love 

Firewami/Firewamiri/Firewamikan – locate me with goodness

Funmito/Funto (OluwaFunmito/OluwaFunto) – God gives me to raise

Funsho(OluwaFunsho) – God gives me to care for

Funmipe – given me fully

Folorunsho – the one God watches over

Femisola – Love me to wealth 

Yoruba Boy Names Starting With I

Ibukun – blessing 

Ibunkunoluwa – the blessing of the Lord 

Ifeoluwa – the love of God

Ifeloluwa – God is love

Ifedayo – love becomes joy

Ifedara – love is good 

Ifedapomola – love mixes with wealth

Ifewunmi – I desire love

Ifeokanmi – the desire of my heart

Ireoluwa – the goodness of the Lord

Iretomiwa – goodness locates me

Igbekeleoluwa – dependency on God

Iyinoluwa – God’s praise 

Iretemide – my own goodness has come

Iremide – my goodness has come 

Irede – goodness has come 

Irewolemi/Irewolemiwa/Irewoletomiwa – goodness entered my house

Ireayo – the goodness of joy

Ireola – the goodness of wealth

Irenitemi – Goodness is my portion 

Imisioluwa – the inspiration of the Lord 

Iyonuoluwa – the pleasure of the Lord 

Ilerioluwa/Ilerioluwaleyi – the promise of God/this is the promise of God

Iyinoluwa – the praise of the Lord

Iseoluwa – the work of God/it is the Lord’s doing 


Yoruba Boy Names Starting With J

Jesujoba – Jesus reigns

Jomiloloju – surprise me

Jolaoluwa – enjoy the wealth of God

Jenrayo – let me see joy

Jenrola – let me see wealth

Jenyinoluwa – let me praise the Lord

Jenyinooluwa – let me praise You Lord


Yoruba Boy Names Starting With K

Kolapo – gather wealth

Kolade – brings wealth

Kunle – fill the home (usually with a prefix)

Korede – brings goodness

Korode – brings riches


Yoruba Boy Names Starting With L

‘Lanrewaju – Wealth is going forward


Yoruba Boy Names Starting With M

Mayowa – bring joy

Mayomi – don’t mock me 

Mojetoluwa – I’m the Lord’s 

Mofeoluwa – I love the Lord

Monifeoluwa – I love the Lord

Modoluwamu – I hold unto the Lord

Muyiwa/OluMuyiwa – God brought this

Morireoluwa – I’ve seen the goodness of God

Mayomikun/Mayokun – Make my joy full

Muredele –  Brought home goodness


Yoruba Boy Names Starting With N

Nifemi/OluwaNifemi – God loves me

Nimisire/OluwaNimisire – God has good plans for me


Yoruba Boy Names Starting With O

Okanmiyoninuoluwa – my heart rejoices in the Lord

Okanmiyinoluwa – my heart praises the Lord

Olubunmi – God’s gift

Ololade – a wealthy person has come 

Olakanmi – wealth got to me

Olanrewaju – wealth keeps progressing 

Olatomiwa – wealth comes to me

Olaife – the wealth of love

Olorunfemi/Oluwafemi – God loves me 

Ojurereoluwa – the Lord’s favour 

Olamide/Olamitide – my wealth has come

Olumide – my warrior has come

Okikiola – the fame of wealth

Oluwagbemiga/Oluwagbenga – God uplifts me 

Oluwatosin – God is worthy to be served 

Oluwatomisin – God is enough for me to serve 

Oluwadunsin – it’s pleasant to serve the Lord 

Oluwayonusimi – God is pleased with me

Oluwayimika/Oluwayinka – the Lord surrounds me

Olayinka – wealth surrounds me

Oluwadamisi – God kept me

Oluwadimimu – God upholds me

Oluwadunmininu – God makes me happy 

Oluwapemi – God profits me 

Olatide – wealth has come 

Oluwatobi – God is great

Oluwajoba – The Lord reigns 

Obaloluwa – God is the king

Otamayomi – enemies, do not mock me

Otaibayomi – enemies would have mocked me 

Oluwayanmi – God chose me

Oluwayanmife – God chose me for His love 


Yoruba Boy Names Starting With P

Pemisire – call me into goodness

Pelumi – be with me

Pamilerin/OluwaPamilerin – God has caused me to laugh

Ponmile/OluwaPonmile – God honours me


Yoruba Boy Names Starting With R

Remilekun – stop my tears 

Rereloluwa – God is good 


Yoruba Boy Names Starting With S

Segunfunmi/OluwaSegunfunmi – God has conquered for me 

Seyi/OluwaSeyi – God has done this

Segunota – Conquered the enemy


Yoruba Boy Names Starting With T

Tantoluwa – who is as great as God? 

Tanimola – who knows tomorrow? 

Timisire – push me into goodness 

Timilehin – be my support

Temitope – I should thank God

Temitayo – I should rejoice

Tolulope – God deserves the thanks 

Toluwanimi – I’m God’s own

Tijesunimi – I belong to Jesus


Yoruba Boy Names Starting With W

Wande/OlaWande – wealth found me

Wale (usually with prefix) – come home

What other cuts and unique Yoruba boy names do you know?

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Constance Ose

Friday 12th of November 2021

This is an extensive research paper or should I say a book on its own.

I love unique Yoruba names. I love Mofiyinfolowa(I give praise to God) and Oluwadasoromi (God has clothed me).

Thanks for this post.