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The Wrong Missy : Netflix Movie Review

The Wrong Missy : Netflix Movie Review

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So, The Wrong Missy is currently one of the most-watched movies on Netflix.

Even though I scrolled past it many times, the fact that Netflix says it’s one of its top ten most-watched movies piqued my curiosity.

So, I started watching. With my husband.

Fifteen minutes into the movie, we found ourselves laughing.

The Wrong Missy is a Happy Madison 2020 American comedy film starring Lauren Lapkus and David Spade and is directed by Tyler Spindel.

The Wrong Missy tells the story of a nice banker, Tim (David Spade) who had a disastrous blind date with Melissa also known as Missy (Lauren Lapkus).

Three months later, Tim meets another Melissa – Missy 2 (Molly Sims) at the airport and hits it off with her. She gives him her contact.

Trouble starts when Missy 1 (instead of Missy 2) shows up on the plane much to Tim’s unfortunate surprise for his work retreat.

Apparently Tim had sent the invitation text to the wrong Missy!

Right from there commences a series of embarrassing moments as Missy 1 successfully embarrassed herself and Tim at the work retreat.

The Wrong Missy has been garnering both positive and negative reviews from viewers.

While many praised it for providing some comic relief especially at this time when the whole world is tensed (no thanks to the virus), others criticised it for its empty and predictable plot.

My opinion?

I didn’t expect much from the movie but surprisingly, I had a good laugh, just like many others.

There were, of course, some cringe-worthy scenes but overall, you should have a good time if you’re not hell-bent on analysing the plot.

Just see it as a summer comedy.

I must say, however, that actress Lauren Lapkus embraced her character in The Wrong Missy so well. That’s why many of us could laugh and excuse the plot.

Should you watch The Wrong Missy?

Yes, if you don’t want to watch something serious. If you want something silly to laugh over.


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